The History of Halo 2 World Records

The History of Halo 2 World Records

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Thanks to the following people for help with research! Be sure to check their channels out:


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44 Responses

  1. Summoning Salt says:

    Thanks to the following people for help with research! Be sure to check their channels out:


    And check out the Halo 2 leaderboards to keep up with other top runners –

  2. Raviospagetio says:

    Did not expect halo to be covered by the legend

  3. Anon says:

    Seeing Cryphon talking up Zoo is honestly heartwarming. Good for everyone involved.

  4. Plebis Maximus says:

    Everyone needs a friend like Cryphon. Helps Zoo get good and then not only celebrates when he’s overtaken by his friend, but encourages him to keep going until the sub 1:20. What a lad.

  5. Patterrz says:

    Massive shame that a lot of the earlier runs weren’t recorded. It really sucks that Twitch doesn’t automatically save past broadcasts forever like YouTube does. Deleting them after a couple months means we’ve lost so much good content

    • beardalaxy says:

      Some channels get to save them permanently, but even then I think there was some change at some point where every vod that had copyrighted stuff was yeeted. Twitch is volatile.

    • Maxxing says:

      ​@beardalaxyyeah, the streamer yeeted it themselves, after multiple streamers got banned for music in years old VODs.

    • Benjamin Sorenson says:

      Their saving tons of money by not infinitely saving everything and things only saved for a month to 3 months. If you are a speedrunner you should be saving things yourself.

  6. TangyGuest1 says:

    The story of H2A’s reglitching by the developers and improvements to MCC overall is still one of the best redemption stories in AAA gaming

    • KopperNeoman says:

      Is sword flying a glitch? In Halo 2, yes. In MCC, no. In MCC it was deliberately implemented because the improved framerate made the previous glitch impossible.

    • EV99 says:

      @KopperNeoman Yes, we all watched the video

    • Slender Man 186 says:

      Eh, not really, 343’s devs left MCC’s multiplayer in an unplayable state for years, even now there’s still numerous issues like hit registration, matchmaking load times, and 343 employees like Dersky literally laughed when people at work would show them these issues.

    • ekmad says:

      It was one of the last good things 343 did, since then it has gone from bad to worse really. Halo is in a bad way

  7. MrDrBoi says:

    It makes me so happy to see you covering Halo 2! Honestly Halo: CE, Halo 2, and Halo 3 are all incredible and deserve every bit of love and praise that they get.

    • Brandon Hughes says:

      Reach and ODST, too

    • westril says:

      This is as redundant as saying the Roman Empire deserves all the credit it gets for shaping Western Civilization. The Halo trilogy, the greatest collection of art of the 21st century, will never be lacking in love and praise. Just as the wind will always blow, the rain will fall, and the sun will rise, the legacy of the Halo trilogy will endure, eternally.

    • Lu says:

      @westril Aren’t they just FPS’s though?

    • Slender Man 186 says:

      @Lu Halo is the FPS that popularized the movement and aiming mechanics shooters still use, most console shooters prior to Halo used tank controls. Halo also popularized the two weapon limit, the regenerating shields, a dedicated grenade button, along with Half Life it popularized story focused shooters, Halo 2 popularized online play and almost single handedly sold Xbox Live for it’s first few years (Bungie literally had to convince Microsoft that Matchmaking would be popular), and even Halo 3 popularized customization in FPSs.

    • Commenter says:

      ​@Slender Man 186Halo formula is more or less watered down arena shooter gameplay, this isn’t an insult by any means, I love the OG trilogy. Still, will always miss the classic arena formula.

  8. HawksJHawks says:

    The developers recognizing and even validating the speedrunning community of their game is just incredible.

    • Fizzie Webb says:

      and then 343i goes and patches speedrunning exploits from infinites campaign, really goes to show the dichotomy between the mindsets Halo era Bungie and 343i.
      Bungie wanted their games to be fun first and foremost. 343i wants their games to be taken seriously.

    • Trikkster says:

      Not even once but twice!

    • Ragnell Avalon VTuber says:

      @Fizzie Webb you know it was 343i who unpatched swordfly and fixed the physics to be closer to Halo 2, right? Bungie hasn’t worked on a Halo game since Reach, and that includes the MCC versions of games.
      Infinite has definitely been mishandled by contrast but don’t let being mad about Infinite cause you to get your information wrong.

    • Fizzie Webb says:

      @Ragnell Avalon VTuber If that’s the case, then that’s the first I’ve heard of it.

    • Kiefer Neo says:

      @Fizzie Webb there are two different teams working on halo

      Bonnie Ross was leading Infinite while Pierre Hintze was leading the MCC team (the one who patched Speedrun glitches back)

      I’m sure you can see which team is the one that cares.

      Thank Gods Pierre is leading Infinite now and I’m hopeful for the future.

  9. NoRealRain says:

    I love that the devs worked with the community

  10. Merennulli says:

    “He didn’t get discouraged” That’s the crazy part.

    Amazing as always, Salt. I’ll never understand how you can make dots on a line have me on the edge of my seat, but you never fail to wrap everything in amazing storytelling. Never take up stock market reporting, you’ll give us all heart attacks.

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