The Haunting of Hannah Williams

The Haunting of Hannah Williams

Season finale. We make our first haunted house call.

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Family turns a house into a home
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Make the nightmare go away
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50 Responses

  1. Tyk says:

    Shane sounds like a tornado siren when he was screaming lol

  2. Sonoma Polder says:

    *OKAY but can I just put out how funny they are?*

  3. Awesome Yui says:

    Please make a holiday special, “Is Santa real?” ??

  4. Yvng. Vo says:

    this is the only video of theirs that has scared me shitless

  5. paige mclachlan says:

    omg why am I watching this at midnight in the dark in my room alone

  6. Taylor Marie says:

    for post mortem (:
    I found it unsettling how, despite everyone within the home visibly hearing a laugh, it wasn’t directly caught on the audio. however, when using the ovulus for communication, the spirit mockingly laughed into the device frequently.
    this was most definitely the most compelling episode of buzzfeed unsolved- supernatural edition.
    many of the experiences could be based upon outside factors; such as the knocking, tapping, and footsteps as well as the spiritual encounters (possibly hallucinations tied in with sleep paralysis or something similar of the sort).
    but the direct responses to ryan’s questions were so consistent and genuinely made sense in terms of what ryan was saying at the time.
    my question: do you think that after such an experience you will delve more into investigating similar situations? since the evidence seems to be much more compelling than that of abandoned/historical sites?

  7. Pikaxu says:

    Is it possible that it’s not the house that’s haunted but an object, say maybe in the closet? Maybe more than one object as well accounting for the multiple ghoul.

  8. eddieregretti says:

    for postmortem: i feel like shane didnt have a lot to say in this episode regarding his disbelief. is that out of respect for what hannah is going through or does he actually agree that there could be ghosties in the house??
    (ps im spooked)

  9. GRAPE JAMMERZ says:

    For post mortem #postmortem, Can you guys imagine the ICarly theme song playing after Shane counts down in the beginning of the video, but like a spooky version?

  10. manveer sandhu says:

    The physic guy makes the show so much more entertaining. Bring him on full time.

  11. Jaimaan Singh Monga says:

    The psychic was really cool and helpful. He should be there in more videos.

  12. jezzermeii says:

    This has got to be the best episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved *ever* and shows some very clear and intelligent evidence. I personally think there is a demonic entity in that house. Often, demonic entities enter households where there are young children. Ryan and Shane, you should see a priest and get blessed after this, in case the demonic entity has followed you. I am glad to hear that they have had the house blessed. Please follow up on this in a few months time, to see whether the activity has ceased!

  13. SuperRaeDizzle says:

    You know it gets serious when Shane admits he has goosebumps ?

  14. Empire Raiders76 says:

    Why are they still living in the house I would gtfo

    • M.M Games says:

      Empire Raiders76 because they brought it, they don’t really have to option to just abandon it and leave. I’m assuming they are on a mortgage which makes it even more difficult. They could sell it, but people might get Suss on why they are selling a house they brought less than 6 months ago….

    • Skwerwl says:

      Houses are hella expensive. Its not like you can just terminate a lease….

  15. War Master says:

    For Postmortem:

    It’s strange to see Shane so quite and not interfering when Ryan and Hannah discussing.

  16. Amanda Hurst says:

    Who else is hiding in the comments?

  17. aniruddh nag says:

    Shane is literally unbothered when hannah is overwhelmed by the donald revelation xD

  18. Morgan Rodgers says:

    Nooo, not Hannah! She’s the friendliest neighborhood wine mom. That ghoul better leave her and her little fam alone!

  19. Stacey Soggins says:

    For postmortem: Hey so I have experience these things regularly. The best advice that I can give Hannah is boundaries. A lot of times it seems stressful to deal with unexplainable sightings. Teaching your kids to put up boundaries and teaching your kids to say “hey I don’t want you here. Can you kindly please go away” can make a huge difference. Also if there is a demon, put one or two crosses in the attic or in the kids room. Another thing you can do is talk with professionals (sorry ghoul boys) people who have years in experience and can better help better identify the entity. Also try to research the history of the neighborhood because ghosts may wanderer to a place where they like. Happy thanksgiving

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