The Hamiltones – “Put Some Respeck On It”

The Hamiltones – “Put Some Respeck On It”

While on the tour bus, The Hamiltones created a song based on Birdman’s recent quotables from his recent interview with The Breakfast Club.

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20 Responses

  1. JumboTron808 says:

    Two people didn’t put respeck on it.

  2. venigmatic23 says:

    And somewhere, Birdman is mad as a hornet… LOL!

  3. Esdot eff says:


  4. Trillnesa Pettyton says:

    The best one yet! ???

  5. Bejaye says:

    All tree of yall need to release this remix on iTunes!!

  6. Nicole Fields says:

    lmao. how can y’all sing this stuff without laughing? ???

  7. lashirnette says:

    can we get a hamiltones mix tape? real talk…I’ll pay what yall say…just
    put it out!

  8. onslowjax says:

    Good God… I love my people. SMH LOLOL

  9. real talk says:

    So gooood

  10. Blunt Force Gaming says:


  11. Sandra Nishay says:


  12. Lytsout193 says:

    I Respek that song!

  13. John Null says:

    Schmoyoho needs to do a respeckful song.

  14. Kobe Ragasa says:

    it reminds me oh put some bacon on it

  15. Courtney Crawley says:

    Where Anthony Hamilton? ?

  16. Borderlands808 says:

    awesome and funny!! lol I seen that interview.

  17. Zenn Exile says:

    Birdman just mad cause he got a lil birdie dick and fucks dudes. Least
    that’s what people sayin.

  18. Matthew Hart says:

    I hate y’all for making it so catchy and beautiful to my ear drums that I
    pressed replay

  19. Kimberly Smith says:

    I respeck the talent lol love it!

  20. the crimson Fuckr says:

    these fuckin negros smh…will it ever end?!?!?!?!?