The History of Wii Sports World Records

The History of Wii Sports World Records
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34 Responses

  1. SilphSpectre says:

    The amount of time I’ve spent on this this game is absurd. Bowling especially. Truly an unprecedented gaming phenomenon to have sold 83m copies on a motion control game… and who better to tell us all about it than Summoning Salt.

  2. Feldup says:

    The conclusion was beautiful and summed up the point of your channel perfectly

  3. Will Doran says:

    one of the things i like about how these videos are presented is that when you do a “he had to land this shot or make this lap or whatever”, it really could go either way. you don’t only focus on the successes. stops it from ever feeling stale or predictable

  4. Keneor says:

    That ending is fantastic. The record sur is important but the path to get there comes from competition. There wouldn’t be so insane world records if not for the unsung heroes that kept pushing and made the WR holder push even harder. Thanks for a great video again Salt o/

  5. Zane Toner says:

    That’s crazy an entire state came together to get a legendary run in this game. Love it

  6. MattG says:

    one of these days i want Summoning Salt to do a video just as dramatic as his usual videos, but it’s an incredibly obscure category played by a single person, and each time the record is beat he says something like “it looked like Gamer201’s record would stand for years, but there was one man who would take up the challenge… it was Gamer201.”

  7. anonymous person says:

    SS: There was only one person who could beat Alaska, and that person was…
    Me: AndrewG?
    SS: Alaska.
    Me: Awww.

  8. Thun der Vaart says:

    What an ending!! If you followed salt long enough you know he almost always ends the video with something like “…and this is where the record stands today”. But acknowledging and praising the determination it takes EVERY high-level runner to get where they are on the leaderboards has so much impact. Thank you for bringing this up and thank you for positively pushing people like nomad to reach their goal. Stay determined and keep pushing, Nomad, as well as Shockwave. One of you guys is gonna get the sub 7 and you earned it!!

  9. Summoning Salt says:

    If you want more Wii Sports speedruns, check out the runners who helped, as well as some other top level runners!
    And here’s a link to the Wii Series Speedrunning Discord:

    • KamoITG says:

      The goat himself 🐐

    • ZackMorris1 says:

      Thanks Summoning Salt I just finished the video and you take something that seems trivial such as Wii Sports speed runs and tell the story in such a way that at the end you actually felt the heartache and the impact of that last missed putt. My heart actually sank and I was like damnnn. My wife was like what is wrong as I was listening with headphones on the couch. I told her this guy missed a putt in Wii golf and she looked at me sideways lol. Thanks for everything bro!!!

    • ?!?!?!?!?!?! L_? says:

      Finally shows off his baseball bits love on main

    • Awesome Abby Gaming says:

      Please do sonic 1 world records

  10. Scenic Fights says:

    When that intro theme plays, I know I’ll be spending the next hour with Summoning Salt.

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