The Hardest Class at Harvard

The Hardest Class at Harvard

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42 Responses

  1. MajinZ says:

    Now this really makes me wonder. When would they use that knowledge in the real world

    • Alessandro Brugaletta says:

      Literally everywhere. Linear algebra (which is the subject of the problem at the start of the video) is the base of every other class in STEM. idk what’s up with this “math 55” but the problems shown in this video look fine (I’m an undergraduate in Physics in Italy)

    • Gavin The Crafter says:

      Professional mathematician is a real job you know, if this class isn’t enough to get you into that job, idk what will

    • Asain_ Kidevil says:

      Reading this made me lose faith in humanity
      Man really asked will mathematicians….. use math knowledge

    • feminist jazzy boii says:

      Well, considering they’re taking math classes in college, I would assume the job field they’re going into requires you to know excessive amounts of math, NASA, Car Companies, College Professors, Mathematicians, Scientists, etc;

    • 3KingHenry _ says:

      @Riley Collosi 🤣🤣

  2. K.P. Games says:

    When you finish an assignment in this class but then you realize you used a different formula than the teachers.

  3. ⅃ɐᴙuᴎ ∩pᴎɐʞ says:

    This is like calculus and algebra combined with honor. I’m good at math when I use calculator if not, I’m screwed.

    • Marko L says:

      @Dead Baby Seal no

    • Arstotzka Ball TR says:

      @Vinayak K and it shouldnt be that wayy

    • Arstotzka Ball TR says:

      @Fat Potato if you know what to do, youre good at math, and you need to know what to do to use a calculator

    • 👙XLove💕 says:

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    • I Love Llamas says:

      If you’re only good at math with a calculator, then you’re not good at math.

  4. CodePlaysGames says:

    I am the type of person who will take course just to see how hard it is and since I hate dropping courses, will stick with it. And well probably fail it since I am an idiot who took it even when others warned me.

  5. 📚 Ahmet / Self Improvement - Productivity 🅥 says:

    Sometimes when we are bored, we just want time to pass. *Don’t watch the clock and waste time, do what it does. Keep going.*

  6. Paulina says:

    Well, this just gives me flashbacks to today and everyday for the next 2 years… cause a lil brat thought “oh, I like maths, so why don’t I pick my nations hardest most intense maths program even though I hate homework”🥰

    • Orcy Li says:

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    • Vasconcelos says:


    • MrBest says:

      *WHY DID YOU DO THIS?* 😡
      👉 **


  7. P.A.L TV says:

    Those questions actually aren’t that difficult. I’m an engineer and honestly you learn the fundamental rulings it’s all good.

    Don’t let this intimidate you lol. You can do anything you put your mind too!

  8. Ry Sedalnick says:

    i’ve always LOATHED the idea of colleges and teachers take pride in programs and classes being too difficult to be passed. really?? you’re proud of that??? if people are failing or dropping your class at a rate of 50% like this one, you are either doing way too much or not nearly enough and in both cases it’s very clearly not helping your students be productive or better-off. ugh.

    • Jose Zepeda says:

      Omg sameee, that should not be something to be proud of, specially these type of subjects, theyre supposed to make you want to advance not to drop out smh

    • Quan Nguyen says:

      Human are not create equal, each and every person hold a different potential, you can be good at something and absolutely such at other no matter how hard you try. That just nature.

      Same with class and course, there different purpose for them. One could be try their best to guide and nurture it student in the respected field.
      Other could be design to weed out the one without the innate talent and potential early on so they can spend time looking for something else better suit them.

      I for one agree with this method. I believe up to highschool, the school and teacher should do their best to transfer knowledge and not make it too hard on the student.
      But after that, the student should be hit with a dose of reality like these difficult class early on. So they know if they cannot get pass this hurdle, this probably not for them, and they still havent waste too many time

    • TL-LAY says:

      You also have to understand that grades for every subject are not distributed the same. Math is not an easy subject so there isn’t a real way to standardize/regulate a mark distribution that reflects typical grades you would see in history or english classes. It’s only natural that a more intense course would see a lower success rate. I do agree with everything you said though that schools make things too difficult on purpose and a >50% pass rate is a red flag

  9. VibeStealer says:

    And lemme guess, the final is a free for all showdown and whoever wins is declared king of math

  10. Crunchy Potato says:

    Looks like we’ll never figure out how many apples Johnny have in his pocket.

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