The Inside Crew Reacts To Anthony Davis’ Huge Night In Lakers’ Game 1 Win vs. Warriors | NBA on TNT

The Inside Crew Reacts To Anthony Davis’ Huge Night In Lakers’ Game 1 Win vs. Warriors | NBA on TNT

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49 Responses

  1. Quentin Wagner says:

    AD defensively has been ridiculous this postseason. His offense comes and goes, but he has consistently been a defensive beast.

    • Madwell Music says:

      Took away any confidence in the mid range and post. Warriors was looking scared in the paint. Jacking up 3s is their only option, and that’s a shame cuz Wiggins should be posting up reeves all day. Why the warriors don’t work on that switch…oh wait. It’s because Wiggins is OK with being mediocre and clutch 20% of the time and their offense is too linear to improve any player at all. I mean really….looney too. Ain’t got NOTHING else in his bag on offense? Looks like they fight to stay alive but never dominate. Just jacking up 3s. They deserve to loose man.

    • Weeb says:

      @David Hulderman i wonder what it is

    • Corrupt IOS says:

      And that’s literally the difference w take his defense has been crazy bro has rim protecter on hall of fame

    • Drewapb says:

      Mvp if he plays like this and win finals

    • ZoltanDeluxe says:

      Lakers will win the NBA now.

  2. Emmanuel says:

    i never want these guys to stop the tnt show they are legends

  3. Citizen of the World says:

    If AD keeps playing like this EVERY game he’ll be the Finals MVP. No one would be happier than LeBron cause this is what he wanted for over 3 years

    • El Nigga says:

      Yes actually i’ll b happy. I need a laker parade down fig last one i was in 3rd grade

    • Khariana Flowers says:

      @Citizen of the WorldAbron for sure tryna force AD to be the A1 while he fall bacc to A2 I honestly think LeBron would rather fall more into a role like James harden than be the “finals mvp” level bron other than that 2010 experiment year when wade told him look it’s yo team we gotta play off you u the best we’ve never seen bron play off another superstar where he isn’t the primary ball handler or first option on offense

    • Dairyman says:

      Dubs will beat them.

    • Cee Bee says:

      This is only the second round. Bron ain’t in Cleveland anymore.

    • Garrett Shelton says:

      @Alex Kalinowski Poole blew the best game he will have this playoffs on that shot.

  4. Ward Huyskes says:

    Chuck going after Kenny for “attacking” Ernie is gold. “he is a peaceful man”😂😂

  5. Isaiah Williams says:

    Chuck defending Ernie had me cracking up 😂 🤣🤣

  6. M V says:

    God I love Chuck lol. Always super loyal to Ernie and going after Kenny at the beginning and then Kenny getting uncomfortable and doing his pen tap. Why he talking about Chuck and Shaq’s hip when he got them bad knees. 🤣

  7. Yuanツ says:

    It’s rare to see two guys with 20+ rebounds on both teams. Neither couldn’t miss, nor stop the other guy from grabbing rebounds.

    • Cee Bee says:

      @joe Batts where? Into the bay? Lakers rock it .

    • Cee Bee says:

      @justin Alexander Draymond is way too small for AD.

    • Zach K says:

      @MichLo3 bron this year, with the torn tendon doesn’t have the same bounce, and I definitely think it’s effecting the rhythm of his shot. Probably an imbalance he can’t shake because of the differences in exerting his feet. But he’s been GREAT defensively, grabbing rebounds and being off ball. Lebron had an offball game, but this is definitely the best I’ve seen from him. If he can be an efficient and complementary part of the offense and get 20/12/5 with good defense, that’s what he needs to be this year. They have a good supporting cast and AD just needs to shine. I highly doubt Lebron wins the FMVP if they win the chip this year. But I’m sure he’d rather be a great player on a championship team then get the FMVP. I personally think if the nuggets beat the suns (seems VERY likely) then the lakers make the finals. I think they just matchup well vs golden state and Denver. AD is the reason why.

    • Dr J says:

      To bad nobody actually said why. It’s because the game is sped up and a bit orderless which is exciting but it’s way more possessions

  8. 2KUniverseElite says:

    With how the Lakers are playing so well this post season you’d even forget they started 2-10 and was in for a horrible season kudos to management for making the right moves.

    • Zach K says:

      @Peter Stark you’re crazy if you think Lebron isn’t injured. Dude has a torn tendon in his foot, and you can see how it effects his shot (he can’t release properly) and even driving to the lane. Do you really think that Lebron would be faking that??? You do realize falsifying injuries is a serious allegation to NBA teams, especially if they miss that much time.

    • RAIDER GAINZ x says:

      Then they traded half the team

    • M M says:

      Especially with REFs

    • blahmaster6000 says:

      ​@Greg Mc Elhinney what are you talking about, the Lakers had the 7th best record in the West and were one game out of fifth. Even if there weren’t play-ins the Lakers would still have been the 7 seed.

    • Joe Tokyo says:

      ​@Greg Mc Elhinney even without the play in game, they would have been in the playoffs as the 7th seed.

  9. CovaGotNext says:

    Thanks for showing the highlights to us so we can see them while you guys watch them too. Some channels don’t do that, I’m glad you guys do!!! ❤

  10. Snowmochi says:

    The only thing that holds back AD is his health. When he’s healthy, we all know he’s top 3 or 5 player and that’s why the bubble was so crucial to Lakers win in 2020. Let’s just hope he stays healthy.

    • Minechaft Gamer says:

      Seems to be around 17 top 5 players in the league, no chance AD is anywhere near

    • Dick Hitswater says:

      @Scrilla Manjaro I bet you would if it was your team, haters just use it as another excuse to hate on Lebron

    • Jeremy Davis says:

      Everyone clowns him, but I mean it makes sense. His frame and length paired with that intense play is going to lead to injuries. Dude is a machine being held back by a human body.

    • Scrilla Manjaro says:

      I place zero value on the Lakers’ bubble title

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