The happiest day of my life

The happiest day of my life

My baby Holly had an aneurysm last night and we almost lost her. This is her hours later.. She is a fighter!!

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  1. Christopher Leveck says:

    It’s 11:14PM here and I just saw this on Reddit. … My kids are about to wonder why I’m waking them up for a hug, I’ll show them this in the morning. I wouldn’t even be up if my wife of 23 years and I hadn’t had a stupid passive aggressive fight “thing”. All the sudden things comes racing into perspective and I feel like a putz…
    Ever have that feeling like your going to remember this for a long time?
    I will remember you for a long time and these little spats are going to end because of it.
    Thank you and bless you and your family.
    Good luck.
    Is there anything you think she would like to have there at the hospital, a favorite toy or book she might like you to read to her? Please respond here and we will have it sent to you at the hospital.
    The Leveck Family

    • dab88 says:

      wake your kids up to make yourself feel better? Wow.

    • Anita McLoven says:

      Christopher Leveck your kind, sweet, thoughtful comment warmed my heart like the clip. Ignore the mean people chouse kindness.

    • gr3yh47 says:

      write that down. God’s little providences – even working through something like this to remind you of the love that’s really important – are easy to forget when the cares of this life weigh down and cloud the memories

    • Darren K says:

      BlueSeekers yes why wouldn’t he do that ? I wake all three of my kids up from Time to time with a hug just because I feel like it.

    • Darren K says:

      dab88 shut up my kids all wake up when I hug them in the middle of the night and they smile and say” love you Dad ” and I always feel joy sometimes my wife does too obviously people talking crap don’t have kids or are seriously lacking love.

  2. Passwordcracks says:

    she will die soon dont get too attached

    • Not Cthulhu says:

      Just goes to show some people are so shaken by videos like these (pussies), that they “need” to crack jokes about them. I guess they probably think it’s alright too because they’re “trolling,” and getting a reaction is somehow meaningful or exciting. Boring.

    • Lead Recharges says:

      lmao savage

    • Fresh Mangos says:

      people like you make me question humanity

    • My name is 세르지오 says:

      Passwordcracks I can tell your stupid just by your comments lmao … you do know turning 360 degrees makes you end up in the same direction 😂

    • no shit says:

      Passwordcracks you will Be diagnosed with cancer within 3 months .

  3. Connor Devine says:

    Hi Carla, such a sweet video! I work for LADBible Group and we would love to upload this to our page and share with our audience. Let us know what you think 🙂

  4. HammockerSam says:

    Prayers don’t work and will do nothing

    • ColdFishHead says:

      Think of it this way, you find yourself outliving everyone as your close loved ones begin to die, first your parents, then your siblings and close friends, then finally your wife/husband. You’re left alone believing you’ll never see them again, not in this life, not in the afterlife. You begin taking up alcohol to numb your pain, but thats not enough, so you find yourself discovering new ways to numb the pain. You’ve isolated yourself from everyone, as nobody you come across seems to fill the void. You imagine all the good times, the time your friend made you smile, your loved one’s eccentricities, the times you cried and were consoled, the sweet kisses, the simple hugs. You wonder to yourself, was that all there is to life? There has to be more. You hear all the young atheists saying there is no meaning to this life though, so you tell yourself, why live? You open the drawer next to you and you stare at the gun sitting in there, you grab it and load a bullet into it. Does life culminate to nothing? You point the gun to your brain and your breathing quickens and your heart rate increases, you notice notice something, fear. Why am I afraid? If life means nothing I should easily pull this trigger, but I can’t bring myself to doing it. You think of that one time you held your wife’s dying hand and the last words she uttered before she closed her eyes and drew in her last breath. “I will see you again soon”. She believed in an afterlife, in God, and she was always very close to her faith. Will I see her again if I pull this trigger? Should I take my chances? You find yourself wondering you CANNOT take that chance as you recount that if there is a God then he’s got rules and by pulling the trigger you might end up on the wrong side, so you put the gun down, you look up and cry to God “I’m sorry!” You realize everything you’ve been told about the meaning of life is a lie and that life does have a purpose. You remove the dusty bible from the drawer and begin to read “for God so loved…”. A deep peace enters your soul. I’ve found my meaning, I’ve found my purpose, and nothing ANYONE will tell me otherwise will change my mind. “I’ll see you again soon my love, I’ll see you again soon.”

    • Donald Dade says:

      @HUinstinct I’d like for the family to not be financially ruined by this. I’d like for there to be ways to diagnose and prevent this because something inside me screams that 12 year olds should not have aneurisms. Money would contribute to both cases. Prayers would contribute to neither.

    • Blurryvessel says:

      I didn’t know the devil was real😱

    • Cameron m. says:

      Edge Lord. Why do you think praying had been around ever since the start of the world and why do you think christianity has stuck around all this time if it was fake. Why do you think the earth and universe were created in a way that the earth could support life? Why do you think some of the worlds smartest scientists say that the big bang could never be possible? Why do you think the bible has never been proven historically wrong? Why do you think all of the evidence supporting evolution can fit in a wheel barrel? The answer- The Bible is real and has never been proven false in the slightest.

