The Inside Guys Discuss MVP Race + Eastern Conference Standings | NBA on TNT

The Inside Guys Discuss MVP Race + Eastern Conference Standings | NBA on TNT

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50 Responses

  1. Smoke Screen says:

    Chuck trollin’ Shaq while being right never gets old 💀

    • BWayne22 says:

      ​@Keltners “at least Nash have proved he can carry a team solo” so Kobe didn’t prove that with 3 straight finals trips and back to back Finals MVPs? Lol

    • exeterra says:

      @Bean KoBe Nash was absolutely the MVP both years. The suns went from winning 20 something games to winning 62 just by adding Nash to the team and then next season he carried them to 54 wins with Amar’e missing almost the entire season.

    • Keltners says:

      shaq got kobe and kobe got shaq. while the suns only have steve nash he is always in the upper whiteboard of all the teams but still the suns get it done. when shaq gone kobe struggle, when shaq only he need dwade. at least nash have prove he can carry a team solo

    • į says:

      ​@Bean KoBe but Nash did deserve it. Both years. He was way more valuable to the suns than either Kobe or Shaq individually were.

    • Bean KoBe says:

      If Nash didn’t deserve it that mean jokic didn’t deserve back to back mvps tho.

  2. Mister Darren says:

    Glad Ernie is back. Not the same show without him.

  3. Rusty says:

    Can finally watch Inside again, show wasn’t the same without the OG’s!

  4. Brandon Bunch says:

    I love how Chucks talks about Steve Nash and says the mvp is for regular season and Shaq’s argument against it is immediately about the playoffs

    • z says:

      Chuck also said Jokic can’t win a 3rd straight if he doesn’t win in the playoffs lol chuck makes no sense

    • Moneyball says:

      @huh Shaq averaged 23 and 10 one of his weaker years to be honest. Nash ave 15.5 ppg and 11.5 apg with excellent effeciency 50-40- and 89% FT while orchestrating one of the best turnarounds for a team going from 29 wins to 62 wins. That season was a weak season for contending MVPs and Nash won it, deservingly.

    • į says:

      ​@huh and over 10 assists. Now I get you’re not the brightest person from your comment but try and follow me here. 1 assist=2 points. 10 assists would then equal 20 points added to his 15 makes 35. Or do you think the MVP award means who scores the most baskets and takes the most shots in the league?

    • Darren Gordon-Hill says:

      When you’re losing, change the argument

    • A. Adams says:

      In the regular season, he VERY clearly was. You have to be in order to lead a 29-win team to a number one seed. He just wasn’t scoring. He was leading the charge on one of the greatest offenses ever assembled. He helped Amare become a star. He made Leandro Barbosa a scoring threat off the bench. He got Iso Joe running. He had Shawn Marion averaging 20. He got Q to stop chucking. Getting beat in the playoffs or looking human in the playoffs does not move the needle for MVP. It’s always been a regular season award, and that’s something Shaq could never accept. It’s not just about scoring.

  5. Tufoin Productions says:

    The moment Charles mentioned Nash, I knew Shaq would do something

    • Will Johnwick says:

      @Filippo Bartoletti yeah your right i ain’t even know that his first year he took them from 29 win to 62 win team he def deserved mvp for that 💯

    • G. Myersughhuuu7uyyyuyttyiuujiiiji says:

      Shaq average 23 n 10 is not amazing. If he’d average 25 n 15, you might have a case against Nash availability n impact on a 62 wins team. Average 27 n 18, the MVP would have been Shaq.🎉 on the show.

    • Filippo Bartoletti says:

      @Will Johnwick 16 and 11 assists yeah, and his team, with the same players plus Marbury and Hardaway went 29-53 the year prior. Then they took Nash and went 62-20. If that’s not an MVP year, tell me what’s that. I agree that Shaq could have won it but let’s be honest about how Nash deserved it. He took a lottery team to the best record in the league (also playing in a way nobody played before).

    • Will Johnwick says:

      @Michael Okon Nash average 15 and 11 the year he won mvp over shaq. shaq average 23 and 10 get your stats right 👉🤡 shaq got ripped off for mvp

    • Michael Okon says:

      @W X V A next time it’s brought up he’ll say he was averaging 35 and 20

  6. Hazelhurst says:

    Barkley knows what he’s doing by bringing up Steve Nash. 😂

    • Hooligan says:

      @troll shaq only averaged 20 and 10 that year Nash brought a 8 seed team to a 1 seed. Iove shaq but not debatable he lying saying he averaged 30. Kobe would have got it if his team wasn’t so bad and the media Colorado thing

    • troll says:

      Nash was better than Shaq

  7. marvishungry says:

    These guys are irreplaceable!! They are the best, iconic, and truly Mount Rushmore status. They truly epitomize what “chemistry” means! Their individual personalities when combined together sets the standards. Totally love these group of guys.

  8. J.M. says:

    This lineup is so much better then the other ones trying to fill in, Wish it was always these guys.

  9. Chimp Arm says:

    Glad the squad is back. It’s really not the same when it isn’t these 4.

    Chuck looking slimmer

  10. Odesza says:

    Chuck is an honorary Canadian. He loves hockey and respects the raptors when most if not all other Americans don’t. Cool dude

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