The Insect Tier List

The Insect Tier List

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Eyewitness Intro
Multiplayer Theme -Call of Duty Black Ops 2
Unfounded Revenge – Mother 3
Main Theme – Luigi’s Mansion
Gusty Garden Galaxy – Super Mario Galaxy
Obstacle Course – Yoshi’s Island
Loop Blues – Loop Hero
Delfino Plaza – Super Mario Sunshine
Story 5 Meeting – Fire Emblem
Hidden Village – Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Gerudo Valley – Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Underworld – Kid Icarus
Dragon Roost Island – Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
Dung Defender – Hollow Knight
Jungle Japes – Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Hornet Theme – Hollow Knight

Source Footage from:
Deep Look KQED
Getty Images

Additional Clips:
Monster Bug Wars: Ants vs Huntsman Spider –
Assassin Bug vs Locust footage –
Frogs trying to catch flies –

Co-writer & Research Assistant:

Thanks for watching! It has been an incredible 5 years on YouTube. Hope you’ll still be watching in another 5! We have some really fun stuff planned.

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39 Responses

  1. Vailskibum says:

    Still can’t believe the devs allow silverfish in the game, I never see anyone choose that class

  2. Davide Pellegrino says:

    The fact that every time a bug’s defense stat was brought up it was being attacked by a mantis truly shows how much of a badass those guys are

    • Mike T says:

      Shame Mantiskinden are inapt though…

    • Alexane Rose says:

      As a Mantis main they are easily S-tier at least in the single insect category. They’re armored, can fly, are fast, eat anything, punch above their weight (they can eat lizards, birds, and snakes builds of a certain size despite the inherent OPness of the class against bug types), can camo, and they look lean and mean. It’s like God was on a killing frenzy that day when he made these killing machines and heaven and hell was like “Okay that’s enough!” before he added the hive species trait.

      Imagine a hive of Praying Mantises……

    • CasualCat64 says:

      @Douglas fuckin frogs

    • TIM C says:

      he didn’t mention a mantis can move its head and keep its body still, it can camouflage and fly.

    • SupremeGuardian says:

      @Douglas they always have their mouths open tongues out while falling, almost like they’re screaming.

  3. godless yuri says:

    Insects are so diverse, you could have easily made whole tier lists out of members of this tier list. An ant video or the beetle tier list would certainly be interesting to see!

  4. Απόστολος Μαρίνος says:

    You know he’s good when he puts the Hornet battle theme from Hollow Knight on the hymenoptera faction man. You finally did an insect tier list. Shoutout to all the Arthropod mains!

  5. Alex K says:

    i love how ants and bees were in S tier to the surprise of absolutely nobody

    • Jonadab the Unsightly One says:

      ​@tanoomic3038 Humans would be absolutely oppressive against dog-sized insects. One of the key reasons insects do so well in the current meta, is because they are small enough to almost completely ignore humans as a threat. The trade-off is that they do have to worry about birds; but birds don’t mass-produce chemical weapons or have entire sub-factions entirely dedicated to exterminating specific builds.

    • Nicholas Whitman says:

      @tanoomic3038 Trust me…. if ants were even the size of rats we would be extinct in a week.

    • jvmxsE says:

      @blarg2429 what the assassin bug wishes it was. Fr tho people diss wasps but they’re crazy successful and hornets are death incarnate.

    • Joel McThunderCheeks says:

      @blarg2429 Pure Evil.

    • DJ Fracus says:

      ​@blarg2429 Skinny Hymenopterans I guess. Since bees and ants are Apocritans (part of the wasp suborder), the only other thing in Hymenoptera is the sawfly, which is usually distinguished from wasps by not having the skinny “waist” in between two abdomen segments.

  6. Casual Geographic says:

    I can’t even imagine how long this took to make, S tier content for sure

  7. Otacanthus says:

    Butterflies and moths are squishy and often just food outside of being pollinators. But I can’t believe you didn’t mention the coolest most niche defence they have. If they get trapped in a spider web they’re able to shed their very loose scales, making them be able to just tumble off to survive another day. That has to give them at least some bonus points.

    • August RempelEwert says:

      @Otacanthus Oh, I didn’t know that. Fair enough, then.

    • Otacanthus says:

      @August RempelEwert As the other person said, not a body part. It’s just the dusty looking stuff that holds the pigment of the wings.

    • Custardapple Cat says:

      @August RempelEwert yeah but I wouldn’t consider silverfish as “sacrificing a body part”. It has thin scales that regrow and have no nerves, blood, or nutrient stores, so it’d be more akin to fur or a reptile molt than anything else.

    • August RempelEwert says:

      I mean, he’s gone on record before as not being a fan of defensive moves that involve sacrificing a body part.

    • Custardapple Cat says:

      Tbh I feel like he was a little too hard on the evasion/stealth based classes. Like silverfish can shed their sales when grabbed, which can be much more effective than most other evasion abilities like dropped tails or ink.

  8. 幼虫Mishihao says:

    This has to be the tier list I have waited for the most, mainly because I am a huge arthropod fan, all the editing and stuff to consider to rank each order must cost so much time, and it was absolutely worth it!

  9. Whatakon says:

    Surprised that the Grasshoppers group Locust events weren’t even mentioned. I know the events aren’t common but the buffs it temporarily gives the Grasshopper are insane

  10. NeoGato2point0 says:

    As a competitive fighting game fan, i like that TZ mixed in phrases like “frame data” and “combo breaker”. Truly another funny and informative video! I love this channel

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