The Haunted Mystery of the Brown Mountain Lights

The Haunted Mystery of the Brown Mountain Lights

The Wendigoon YouTooz is live for a limited time!!! Get him before he’s gone:

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35 Responses

  1. Wendigoon says:

    The Wendigoon YouTooz is live for a limited time!!! Get him before he’s gone:

  2. Steven Roubideaux says:

    Wendigoon hits that spot that most mystery shows don’t hit. He has the potential to start his own show. He has the narration and the drive. He’s a legend. Thanks bro

  3. WALTERRIFIC says:

    It’s a good time to be a Wendigoon fan.

  4. Charmicarmi Cat says:

    As a fellow NC native, it means SO much to me you covered this. Growing up in the state, I heard so many stories about this and it never made sense to me why it was never REALLY covered. God bless you my friend, you gave me a spooky little piece of home with this video.

  5. Patches says:

    him getting a bit chocked up when telling about how his grandfather told him these storys is so wholesome honestly.

  6. Ava Adams says:

    Crazy to see the progress from the conspiracy iceberg to THIS. Absolutely incredible

  7. Erik-Kun says:

    This guy could talk about how squirrels are evil and i’d still attentively listen with how calm and friendly he sounds lol.

  8. Gavinsabathier says:

    I could listen to this man talk about Mcdonald’s for 3 hours. His storytelling is truly unmatched

  9. Waking Up To Life says:

    The passion, authenticity and relatability of this man and his videos is unmatched. I could listen to his campfire stories for hours

  10. Swastik Chakraborty says:

    I have a few questions:

    1. Does the season/ time of the year affect the frequency of the happening of the Brown Mountain Lights?

    2. Do the lights occur in different colors or the same color and if they occur in different colors then what color is the most frequent one?

    3. Do the lights make any noise before appearing like a bomb like noise or something like an explosion?

    4. When is the most probable time of the lights appearing?

    5. Any weird happenings or natural phenomena before the lights appear or dissappear?

    6. How long do the lights remain?

    7. Does the lights have any specific shapes or sizes or they are totally random in everything?

    8. Do the lights have any effect on the people that live there ?

    Even if you don’t have time to answer all the questions, I truly appreciate the fact that you made this video. There aren’t a lot of videos on YouTube that go into such detailed stories/ theories. I once again thank you Wendigoon for making this video possible it truly somehow is very inspiring to me. The fact that you wanted to keep the tradition of passing these types of stories from your grandfather to a massive audience is just so inspiring to me. Your passion really really gives me inspiration to do what I like. Love from an Indian fan.

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