The Halo TV Show Is Extremely BAD

The Halo TV Show Is Extremely BAD

The Halo TV Show is one of the worst video game adaptations to cinema I’ve ever seen. I simply had to rant on it’s existence and everything wrong with it. It would have been so easy to follow the original story instead of all this phony crap they came up with.

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37 Responses

  1. The Act Man says:

    So we taking bets on when this video will be copyright claimed?

    • tnightwolf says:

      If that happens, that is just a simple shitty move! And despite all the criticism i have, i do hope they don’t pull such bullshit on you. If they do i believe you should genuinely contest them! Despite me not agreeing with many of your points, criticism should always be open and follow a clear and rational path imo!… if i was them i wouldn’t honestly want to engage with that because it would just be like censorship on a personal opinion. The worst part, imo, is that they actually might think they’re so entitled to it, that they might actually do it! XD

    • Bruce Lindahl says:

      You could say they are violating your right to freedom of speech.

    • Cashew Nuttel says:

      I’m gonna say after 24 hours.

    • badasahog says:

      @Dan Te don’t trust everything matpat tells you

    • _MaZ_TeR_ says:

      Oh cwap

  2. Nicholas Light TV says:

    This show is somehow modern gaming.. and it’s not even gaming.

    • Gravemind says:

      @Mr Big Brother YT ooooh 3 games out of all the mainline triple A titles that are failing man you sure showed us!
      Thank God for elden ring cause that’s a about the only thing you got right.
      FNaF SB was a complete mess of a game don’t kid yourself, idc if you liked it, it was not of the same quality of the previous titles, what with all the bugs and internal issues it has.
      Modern gaming is a joke. Time to realize this.

    • Kristopher Willis says:

      Modern 🤣🤣

    • UnknownBoss says:

      They want some quick cash. Sad

    • Griffin Clark says:

      Perfectly summarized the show

  3. Shaun Levin says:

    The moment the creators of this show started bragging about not playing the games, I knew it would be shit.

    • Shawn says:

      More like “everyone knew it would be shit”

    • HostUnreachable says:

      Have we seen this before?

      “This is not like a series of books like Harry Potter where you’ve already got a template of what the stories might be.”
      -The destroyer of another franchise

      “There’s no source material. We don’t have comic books. We don’t have 800-page novels, we don’t have anything other than passionate storytellers who get together and talk about what the next iteration might be. We go through a really normal development process that everybody else does.”
      -People who destroy existing franchises

    • Long Johnathan says:

      @Lemon Printer Well you say that but lol… it’s painstakingly obvious (as a die hard Asoiaf fan) D&D literally didn’t give two fucks about the source material and actively tried to limit GRRM’s involvement (to the point a real rift was created between them and they even stopped bothering to send GRRM episode scripts/outlines let alone ask HIM for his input), and I personally believe they only the read the source material maybe one single time (there’s so many egregious errors/continuity fucked up completely/source material basically retconned for the show etc).

    • TheInfiniteNine says:

      Bro it was destined to be shit even before that, basically when they announced the silver timeline idea I knew it would be shit.

    • Gaden Kerensky says:

      The thing is though, when it comes to the combat sequences, it does seem like they were listening? But everything else is crap.

      The only thing they’ve done right is the combat. Hell, they even ramped it up compared to the games; plasma bolts steam-exploding children, anyone?

  4. Caleb Leal says:

    “did the show runners not understand?” Yes, they did not understand. And worse they didn’t care to understand. They literally said they avoided the games so they could do whatever they wanted.

  5. Erutanx7 says:

    “Appealing to a broader audience” with a franchise that was so large that movie studios blamed Halo for loss of box office sales when Halo games got released.

    • Zamn. says:

      The late 2000s and early 2010s was really a wild time for games

    • Haroon P says:

      Ye people often forget gaming franchises can be larger than movies. Even the mobile gaming industry is so huge that they make more money than movie industry

  6. Spartan117ZM - says:

    Paramount: “When we first removed Chief’s helmet, were you blinded by his majesty?”

    Fans: “No!”

  7. Midnight says:

    It baffles me how Microsoft approved this joke of a story. The Bungie-era Halo ads were in the god damn zone man (ODST and Reach had the perfect tone, they understood what made Halo, HALO). I cannot believe how they were able to take something as big and expanded (lore wise), as Halo, and decided to go with a “story” that they most likely found on wattpad. Incredible misuse of the IP.

    • Irrational Reasoning says:

      @26 Mic not funny. Didn’t laugh

    • Gruby69 says:

      My thoughts exactly

    • hamsterwolf says:

      343 has literally duck taped halo 4 and 5 together from thrown away Bungie ideas so wouldn’t be surprised if they found this idea on a napkin of a x Bungie employee with a snot blown in it and said “fuck it turn it into a show”.

    • Cristian-Cezar Tunaru says:

      Idk about you but if you watch most of the TV series you can see that they got a scheme, a pattern or a normal base, which every tv show has in common. I think people tend to lose their interest in investing or in even the idea of a script where you start with a novel and you get with just a bunch of papers scrambled and make no sense, this is how i can see the tv series nowadays. Further more i quess they tend not to invest the needed time to understand the universe, to explore and then think of “why was the game created this way?” or “how should i remake the story that was in the game and give the same vibe when people would watch?” normally these should be the directors questions but they do not invest the time to understand, thats why you see the movies or the tv shows (except the recreation of witcher on netflix that is a good recreation, at least from my point of view) or movie adaptations after games

    • Aruki Tsukaru says:

      “Hmm, Amazon and Disney are ruining fan-favorite series… Maybe we should do that too!”

  8. Rogue Studios says:

    Out of all my years of being a fan of Halo, I never once imagined Master Cheif naked let alone helmet less, but never having sexual intercourse with a covenant spy lmfao, I’m so done with this show 💀

  9. Joshua Calkins says:

    All they had to do was adapt the story, stay true to the lore, and surprise us without contradicting the past. The music, visuals, lore, creatures and characters are already great, so why would they risk ruining that?

  10. toastanator says:

    It would be great if there was a show where a character almost never revealed their face but we still could relate and care about…..

    Mandalorian has entered the chat!

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