The Helicopter Speed Limit

The Helicopter Speed Limit

In this video, we explore the helicopter speed limit, dissymmetry of lift, and what causes retreating blade stalls.

Long Stroll by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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20 Responses

  1. kant says:

    That background music or whatever is kinda annoying but good video.

  2. SaKcAj says:

    Well, if you want to look a little more professional then add metric
    conversion of any values you provide – just like real scientists and
    engineers :P

  3. Slade Thornburg says:

    For some reason I enjoyed learning, I feel obligated to subscribe now.

  4. SlocketSeven says:

    TV trivia time!
    Airwolf has same basic premise as Knight Rider, only with a helicopter
    instead of a talking car.

    It was the only mach 1+ attack helicopter in the world. The shows writers
    actually knew about retreating blade stall, and addressed the problem by
    saying the helicopter was a lifting body, and that turbojets powered it in
    high speed flight instead of the rotor system.

    If you wonder why you’ve never heard of this amazing show, and instead only
    know of David Hasselhoff; it’s because after the 3rd season the show’s
    star, Michael Jan Vincent, got in a motorcycle accident suffered traumatic
    brain injury and lost an eye. He was never the same again and the show
    ended, though USA tried to bring it back with a new cast and failed after a

  5. ZabaZu says:

    Now I know why I suck at building helicopters in Besiege…

  6. KeffandMac says:

    Yet it’s still the slowest heli in GTA.

  7. pauljs75 says:

    Depends on if you consider tilt-rotors as helicopters…

    The retreating stall goes out the window and you double the max with a
    tilt-rotor like the Osprey. And there’s two or three new tilt-rotors other
    than the Osprey in development at the moment.

  8. Guardian Of Asgaard says:

    The fastest true helicopter in the world is the British Westland Lynx at
    249mph (and has been since 1977), it’s beaten by gyrodynes and other hybrid
    aircraft like the X3 but they aren’t helicopters.

  9. Nathaniel Pool says:

    Reddit front page brought me here. Hope you get plenty of views for this
    nice video!

  10. Eli Persky says:

    Googled- Fastest chopper was over 290 mph

  11. Neil Robbins says:

    Tried to explain this to a work colleague earlier who claimed that there is
    a Polish helicopter capable of 600mph! He apparently served in the Polish
    army, air force and navy as well ha ha!

  12. 911s73targa says:

    Kids these days think they know everything…Helicopters can’t go
    hah. Stringfellow Hawk begs to differ and a great deal of MD500’s found out
    the hard way!

  13. MasterChief says:

    Please, use other backgroundmusic…
    But great vid!

  14. trespire says:

    What about Airwolf, it can fly faster than a speeding jet.

  15. Terry Dolan says:

    There was an old lynx or Gazzelle helicopter that the British used to break
    the speed barrier. They designed special tips for the blades which I think
    they called burps to get around the shock wave issues. I think they
    exceeded 300mph

  16. TheArmFlailer says:

    Great video! Might I recommend lowering the music a tad?

  17. humberto celli says:

    well done! great video

  18. ScorpontGamerZ Official (ScorpontGamerZofficial) says:

    The fastest in the world is the Westland Lynx used by the Royal Navy and
    sold to other European navies

  19. SOCOM says:

    the fastest helicopter in the world is the CH-47F Chinook

  20. Luke Ryba says:

    uuugh math in trending! wtf is wrong with you people lol.