The Hippo Is Revealed | Season 1 Ep. 1 | THE MASKED SINGER

The Hippo Is Revealed | Season 1 Ep. 1 | THE MASKED SINGER

Did you guess it was Antonio Brown behind the mask? The judges had it right when they thought he was an athlete!

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Hosted by Nick Cannon, THE MASKED SINGER is a new celebrity singing game show featuring panelists Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke.

Based on an international format, and already a viral phenomenon with over half a billion fans worldwide, THE MASKED SINGER features celebrities facing off against one another with one major twist: each singer is shrouded from head to toe in an elaborate costume, complete with full face mask to conceal his or her identity.

With each performance, the host, panelists, audience, viewers and even the other contestants are left guessing who is singing behind the mask. Ranging from Grammy Award winners to legendary athletes, and everything in between, the singers may attempt to throw the crowd off of their scent, while keen observers might pick up on tiny clues buried throughout the show. One singer will be eliminated each week, ultimately revealing his or her true identity. It’s not a “whodunit,” it’s a “whosungit!”

The Hippo Is Revealed | Season 1 Ep. 1 | THE MASKED SINGER


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66 Responses

  1. King Sass says:

    Lion gonna win this show watch

  2. amirra valera says:

    Saw on tv I thought Odell was the hippo the lion ? gonna win this pray with me ??
    Like if u wonder who is next to take off their mask

    • Jess Boyer says:

      The Lion is a female so how can it be Odell? You can tell its a girl the lion in fact there are only 2 girls in the Masked singer. I think the Lion is the only professional singer maybe a member or former member of fifth harmony, Carrie Underwood or Lady Gaga those are the people I have so far.

    • amirra valera says:

      Jess Boyer I never said Odell was the lion I said I thought the hippo was Odell and I also said that I think the lion is going to win plus I just finish watching the show and I think it is lady gaga

  3. Ninja Rakie says:


  4. Ulfrol Wudd says:

    Antonio Brown is so hot!!!!

  5. Dek1408 says:

    The reveal is too short and let them sing LIVE. If this is a singing competition at least show them singing live. You bought this from the KR show but still can’t do it right? it’s not that hard! the performance should be longer and when they get revealed they should also have another performance to show their singing and not only 30 seconds.

    • Mista Suga says:

      Dek1408 it will never be like the Korean show just get used to it or don’t watch, it’s just a show

    • Philline Labadan says:

      They want this show to be different from the original one plus I think they are more influenced by the Thai version rather than the original one. Tbh, the original is kinda boring I mean get their point on focusing the voice but when you compare it to the Thai and US in terms of the whole performance it’s kinda the dull. Plus, if I were the performer I would die of suffocation in that costume if worn too long so it’s not a shocker if the performance is short. Hey, at least they sing live right given that short amount of time. ?

    • KDF Kdf says:

      The whole show was prerecorded in front of a live audience. No way they could keep it secret once folks started watching it.

    • Jayce Christian says:

      Dek1408 I totally agree I’ve seen the KR version & it’s the SHIT they even had Ryan Reynolds (DeadPool) & YES EVEN HE HAD RO SING LIVE !

    • TALOS Goat says:

      +SuperPianogirl123 stfu

  6. lil xxx says:

    I was actually watching this on Fox which is Channel 7 and I guessed it cuz of the dances because Antonio Brown likes to dance in the endzone

  7. ScarlettP says:

    Antonio looking like as sexy piece of chocolate

  8. Abriana Wilson says:

    Why are his teeth so perfect ?

  9. pearpenguin says:

    Did the judges really know who that was when the mask came off?

  10. Autumn West says:

    I guessed Antonio and I don’t even know sports as good as my brother …he was so confused and angry..I FINALLY BEAT HIM AT SOMETHING !!! Lol

  11. RidonkulousMG says:

    Damn I thought it was Ken Jeong smh

  12. Hagd gihsf says:

    No homo but my boy AB is hella attractive

  13. Autumn Lachney says:

    No lie, i watched it with my family and my dad guessed it right??

  14. RadyoRaRa says:

    Me waiting for the mask to come off to know who it is.
    Mask Comes Off
    *I still don’t know who it is.*

  15. J Tang says:

    The timing of AB couldn’t be any worse.

  16. Duckman26 Quack says:

    Don’t spoil it in the thumb nail

  17. Matthew Shortle says:

    This week on “Days of our Steelers”

  18. Chanel L says:

    antonio brown having a wild week it seems

  19. Starhawk Flying Bright says:

    This show is good for famous people of different industries to get even more famous and well known..

  20. BKsoldier2018 says:

    Oh so this is what Antonio brown was doing during his “Week off” with the Steelers if ya know what I mean

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