The Insane Engineering of the Perseverance Rover

The Insane Engineering of the Perseverance Rover

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Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
Editor: Dylan Hennessy
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
3D Animator: Eli (social handle: TwisterEli)
Sound: Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster


Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

Music by Epidemic Sound:


Thank you to my patreon supporters: Adam Flohr, Henning Basma, Hank Green, William Leu, Tristan Edwards, Ian Dundore, John & Becki Johnston. Nevin Spoljaric, Jason Clark, Thomas Barth, Johnny MacDonald, Stephen Foland, Alfred Holzheu, Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Binghaith, Brent Higgins, Dexter Appleberry, Alex Pavek, Marko Hirsch, Mikkel Johansen, Hibiyi Mori. Viktor Józsa, Ron Hochsprung

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80 Responses

  1. BLACK_HyDrA161 says:

    I personally am exited for ingenuity

    • Omar Abdelaziz says:


    • JamesMatKel says:

      Ingenuity is a really cool idea but I think it’s really impractical considering the Martian atmosphere, if we want to get serious about air travel on Mars we need to invest in vacuum balloom or blimp technologies

    • pineapple fooked sideways says:

      What happens when it runs into the mars boogie man. Whoa

    • Michael Garcia says:

      The world’s most expensive helicopter, incredible that it is able to fly in that atmosphere or lack thereof rather

    • Drew Graham says:

      It’s just a helicopter tho. Why can’t we just zoom in on the satellites we have that are already flying around the planet why do we need a little drone that only flys 2 minutes at a time

  2. Eber Maciel says:

    Imagine having something made by you walking on another freaking planet. The dream

  3. Conor Higgins says:

    0:23 that’s a weird way to pronounce “three”

  4. Medlife Crisis says:

    Less than 6 hours! Getting a whole new level of excitement enjoying this with my eldest now that he’s old enough to understand what’s going on. And watching your video will be the perfect prep. Although if he starts talking about becoming an engineer, you understand I’m unsubscribing, right?

  5. Edmond Cristian Razmerita says:

    Imagine, Real Engineering sweating as he tries to get this video done and uploaded before the rover arrives on Mars

  6. Alessandro Rodriguez says:

    Me: “It is a bad moment to ask: Who corrected the bug ‘miles to kilometer’ check?”
    NASA: What?
    Edit: Thanks to bates villbilly for make the comment section a better place.

    • master hacker says:

      @Marcelo Dezem they have been using kilometers for a really long time lol

    • George Griffin says:

      @bates villbilly Im not entirely sure how I am persistently being wrong when I’ve only made 1 comment. I assume that you are meaning my comments to on a flat earth video though that would mean that you haven’t read the whole thread because I was not wrong there either. Rockets can definitely balance.

      This seems more like a desperate attack on me than a defence against what I said.

    • A1pha Ch3rnovak says:

      poor mars orbiter…

    • bates villbilly says:

      @George Griffin Believe the earth is flat if you want too. I have no clue what you are talking about. Humans have known that the Earth is round for thousands of years.

    • George Griffin says:

      @bates villbilly    So what were you babbling on about me being beholden to being wrong. I’ve made 1 comment and you can’t deny that any of that is wrong.

      Also I don’t believe the world is flat which also means that you didn’t read my previous comment because I made a comment ON a flat earth video NOT proving a flat earth.

      Again seems like an attack on me not a defence against what I said.

  7. OhMyGulay says:

    11:10 Um there’s a UFO in the background in the sky.

  8. Klauskii says:

    Gonna get all my Irish buddies to say “falling apart on the harsh martian surface” 2:41

  9. Alex Landherr says:

    At 13:50, why does the video go darker than previously?

    • Turun Ambartanen says:

      @hawkdeminer No, even the white lines are turned grey.
      until 15:23 the whole video is just dark for no reason at all.

    • Real Engineering says:

      I left the opacity down during a last minute edit to fix an animation mistake. GOD DAMN IT. Okay who at YouTube can I beg to get this video file replaced.

    • Dean Su says:

      @Real Engineering If Perseverance doesn’t get do-overs, neither do you. I am sorry, little one.

    • Sergio Hidalgo says:

      @Real Engineering Yeah, I´m YTube creator aswell and I BEG to google to give us the possibility to change those SIMPLE things, (Forgotten image, opacity lower than expected, referencing some parts… you name it) Hopefully they understand that this will not be a new video, and give the oportunity to fix small errors on HUGE projects (as this video is) will improve Youtube content exponencially, anyway this video as usual is pure magic, thanks for being one of my biggest inspirations

    • Cuthbert Nibbles says:

      ​@Sergio Hidalgo I agree with YouTube because this will open Pandora’s Box. First, an honest mistake like missing an opacity setting, or an incorrect title screen. Then, minor editing mistakes, not catching a microphone in frame or a break of character before a scene change. A misspoken line, an incorrect statement and eventually, you’ll have some drama-star asking to swap a clip because they made a claim that was debunked and don’t want their reputation tarnished.
      Would you allow The Verge to fix up their desktop build video?

  10. Karl Pron says:

    I sincerely hope that this time someone put floats and ints in correct places and it doesn’t land 30 feet (or 10 meters 🙂 below surface od Mars

  11. Astronacademy says:

    “Perseverance will have to endure…”

    Me: Well yeah

    • AxxL says:

      WOAH WOAH WOAH!!! Let me get this perfectly straight: You comment something that is completely unrelated to the fact that I have two HAZARDOUSLY HOT girlfriends? Considering that I am the unprettiest YouTuber worldwide, it is really incredible. Yet you did not mention it at all. I am VERY disappointed, dear qstri

    • Paweł Buczyński says:

      @AxxL what’s more interesting, is that you have TWO girlfriends. 🤨

    • Manishgant Anantha Padmanabhan says:

      Endurance will persevere next

  12. GummiBandet says:

    When telling big numbers it would be helpful to see them on screen also //Non-native english speaker

  13. Sam Sat says:

    if kerbals taught me anything if anything goes wrong just revert the flight and try again

  14. Riley Canuck says:

    “This isn’t ambitious at all.” – no one will say, ever.

  15. Adam G says:

    “I didn’t fit the stereotype either.”

    Trust me, you did.

  16. Kishore Krish says:

    In the meanwhile Martian news an unknown object entered our atmosphere.

  17. Turtle Potoo says:

    Perseverance has successfully landed on mars! I repeat, Perseverance has successfully landed on mars! (:

  18. spaceflight games says:

    “touchdown confirmed , preservereance is landed on mars”

  19. LaserGadgets says:

    …and I have missed it. Justice League was on >< damn!

  20. DIYTyler says:

    Goose bumps! AND it landed successfully!

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