The Haters Guide to the 2022 NFL Season: AFC Edition

The Haters Guide to the 2022 NFL Season: AFC Edition

We are ever so close to another season of NFL Football. One that I only hope isn’t as bonkers as last year’s campaign was (for the sake of Sportsball. I’d rather not have vids creep to forty minutes, thank you).

However, there is much to go over. Endless moving and shaking in an effort to upend the balance of power throughout the league. Quarterbacks on the move, key weapons securing both new homes and big paydays, and relentless bolstering in an effort to be declared the new kings of the NFL.

This video will go over all sixteen teams and what to expect out of each. the AFC is very tight, once again. There are arguments to be made for nearly every team to clinch a playoff spot, and it will be fascinating to see how things unfold moving forward.

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36 Responses

  1. Carter Gulyas says:

    Can’t wait to hear the sweet sweet sound of “I’M CALLING BOTH GAMES” followed by “the culture is actually damn good”

  2. IISwitchII says:

    Obviously an NFC edition is coming soon, would love a “This week in Sportsball: Postseason Chase” soon as well.

  3. Dee says:

    The Ravens lost their 1st string mascot too. Truly devastating hope they still have Edgar, and Allen’s number.

  4. Jesse P. says:

    The release of the Haters Guide is the true start to the NFL season.

  5. Mike Roy says:

    My “bold” hot take for this season is that every team from the AFC west makes the playoffs. That division is a bloodbath.

    • john k says:

      bloodbath divisions like that tend to cannibalize themselves and have worse records than we thought

    • RelaxedLeisure says:

      If Cinci ends up winning the AFC North, then I 100% agree.

    • Keymuandre Abdallah says:

      @HokeyPokie the difference is he doesn’t have to fix us he just has to be elite as he’s been, our team has always been solid in every position we just didn’t have the QB or coaches to win

    • Deshawn Anderson says:

      Very well could happen

    • Rodrigo David says:

      @HokeyPokie the thing is that the Broncos didn’t need fixing, they needed a QB and good play call. The roster beside the QB was already very good

  6. Ben Shank says:

    The best part of the offseason has finally arrived

  7. Joe Evans says:

    You know footballs coming back when the haters guides appear

  8. Konehead Cokehead says:

    Honestly i kind of agree with the Ravens putting there chips all in because as much as i love Lamar Jackson and think he’s a really good QB in the regular season, sadly they just keep on coming up short everytime in the post season

    • Robert Wilson says:

      Tbf he’s 25. Watch him tear it up this year

    • Newbobdole says:

      Lamar has the most fluid athleticism I’ve seen since Ken Griffey Jr’s batting swing. Greg Roman *has to* start appropriately adjusting our play calls in the post season

  9. Konehead Cokehead says:

    Honestly all we kept on hearing was that all the Broncos needed was a good QB and that a good QB that could throw well could make such a difference in this team being so much better because this team already has all the other pieces besides that really good QB, so let’s see if that’s a fact or not

    • Background Guy says:

      This is the Peyton manning era all over again in my eyes. It’s honestly surprising that there’s any doubters. I see them as a lock to win at least 10 games if major players stay healthy.

  10. Marco says:

    0:18 Buffalo Bills
    1:24 Title was tampered with (Miami Dolphins)
    2:17 New England Patriots
    3:11 Out with knee injuries (New York Jets)
    4:01 The healing chamber (Baltimore Ravens)
    4:52 Cincinnati Bengals
    5:50 Cleveland Browns
    7:03 Another fluke 9-win season (Pittsburgh Steelers)
    7:53 Laughs in buttchin (Houston Texans)
    8:22 Indianapolis Colts
    9:10 An Urban recovery (Jacksonville Jaguars)
    9:56 Tennessee Titans
    10:46 Broncos country: Let’s Writhe! (Denver Broncos)
    11:39 Kansas City Chiefs
    12:35 Little brother syndrome (Los Angeles Chargers)
    13:39 No, move away from the light! (Las Vegas Raiders)

    14:52 AFC predictions

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