The Harsh Truth About the GOAT Debate

The Harsh Truth About the GOAT Debate

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44 Responses

  1. Silk says:

    At least there’s no debate that Jxmy is the goat of NBA YouTube.

  2. Julian Vogel says:

    Would love to see a statistic approach with differences between their respective eras of playing. How difficult (by effort and technique) it was to be able to score each game with the defensive skilled opponents of their time. What could the stats say when you switch their eras?

    • Michael Percy says:

      @mrNCSUman era does matter, level of competition. It’s like saying an undefeated UFC fighter is better than a UFC fighter who lost to the very best twice is better when the undefeated fighter only fought ppl outside the top 10

    • Michael Percy says:

      @David Cunado but imagine if lebron never got injured ever, played every game, never lost a finals or playoffs game, and averaged more🤡

    • PREDATOR BLR says:

      @Crizzle Yo yeah, i was like “wow” when Ja Morant tried to dunk over LBJ and he just shoved him aside midair like it was nothing.

    • PREDATOR BLR says:

      @|PhantoM| yeah, i know, but neither Shaq or Hakeem had the length of Gobert. And there are offensive big men in modern day nba too, for instance Jokic and Embiid, who can shoot the ball, which classic centers simply couldn’t. Saying that Gobert wouldn’t have had the same impact defensively, because of the size of 90s centers is just nonsense. Shaq got blocked three times in a row by Yao, who had a lower standing reach than Gobert. So the “size advantage” argument is not valid I’m sry.
      For me it’s just a casual writing down the first thing which came to his mind, without thinking deeply about it. And that makes me mad. I can’t take this “this era, that era”-shit anymore. I mean modern athletes train with modern techniques. If the players wouldn’t get better with each era it would be a declaration of bankruptcy for all professional sports.

    • Jason Allen says:

      @hello man The only reason there’s a debate at all is because of people who play ignorant when the facts are right in front of them, just like you’re doing right now..

  3. Lee Kernan-Eyre says:

    Literally one of the best vids by Jimmy that he’s ever done. Just magnificent.

    • Eternity says:

      @SoDak Zak well said brother

    • SoDak Zak says:

      Makes me realize that Michael Jordan is the Usain Bolt of the NBA and LeBron is the Eliud Kipchoge. Both are masters of their thing, Michael at a fast unbeatable career at the fastest level, LeBron at sustained excellence. I’ve been done with the GOAT debates since Kobe passed, I’ve learned to just appreciate the greatness we get to watch live while it’s happening instead of fighting and reducing one side or the other.

  4. drampagrampa clips says:

    Looking forward to 5 years from now when you do a 10 year anniversary of your first (goat) video. You could just make it an every 5 year discussion. Maybe someone else will be on the radar in 5. Either way, great video as always

    • LarryDropsEmOff says:

      @Hiro Shishigami Giannis is younger and has had the better career by far…sit down.

    • JoeLikesGames says:

      And in 5 years even if Lebron continues to play great, people will still say “man just a few more years of this and he’s almost there”

      You could’ve made this exact video 3 years ago and a championship and 3 years of stellar play apparently changed nothing

    • 1636 Duke says:

      I like Giannis and Luka chances…realistically…idk bout joking and embiid really becoming THEEEE GOAT of basketball…idk 🤷🏾‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

    • Hiro Shishigami says:

      @Eric DNO no you don’t

    • Hiro Shishigami says:

      @TikTok shorts why not? He’s way more skilled unlike that fraud giannisattackyouranklessothaticanwinaneasyring.

  5. Munkhbileg N says:

    “ESPN already gives you a DAILY goat debate anyways”- Jxmy. Soooo true man 😂😜

  6. Philpy says:

    It’s crazy how one person can make a goat debate video better then espn

  7. Random says:

    Jxmy makes one of the best videos on YouTube, please let us know how you carry out this style of storytelling and editing. Absolutely legendary content.

  8. Benjamin says:

    I can’t make a decision, and haven’t been able to for years. I believe it’s best to have it all in front of you at the end (when James retires).

    Side note, I’m Lebron’s age. I remember hearing about him in high school. I told buddies he’d be the GOAT.

    • Andrew Todd says:

      @Eezo The Chezo you’re slow. I’m not 55 years old. I’m 28 and a guy I know personally is the reason LeBron will not be considered the GOAT. Curry took him out of that argument along with Jason Terry and the Mavs and the biggest collapse of an all star in NBA history. Jordan never fell short on the biggest strange and had the balls to guard the best player on the court night in and night out. Change your tampon bud, don’t come at me with that sensitive assuming shit.

    • Eezo The Chezo says:

      @Andrew Todd lmfao you boomers are the exact same you know. Fanboying over Jordan and anyone who doesn’t agree is automatically a “casual”. Well, you’re a boomer that hates to know the new generation of basketball is better than yours.

    • Andrew Todd says:

      @UnrealGalaxy Jordans resume in his 30’s alone makes him a top 15 HoF player. LeBron has 0 MVP’s and 0 defensive 1st or 2nd teams in his 30’s. The odds were always stacked against him and he always fell short. Literally nothing wrong with being second behind Jordan, but the excuses we make for LeBron to get him to even be able to be compared are mind boggling. The greats of the game and the analysts who have been doing this for decades know the truth. Sorry that hurts your feelings princess.

