The Inside Guys Break Down Celtics’ Sweep Over Nets

The Inside Guys Break Down Celtics’ Sweep Over Nets

The crew shares their thoughts after Boston’s shocking First Round sweep over Brooklyn.

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42 Responses

  1. T C says:

    LeBron and Steph’s former sidekicks decided to team up and do something big but fail miserably 🤣

    • Sam Kan says:

      Sidekicks?! … ……Lebron gone fishing even earlier with his superstars sidekicks

    • Feething Moua says:

      Teen Titans

    • KiLlACaMrOn94 says:

      @Chill Button Wade won without and before Lebron, does that make him better?

    • Chill Button says:

      @KiLlACaMrOn94 Lol yeah iggy got FMVP for holding LeBron to 36 ppg, 13 rpg, and 9apg. Iggy clamped that man up

    • Chill Button says:

      @KiLlACaMrOn94 At the end of the day Steph was in finals back 2 back years when but players were in there prime. In 2016 up 3-1 against Steph what did KD do? Disappoint. A common theme when he’s the LEADER of a team

  2. Looking For A Name says:

    This Celtics team is honestly one of the most beautiful teams I’ve seen. Defense and offense can come from anybody on the court, it’s scary how complete they are.

    • John Henry says:

      @MrKeysjimmy- That positionless junk only works when matchups are in a teams favor. They were bigger than the Nets who routinely had to roll with 3 guys on the court 6’3″ or under and a guy like KG who has never EVER played with physicality. Against the Bucks it’s going to be flipped as they’re a traditionally big team.

    • MrKeysjimmy says:

      Dude you could be the first person out of the talk heads on all shows,(except reddick,he talked bout them before playoffs) on how good Boston is. every show just talks about drama, or trashing kd ,what about how good Boston is. They are the modern bball team. All tall and long,all can switch, play geat D, and they all can shoot. they play positionlist bball. then u have a superstar in Tatum surrounded by shooters. this had to be the worst match up for nets as that’s how they play but they are just too small. Tatum was just eating everytime curry switched on him.

    • José Pagán says:

      What about Milwaukee?

    • darwen frankie says:


    • JacienV says:

      @Onestop Funstop I honestly forgot Harden was on the Nets

  3. Tech1Tv says:

    I can watch this show every day. It’s the best because of Charles Barkley. All his craziness make it awesome 😄

    • Brandon Thomas says:

      He starts mixing drinks, ernie calls him out, Kenny throws him a dollar. They’re all great 🤣🤣

  4. Coreydon 70 says:

    In sports where individualism is celebrated, the Celtics have reminded us that the best team wins in a Series. Also, I will give credit to HC Ime Udoka who was the Nets assistant HC last season for the job he and his staff have done with the Celtics

  5. Patrick Lawrence says:

    I LOVE Shaq’s ‘my father used to say…’ stories…there aren’t too many things that are as humbling as a father teaching a son the right and wrong way to deal with life’s successes and failures.

    • L D says:

      @Nacho Nacho Man recently he said his daughters need to find submissive men they can control… he’s a giant rich man baby tbh he comes across as never taking criticism seriously

    • locknight says:

      I’m pretty sure his father didn’t say half the things he claims he said

    • e says:

      @Isaac Williams too bad how? what do you know about the way he raises his kids?

    • Christian Moore says:

      @Isaac Williams Well Shaq grew up in the hood in Newark. His kids grew up in a mansion. Of course he’s raising them differently lol.

  6. hghh says:

    “We’re not teammates, we’re not even friends!”

    I can’t with these dudes, everything they do, even if unintentional is pure comedy 😂😂

  7. Tom Cuthbert-Sayers says:

    Ernie: “Now, lets talk about the Celtics.”
    Chuck: ” Man, I love Giannis”

  8. JKD Y says:

    Marcus Smart being the glue guy on offense and defense is unexpected. His development is quite nice and complements everyone from his team. Tatum and Brown being the go-to scorers is awesome to see. You can tell they’re surrounded by great teammates and personnel so they could strive more.

    • Colin Northup says:

      What @Bear Taylor said. If you follow the Celtics, you know Marcus has been elevating his offensive play in the playoffs for years to supplement his consistently stellar D.. Without him, the Celtics would have lost to Toronto in The Bubble playoffs. Celtics fans know that while Tatum and Brown are the top talent, Smart is the beating heart of the team and Horford a stabilizing Vet presence and glue guy who, even in his mid thirties, is capable of mustering high end 2 way play when needed.

    • PS4: AP_BALLiN says:

      nah it was expected. he been that role for years

    • iizzcool says:

      @Cain to be fair it took 4-5 years for celtics to figure out what worked. most teams don’t have that sort of luxury

    • Cain says:

      That’s what happens when young players stay with a great organization. They become better players overtime instead of putting up empty stats on a bad team

    • /sheet says:

      @Busker Busker Horford is always a good fit even back before he got traded. He played with rookie tatum young brown, smart rozier without stars and they only lost to lebron. I think that year helped them till to this day especially horford is here. All of em improved a lot and not to say rozier is making his name in orleans. Imagine if he gets back too

  9. JumpOffBiggSean says:

    I’m crying 🤣🤣🤣 when Chuck poured that drink and Kenny’s face 😂😂

  10. TroystonB says:

    In Ireland we had four guys like this that did all the big soccer games. Same sort of dynamic of laughing and joking until it came time to get serious and they could be brutally honest when needed. Love the Inside Guys they make basketball all the better imo.

    • Heshinsi says:

      @Jared New Zealand, Australia, and Canada also call it soccer. It has to do with all the Anglo countries having a football discipline that is more popular (don’t think that’s going to be true for Canada in the next few decades) than association football

    • Mane Mane says:

      Its because they have their own football in Ireland which is garlic football

    • Jared says:

      @TroystonB WHAT ?? That’s crazy i thought we were the only weirdos in the world to call it that… are you the only ones in europe that say soccer instead of football ?? Don’t know about scottland, but I know England they call it football forsure

    • TroystonB says:

      @Jared no in ireland we call it soccer as well.

    • Jared says:

      Are you calling it soccer to be nice to us Americans or do you usually call it that ? Or do u live in the states maybe… anyway shout out to Ireland my man 🇮🇪

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