The Incorrect History of Burgers

The Incorrect History of Burgers


Today I teach you all the true history of Burgers that has been hidden from your eyes all of these years.


Glorious Intro and Outro work:
Beautiful Demon Drawings:
Fat Cactus:

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Outro: Pls Proceed by Baron Grand
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31 Responses

  1. Ted Nivison says:


    No pressure to buy anything but at least check out how great it turned out!

  2. Austin Shook says:

    I can’t believe Ted went all the way to Ireland just to teach us the history of burgers. The dedication and lengths he’ll go for us is immesurable.

  3. Ruhee B says:

    okay but all jokes aside can we just appreciate how much research Ted must have actually done for this?? that plus the top-tier editing must have taken him so long

    • Flare (PK Fire) says:

      right? it’s a shame the dark council pressured ted into calling it all “a lie” in the thumbnail

  4. KoiDotJpeg says:

    17:00 the fact that he referenced the time he accidentally took an absurd amount of edibles because he didn’t know the nerd rope was an edible killed me

    • OBLIVION says:

      @justanotherfurry like bo burnham song yay

    • justanotherfurry says:

      @OBLIVION welcome to the internet!

    • OBLIVION says:

      @diapason  I can edit it and put “/j” if you’re so annoyed about it idk what you want from me man

    • OBLIVION says:

      @diapason  yeah, I misinterpreted what he said, then thought of the joke, and so I said it. Why’s everyone throwing in their 2 cents, and why are we even arguing about this??

    • diapason says:

      @OBLIVION i dont think you were joking, i think you misinterpreted what that guy said and now you’re ashamed to admit it so you’re trying to pass it off as a purposeful joke

  5. Novah Fox says:

    I want this on a streaming service, but then you realize that this level of quality and creativity can only come from freedom of expression and no time constraints. This is truly incredible work

  6. Tybusz says:

    Can we just appreciate how Ted found images of the real cheese burger paintings of Van Gogh, even after they were burnt? This guy is a total genius.

  7. Nightholly says:

    It is scary how accurate all of this is aside from the cheeseburgers. Like the whole section on Van Gogh uses terms and facts that I learned about in 20th century art at an art college. How does he know these things?? How is he able to so easily add cheeseburgers to actual history 😭

    • Ted Nivison says:

      I do research into the topics generally, also I took an art history class in college so I kinda have a vibe on how they generally speak about art in the context of art history

  8. CottonPatch says:

    this must have taken actual ages to edit props to ted for creating an absolute masterpiece

  9. DiamondDF says:

    The satire of this video fits youtube shorts so well that he could literally clip any part of it and it would do unbelievably well

  10. Scraggles says:

    This series is so well written and edited and planned out, it’s truly something too good for youtube

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