    • UnrealGalaxy says:

      @Andrew Todd the fact that you think lebron will never be considered the goat is a fact already makes your ‘fact’ invalid.

    • Andrew Todd says:

      @100 OVR Batman Bron lol sensitivity over facts. That was expected.

  9. Joshua Williams says:

    This was very well done! To me when I look at this debate it’s MJ to me but I respect LeBron and his game for the most part. When I think about this 2 big things to me stop LeBron from being the goat in my eyes despite his numbers, highlights, and rediculous longevity…

    #1. LeBron lost a Finals alongside 2 future Hall of Famers to a team who’s 3 best players were Dirk Nowitski, Jason Terry, and Jason Kidd. I’ve never seen a MVP top 5 player in their prime have that kinda implosion on the biggest stage. Great players have lost and yes it happens, but LeBron didn’t just lose that series he folded and quit. Tough stain to wipe off.

    #2. Despite all the numbers, highlights, etc… LeBron hasn’t made a single NBA defensive 1st or 2nd team or won an MVP in his 30s. Which wouldn’t be super bad except Jordan in his 30s made 3 NBA defensive 1st teams 96-98, won 2 MVPs in 96 and 98 at 33 and 35 years old, and won 3 championships with 3 finals MVPs. Jordan’s accomplishments in his 30s alone would’ve made him a hall of famer on paper. So there’s that.

    But I will say as someone who in his younger years was REALLY not a LeBron fan and has now grown to really respect his game, we need to appreciate what he’s done and given to the game of basketball. Goat or not he’s great and we should all find some appreciation in what he’s doing. To think 1 guy will end his career with more points than Kareem and more assists than Magic is unreal when you think about it. He’s not my goat… But give that man his respect as best you can. Calling him anything less than a top 5 player all time is disrespectful. Idc if he’s been a flopper, 4-6 in the finals, whatever the case…. That man is a top 5 player all time at the ABSOLUTE worst.

    • King Edward says:

      well for the finals part, the last seven years have been a bit rocky since dealin w a Fucking dynasty, but you’re really telling me lebron didn’t deserve MVP in 2018 and he got the FMVP in 2016

    • dBabu says:

      @…. those are not weak stats. But certainly now they’re not considered elite

    • .... says:

      Using media awards to me is insane plus the dudes who lebron is competing with for those awards are also doing elite insane stuff. He not competing with easy comp like that pedo in Utah putting up them weak ass 27 and 11 stats I seen Giannis do that in his 4th year in the league and not even be second team all nba

    • Joshua Williams says:

      @TheBXSavage All of that is very respectable I’ll say. I had a tough time with that too because I think you could even argue Duncan over LeBron (this I’m a little biased on cause Duncan my fav player). Duncan has 5 rings, 3 finals MVPs, actually beat LeBron in finals 2-1, and is the only guy in NBA history to have at least 25K pts, 15K rebs, 4K asts, 3K blks, 2 league MVPs, and 3 Finals MVPS. Even with that though, I’ll say I still gotta put him above Duncan and Magic and maybe even Kobe as much as it pains me.

      Duncan had better teammates in 07 so 1 of those finals wins was a given. Kobe is literally what happens if you took 90 percent of what made MJ great and put it into another body. Closest thing to MJ I agree… but Kobe did play several years with a top 25 player in Shaq and late 90s early mid 2000s Kobe although great was the Robin to Shaq’s Batman where as to Lebrons credit he’s really been the Alpha his whole career minus the first year in Miami. So I had to take that into account. Magic is great NO QUESTION… But he did have another top 5 player all time as a teammate most of his career AND another Hall of Famer in “Big Game” James Worthy. Both Kareem and Worthy won a Finals MVP during the Showtime Lakers run and I could say had Kareem not gotten injured the 80 finals he would’ve been MVP then.

      So… I do think at a point the longevity and all LeBron has shown has to be respected and I think I show my respect for it by having him top 5 over guys hands down I like better.

    • Joshua Williams says:

      @doofy He did do that and it’s the greatest come back in NBA history… But he’s still 4-6 in the finals. I personally, and keep in mind it’s just my opinion, don’t think he’s done enough to balance things out. I personally feel to be Goat LeBron needs 2 more rings and a .500 finals record. He’s got all the numbers worthy of it… But when 3 other Goat contenders have at least 5 rings (MJ, Kareem, Magic) and then there’s Bill Russell we gotta make that Finals record look a bit better.

  10. Steven Dolezal says:

    1 thing – I think some context would have been nice was looking at the longevity graph by ACTUAL age, not by nba seasons because all those players played in college and lebron is 3-4 years of nba stats younger than the rest of them.

    • Anthony Miller says:

      This is a great point. MJ was amazing in college so those years can’t be entirely out of the picture just because LJ was in the NBA. Yes, the competition is very different. You can’t really dip into college stats, etc. but it is the GOAT and not the best player in the NBA. If there was a sister league to the NBA that produced similar talent, surely that would have to be considered as well.

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