The Hungry For Power Games: Chafee-ng Fire

The Hungry For Power Games: Chafee-ng Fire

The race for the White House has lost two more tributes, this time from District Democrat.

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20 Responses

  1. sughosh divanji says:

    District Grumpy and District Horsey LOL

  2. Heather Artrip says:

    That was great!

  3. Hisako Reichmann says:


  4. The TT says:


  5. backdraftvideos says:

    Damn Stephen pulling out all the stops

  6. videodude2010 says:

    Stephen you SAVAGE hahahahaha!! I love it xD!

  7. James “InterJex” Excell says:

    NEVER get rid of this segment!!! I LOVE IT! YAAAASSSSS!!! Ayyy lmao! :D

  8. CantStayAway says:


  9. Brendan Beckett says:

    The Hunger Games producers must be happy with this bit. I feel like people
    have kind of forgotten about the franchise even though there’s still a
    movie left.

  10. BobbyPeru says:

    Johnny Carson had, among other characters, Art Fern and Aunt Blabby and
    Carnac—the latter of whom was himself a bit Flickermanian in appearance.

  11. Susan B says:

    i’d have thought obama has proven just how much “power” the president does
    NOT have

  12. Alex Jones says:

    this is the best political satire of all time.

  13. Susan B says:

    i was just thinkin colbert does a good tucci, then lo and behold

  14. mrawesome1721 says:

    This was hilarious haha

  15. Jinx Flames says:

    Ah, I was worried we weren’t going to do this skit again, I’m happy to be

  16. Nate Bomba says:

    This has to be one of my favorite skits…HAHA YES….haha yes.

  17. Fuji Fiasco says:

    Colbert is a savage ???

  18. Tim McQuaid says:

    Why is Jeb in the box thing? He’s polling far from first. #bernie2016

  19. Jake Smith says:

    Fuck you Stephen. #FeelTheChafe. Meet the next President of the United
    States of America, President Lincoln Chafee. First Lincoln president since
    Abraham. #Lincoln2016

  20. mosey records says:

    holy crap this guy is pure acid