    • Not Cthulhu says:

      +ColdFishHead Stop making things up about people that don’t follow your particular brand of self-help. Hope and love and faith are not exclusive to your cult, or even any religion.

  5. julliekoning says:

    Let’s film our daughter in the hospital full of tubes and upload it to the internet, what could go wrong?!

    • Dobbsy says:

      Maybe to show others in similar situations don’t give up hope? Maybe she’s so excited her child didn’t die and this is a way to express that, or maybe she’s incredibly proud of her daughter and wants to share her badassness? It’s a positive thing in a usually negative world and you’re going to spread hate on the video. You seem either like an asshole or way to sensitive.

    • Jaamie B says:

      Or because she’s proud of the strength her daughter is showing maybe? If her daughter wasn’t in this situation, she might have uploaded a video of her singing a song or playing a soccer match. Who are you to judge frankly? I found the video heart-warming and interesting.

    • Adaments says:

      Nothing much could go wrong really, other than making a few bitter people angry

    • julliekoning says:

      Lol. edgy.

    • Pan says:

      Jesus guys.. He isn’t asking why mom filmed it. He is asking why SHE POSTED IT ON YOUTUBE AND REDDIT.. she could easily share it with family and friends privately. It is disgusting.. and strange. If her daughter was 18, for example, this would be literally criminal on multiple levels. This girl is going to have a life after this, I hope she is happy when this video hits 1m views. Its so completely different from a soccer match its fucking nuts you actually think that. She is entitled to a reasonable level of privacy by fucking law. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if this gets flagged. Very large HIPAA risk, despite her being underage and mom having legal privileges. I don’t see her eyes open, consent, understanding that she is being filmed, anything. I also see personal medical information in the description and specific medical treatments your daughter has and is recieving in the video.. idk, publicly posting this really doesn’t read as fucking creepy to you guys? its barely even legal.

  6. Odhran says:

    Why record a personal moment like this? Wtf I can’t help but feel this isn’t as sincere as you want the internet to believe.

  7. Alexandro Hutt says:

    I feel disgusted, to upload such a film online. I mean, what is the purpose? To capitalise on your sick daughter? To get attention? Just to get that “feel good” when all the useless prayers rolls in? Fuck I hate people like you.

  8. bm1642 says:

    You’re a disgusting human being for uploading this.

    • bm1642 says:

      Bunch of retarded people. A kid’s image doesn’t belong to their parents, they also deserve some fucking privacy.

      “its probably for friends and family you sad neckbeard.”
      Are you dense? It’s public and it was posted on Reddit.

      “COD, shmups and japanese RPG’s videos on this account…
      Nice autism you got going on there”
      5 years old videos dude. What were you doing 5 years ago?

      “Funny they rep karma..and they got it back lol bm1642 who only produces violent COD videos…nice he speaks up off his video game chair.”
      Don’t be sad, I’m sure you’ll get some views eventually. Keep trying.

      I reiterate, fuck these parents, only caring about themselves and their sweet Internet points.

    • HUinstinct says:

      TeaWallet I don’t think they’re trolling. That’s the thing, There are really people that really hate this mother.

    • dicky shep says:

      bm1642 no one listen to this dude hes just a troll trying to get attention. He probably has a sad life,just sits in his moms basement and smokes weed and masterbates all day.

    • _CaptainKinda_ says:

      dicky shep we don’t wanna hear your life stories

    • dicky shep says:

      _CaptainKinda_ im guessing your one of those pot smoking do nothings too… probably think weeds good for you lol, please kill yourself before you breed

  9. Jake Roosenbloom says:

    Brace yourself for trashy people hating on this woman and her positivity

  10. mudemmeonick says:

    What goes in these people heads? Almost lost her kid yet somehow the next best thing that goes through her mind is to film her and put the video up publicly on Youtube? For what? Views? Attention?

    Come on lady. If the idea was to have a souvenir, which is still criticizeable, set the video to private for crying out loud. Otherwise you’re just coming as a terrible person.

    • Erysk says:

      You’re shouting into an abyss. Just stop.

    • Fresh Mangos says:

      Dude just fucking stop, if she wants to share that it’s her decision and it doesn’t have to concern your don’t know her intention, so just fucking shut up, if it was your daughter then you decide what to do, but she is only trying to share a good moment, and those YouTube bills could help

    • Fresh Mangos says:

      I don’t fucking know in what moment it mention that she was about to die,
      The mother is not trying to look for attention, she is only sharing the happy moments that she is fighting and surviving. I really don’t know what you find wrong with these, but anyways you can decide that on your children, just like these woman decided to share her happy moment with her child

    • Fresh Mangos says:

      And just one more thing….
      The mother is not sharing the fact that her child was about to die a moment ago
      She is sharing the fact that her child survived and that she will keep fighting, but I guess your too stupid and ignorant to realize that

    • Kwejeebo says:

      Probably to be able to reach a lot of people to donate on the gofundme. Hospital bills are hard times.

