The Inside Crew Reacts To The Warriors Taking Down The Lakers On Opening Night | NBA on TNT

The Inside Crew Reacts To The Warriors Taking Down The Lakers On Opening Night | NBA on TNT

The Inside fellas react to Steph’s 33-point performance & Golden State’s dominating win over the Lakers!

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50 Responses

  1. senraC atokaD says:

    The NBA season just wouldn’t feel right without these guys ❤

  2. Sports311 says:

    The crew is back and so are the champions. Steve Kerr has given the young players a chance to play and showcase their skills on the floor

    • Kiki Fortunat Nkulu says:

      ​@Thomas Cools that is the only way the tema will move forward and gain their unity and trust again. There might be some left over anger but they will be hidden until some.worse comes, if anything.

    • Kiki Fortunat Nkulu says:

      And that is very wise and smart so we can get ready mid season knowing what to fix before heading to the playoff. I recalled how Poole emerged last season along with GP2 to make the Warriors look all tight and ready. If our bench players and younger ones can show consistent growth, that will make us very scariest tema to go against in the playoffs.

    • poch vincent oporto says:

      @Thomas Cools i fight with my lil brother when we were young and will eat together on the same table after the fight. Stop being soft 😂

    • Sam Russo says:

      It’s not a big deal. Have you considered that the grow adults involved have settled it? Everyone wants blood whenever someone does something wrong. Dudes have been fighting in practice since sports were created

    • Michael Jay says:

      @Demetrius Middleton exactly.

  3. Terry Gyimah says:

    NBA season truly feels like an NBA season especially when you have Ernie, Kenny, Shaq and Charles

  4. Axel says:

    The biggest extension signed during preseason was Chuck’s 10 years contract with TNT

    • Suntory Time says:

      Chuck & Ernie are Inside the NBA

      Everyone else is replaceable though I would never dream of breaking up the band

    • Adrian Durlej says:

      when chuck is making more on TNT then 80% of nba players. insane.

    • Jason U says:

      Chuck signed for 10 years at 317million….

      hes making double draymond pay at 31.7m a year 🤣🤣

    • 3 Last Name says:

      @MonkeBoii Well over 100, and the potential to reach 200 mil. Chuck could’ve gotten a lot more, since TNT needed him to bid for the NBA. He just took what they offered to help out.

  5. Rakin says:

    NBA on TNT the best sports TV crew. I am looking forward to the season ahead.

  6. Bille says:

    Chuck is right, beside adding some younger players the Lakers are practically the same as last season.

    • Roberto Clemente says:

      He also implied that they added Beverley just to torture Russ. What do people think about this? I honestly wouldn’t put it past Pelinka to do… dude is a snake. That said, Russ has REALLY not clicked with this team.

    • Phillip Lamb says:

      @Phi Tran hahah! O wait…u was serious?

    • Charles Lyndon Santiago says:

      @Phi Tran Play-in MVP

    • YoungBae 518 says:

      @Phi Tran They are worse than last season. They didn’t just have experienced veterans, which is already something better, those veterans are also better players. Melo was okay, Rondo, Dwight etc. now they add who? Lonnie walker and Juan Toscano like bruh. LOL. LBron didn’t even make play ins last season, he ain’t making play ins again. That’s 4 times he missed playoffs in LA out of 5 seasons. MJ is the GOAT.

    • ohhh yeahhh says:

      @Phi Tran
      Okay pat bev is eh at best and he can’t play all 5 positions on defense plus his older now he is in his 30s, lebron apologist fans don’t and won’t realize that this laker squad has 4 to 6 players who can’t play a lick of defense this includes their all mighty savior.

  7. Doctor Sam says:

    The most insane thing about this game was that Warriors weren’t even trying, they were playing pre season rotations against Lebron, AD and Russ and still won by double digits

    • Demetrius Middleton says:

      Insane and crazy literally have zero meaning anymore. I guess literally doesn’t either. Lol

    • The Chosen One says:

      I mean if you gonna say that you can say the Lakers were sloppy and will never shoot like that again either and at times the game was tied or close with them shooting 1 for 30 from three lol.

    • Coy Shuffles says:

      @n true. Thats kinda the side effect of the fast paced basketball that they always push for

    • Connor Jackson says:

      @ErroneousE he actually did surprisingly hed pick up on a fast break he’d also always pick up the open man and he’d switch oh oh and one last thing I forgot that lebron is the entire lakers team

    • ohhh yeahhh says:

      That tells you that laker squad is easily going to be a -.500 squad they won’t be close at all for that 10th spot play in. Warriors were like eh it’s lebron who cares destroying them by 27 points at one point.

  8. Ricardo Masvidal says:

    Russell only had 4 turnovers this game which is good for his standards

  9. moises says:

    The start to a new NBA season! Let’s go!

  10. Lionheart1995 says:

    The ‘triple single’ sign in the background lol

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