The Hamilton Mixtape: Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)

The Hamilton Mixtape: Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)

Official music video for Immigrants (We Get The Job Done) by K’naan featuring Residente, Riz MC & Snow Tha Product

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Directed By Tomás Whitmore
Produced by Kimberly Stuckwisch, Melora Donoghue
Executive Produced by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Robert Rodriguez, Kimberly Stuckwisch, Ian Blair
Production Company Diktator
Director of Photography Drew Bienemann
Production Designer Spencer Graves
Editor Tomás Whitmore, Alexander Aquino
Costume Designer Christina Flannery
Casting Director Michael Beaudry
Visual FX by Giant Propeller
Color by MPC LA
Post Sound provided by Unbridled Sound

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20 Responses

  1. Mandy Sparkles says:

    Under 100 Club

  2. Forrestmaru says:

    I came as soon as i heard

  3. abby theotaku says:

    only the true hamilfans are here this early

  4. Rosanna Draws says:

    *crawls out of rock* Hamilton called?

  5. Aless M says:

    42 seconds ago. 66 views. 70 likes. umm okay.

  6. Chelsea says:

    Yesss we need this these days, Hamilton slays my existence

  7. Fangirl says:

    Will there be a time when Hamilton will not change the world on a daily basis ? WILL THIS OBSESSION EVER END ?!?! #YayHamlet

  8. Ruby Grace says:


  9. Kin Laison says:

    I see I’m not the only one who came as soon as they heard

  10. Kurrumu Chan says:

    Hamilton call, I answer by clicking

  11. Emma Heritage says:

    this is so powerful

  12. DaVersatile Potato says:

    Here before it starts trending 👌🏾

  13. Jess Miller says:

    Actually made me cry. So powerful, definitely the stand-out song from the mixtape X

  14. Thunder Gaming says:

    Lin Manuel should make another musical, like if u agree 😀

  15. Tayahashanti1234 says:

    Yo I was pleasantly surprised to see Daveed in the credits 😀

  16. use heelys to escape your feelies says:

    Me: I think I’m finally over my whole hamilton obsession.
    Hamilton: BONJOUR BINCH

  17. BobbyShyne says:

    Fuck radio hit pop, this is REAL hip-hop! Maybe there’s hope for rap after all. Shakespeare would be proud of what Lin-Manuel Miranda has done, and this awesome mixtape his work has inspired.. Man, I love it!

  18. SnipeKrispiez says:

    I think that line “we’re America’s ghostwriters” is going to stick with me the rest of my life. Damn.

  19. Leigh Brockway says:

    So very powerful! As we approach our nation’s birthday, it’s important to remember that we are a nation of immigrants. Very well done!

  20. R Ferari says:

    #1. This is so powerful to watch. It tells a poignant story that needs to be told, not only in the current political climate, but a story that is long overdue.

    #2. Best song on the Hamilton mixtape.

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