  11. Elyse says:

    Please, do not pay any attention to the negative comments! Kids these days find it funny to be as negative and pessimistic as possible in situations where it’s not warranted whatsoever. What they’re spewing doesn’t even make sense, anyway. So happy to see that she’s alive & fighting! Good luck with everything ☺️

  12. techtte says:

    You are exposing your daughter at her most vulnerable. If my parents did this to me, I would never forgive them. Please take this down as she didn’t consent you to show her to thousands of strangers.

    • errrrrrrrrrwhat says:

      techtte real edgy mate

    • techtte says:

      Razie, I don’t really care if it makes someone feel good, if it’s at the expense of a child’s privacy. These moments are not to be shared publicly. And if you are parent with a healthy child, do you need to see someone else’s kid suffer to make you feel better about your own children? That’s another issues on its own, but I won’t get into it as it is pointless. Most people watching this clip care too much about themselves and too little about the girl and her situation.

    • razie says:

      Well that’s what you think. All I see on the reddit post and most of the comments here are well wishers and people cheering the kid on. The feeling good part is just an added bonus. Somehow you turned that into something that’s selfish and bad and totally unjustified due to this issue of privacy. Let me ask you this, wouldn’t you feel happy to know that so many people are supporting you and rooting for you, even though that meant seeing you unconscious and in tubes? How sensitive do you have to be to deny that?

      And let’s face it, many parents take their children and their health for granted. It’s just the way it is. They need that extra push or eye-opener to change their attitude and perspective. What’s wrong with this video being able to do just that?

    • Thomas Dodds says:

      techtte, I understand your point of view. No one can know how the person that is a child right now would feel about this being their introduction to hundreds of thousands of people. I am not even a parent but this almost put me in tears because of how special of a moment of joy this is. I am also pretty sure that the majority of these hundreds of thousands of people viewing this aren’t here to observe the pain or the issues this child/family are going through. I believe that most people are here because seeing this type of joy (from the mom) and this love moves us with joy and community celebration. I can say, if this was a video of me. I wouldn’t mind it being shared on the internet. because it does bring joy to others. That said, I also know there are other videos of me already out there.

    • Not Cthulhu says:

      You sound like a terrible child.

  13. HyperU2 says:

    You should ask her whether she wants to keep net neutrality so we’ll know if she should live or not.

  14. 8BitTacos says:

    Honest question. – what was the moment that made you take her to the ER? I wouldn’t know what to look for immediately to know something was this dire. Was she just mentioning about head hurting or passed out?

    • carlos delangel says:

      She was playing with her sister and neighbors, and then came to complain she had a small headache… got worse and fell into a seizure.

  15. Zachary Cusson says:

    I don’t why I’m surprised and even bothered to look at the comments but once again, you people have reinforced the paradigm that all (most) people commenting on YouTube videos are wretched human beings.

    How could anyone watch this video and decide that it’s worth their energy to say something so horrible to this poor woman like, “prayers don’t work,” or calling her a “disgusting human being” for uploading it? Her child almost died and maybe she thought she would get support from people who saw this touching moment of vulnerability.

    The complete lack of empathy is horrific and the fact that people are so comfortable saying things like that because it’s online and they don’t have to face any real consequences is equally disturbing. Think about what you’re doing when you post comments on a video like this. The OP sees them and feels them even if you don’t.

    • Dennis Wilson says:

      Anonymity sadly brings out the absolute worst in people. You know they wouldn’t have the fucking stones to even say something remotely as disgusting as that in real life. And you know they’re teenagers too, you just know it. I used to write the same edgy shit all the time as a teenager but when you get older and actually get some life experience behind you, you look back on it and you wince thinking about it.

  16. Misha Dash says:

    As I said on reddit, disable the comments here. As you can see, YouTubers are far too callous and self-righteous to understand what this video is truly about or why you needed to share how outstanding it is that she is recovering. It’s such a heartfelt, tender moment but the people here don’t understand that. They’re too busy Social Justice Warrioring for the girl they know absolutely nothing about, aren’t friends with, aren’t family with, and have far too much time to spend on YouTube making you feel as bad as they do about something else in their life.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with the world. The world could use a good, healthy dose of Humanity.

    • bm1642 says:

      Don’t forget your phone next time your kid is between life and death. That’ll be great memories for their future employer and banker. Oh wait, you don’t have kids.

  17. Young Nexus says:

    All the people that are taking shit should get the fuck out of here because this is some real shit she could die anytime

  18. Ma Op says:

    Charles Darwin

  19. Angela says:

    OH GOD…THE SQUEEZE… _MY HEART_ …Mama you know she squeezed with all her little might.

  20. Kwejeebo says:

    Need more backstory on this before I decide to donate.

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