Skybases are back! This time it’s indestructible… and overpowered!
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The Squad!

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34 Responses

  1. Txnzify says:

    Lachlan’s content never disappoints!!!

  2. Vayne says:

    Let’s give some credit to the community. Good job team

  3. Blazing Bolt says:

    Was super fun doing this with Lachy. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to do so. And I will always be there for this kind of vids no matter what. Love ya Lachy 😀

  4. Ryan Langston says:

    Tommorows Update: “Traps have a max stack of 10 in tents.”


    • Normal Channel says:

      @Laughing Goat but best would be having a legendary stinger/mk, 999 brick and 3 shield pots. you put these things in your tent before the final 1v1 and take them out at the start. Then for the rest of the round just go on carrying 6 shield pots and rinse and repeat

    • Goyo the legend says:

      @Normal Channel shield fish are better

    • turtlesfan44 says:

      @Normal Channel the big question is going to be what happens next season with tents that can cause a ton of mayhem

    • lloyd-fortnite says:

      @Whovian14 idk someone must have entered a battle lab mode and put it there

  5. Adil Boukind says:

    Muselk must be so mad to never have thought of this idea

  6. Galaxy2008 says:

    I really enjoyed helping with the video, this types of things are always awesome thank Lachlan

  7. Eliza says:

    this season is so unique in the way that there’s actual contraband. items that aren’t meant to be in the game but are because of tents. it’s crazy

  8. x says:

    I really enjoyed helping with the video, this types of things are always awesome thank Lachlan

  9. Lachlan says:

    Shoutout to the PWR squad & the Lachlan Discord for being apart of this banger! Drop a like for Over’s dirty snipe⚡️

  10. Dark says:

    Damn that’s a lot of metal. Well done Lachy 😂

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