The Huawei Ban: Explained!

The Huawei Ban: Explained!

Huawei flagships without Google or Android? This is everything you
need to know.

Fingers crossed Huawei can resolve things. For the sake of competition.


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69 Responses

  1. Howard Murphy says:

    Trump: dont worry apple ill take care of it

    • Mohamed Jaward says:

      I swear this crossed my mind!

    • MrMattumbo says:

      Well, they stole the technology to get there, nobody seems to remember that just 3 years ago Huawei was just another knock-off Chinese brand that no one cared about, suddenly they have a foldable phone at the same time as Samsung… Yeah, that’s not suspicious at all…

    • Rucheng Peng says:

      +MrMattumbobtw, Huawei used totally different design and tech for the foldable phone…

    • - Ng - Ng says:

      MrMattumbo that’s how you improve

  2. Aziz Kerimkulov says:

    Don’t underestimate China I’m sure they’ll figure the way out in this situation ?

    • cs Khu says:

      I feel like China still don’t have the same level of hardware and software to replace anything huawei phone’s are using for example gorilla glass ,so …. it will be quite tough for them

    • Bambim says:

      +Gadianton I don’t give a fuck if it is China. When buying my phone I looked at price/quality and chose Huawei, because they’re just the best brand that you can get for the price.

    • Labyrinth Atelier says:

      China can just make a copycat of anything.

    • Franklin Das says:

      Now china can try to create a fake exectibe order thou….if they can get the one piece of orginal one …that enough…????

    • JeiiEmm Imnida says:

      Yeahh.. they will copy the google too, they will create a copy cat thing in low quality. China way.???

  3. Anime No Sekai says:

    Watching This On My Huawei Nova 4 ?

  4. Leon SUNG says:

    Remember!! Alstom was acquired by General Electric Company

  5. Dheeraj says:

    Loved this video !
    All of this talk is only exciting me for your podcast.

  6. Elvis LP says:

    USA: Snaps*

    Huawei: I don’t feel so good…

  7. nikolaj dam stengaard says:

    Huawei: you can’t stop me!

    Samsung: I know, but he can

  8. Isaac Slaney says:

    It’s because America sees itself as the only country allowed to spy on everyone.

    I’d prefer if nobody spied, but that’s just life.

    • Winking Walrus says:

      You DO realize literally every country with a radar is spying on each other? It’s just the US is the only country that makes our old classified files open to the public on mass.

    • Ahmed Abdullahi says:

      Julian Zehr how are you verified?

    • Amrit K says:

      I’m totally fine with that. America is the greatest country on the face of the planet. In history too, actually.

    • dynafl0w123 says:

      I don’t think it’s because we see ourselves as the only ones allowed to spy or whatever LMAO. No one wants to be spied on so why would one just sit and let them do it. Imo its fair

    • Lurking Seal says:

      It’s more than that it’s about trade. And I don’t know another you but I don’t want no company giving my information to the Chinese government.

  9. Zi Wang says:

    Kevin Duran: “if you can’t beat them, join them.”
    US: “if you can’t beat them, ban them.”

  10. RayMysterXD says:

    Can’t wait for an alternative to Google & Android… due time. Now I worry they will force Microsoft to stop licensing to Huawei for servers, desktops & laptops. This only makes other nations more urgently prepare alternatives in the future as US no longer a trusted partner.

    • Adam S says:

      Good luck with that. The United States makes up half the worlds GDP. Plus whatever the United States does is what Canada and the European Union will do.

    • Blah b says:

      +Adam S

      Actually that’s a crock of shit. The Bush regime did immense damage to the US in international economics and trade. It’s been over a decade that the EU has the most trade power. Recently China also surpassed the US.

      Trump’s sabotage of the free market will do even more damage. Such as the 25% price increase on batteries in the US as a result of trumpist sabotage to eliminate European steel companies, in favour of American steel companies (of who it has been proven they paid bribes to Trump’s campaign). Rather than do as Trump wanted, battery manefacturers have not used inferior American steel and risk their batteries exploding or leaking, but they simply kept making better products and charged the American consumer for the difference.

      Harley Davidson is about to mostly leave the US to dodge counter-sanctions from the EU and China after Trump instated illegal tariffs, all those jobs are leaving the US.

      At this rate in a decade or so the US will be an afterthought in the global economy.

    • 我無執政能力,只能搞抹黑抹紅上台我是民進黨黨工,我無恥,我貪污 says:

      US control every things,so HUAWEI can not control everything

    • Erikas L. says:

      Indeed, US not to be trusted. Other companies who rely on US companies will have to find and alternative to US companies. I think US will feel it in coming years in trillions of dollars lost

  11. realdomdom says:

    Huawei Ban explained: NSA doesn’t have the 5G spy equipment ready.

    • RBVM says:

      +Pranav > “non-authoritarian US government”

    • realdomdom says:

      +Pranav Not a bad argument. But then it would only be inconsequential to keep buying all the computer chips from China.

    • realdomdom says:

      +Z Guess i’ll die.

    • Pranav says:

      +RBVM Please tell me how the US Government is like China and censors everything? Are you aware of the 1st amendment? Do you know what the definition of an authoritarian government is? If not ask Hitler or Stalin.

    • фгјтфдд нбхјк says:

      +Pranav banning Chinese products good for the world. China banned Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram in their country. Free Tibet free Taiwan free hong kong

  12. Jeremy R says:

    Nice job keeping the nasty side of politics out of your video!

  13. Joe Swanson says:

    Trump: It’s my way

    Or the Huawei

  14. Claudiu says:

    Samsung: We win.

    Google: I’m your boss, hold my beer.

  15. KevinYu0504 says:

    Apple : I can’t beat Huawei on 5G
    Trump : Hold my beer

  16. Mayo naise says:

    USA: bans Huawei

    China: bans Apple

    Samsung: it’s free real estate

  17. MehdiBarka says:

    Year 2070
    Grandpa how did ww3 start?
    Well because of phone software..

  18. Mayoketchup says:

    This just shows america is afraid of the rising capital power of china

  19. reesemalo says:

    I would love to have a Huawei phone. I have a Huawei laptop and it’s so so amazing

  20. Vales Valet says:

    Google: why did you ban Huawei
    Trump: because they’re spying on us
    Google: ( *heavily sweating* ) oh ok

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