The Inside the NBA Crew Reacts to Kings-Warriors Game 2 Thriller | NBA on TNT

The Inside the NBA Crew Reacts to Kings-Warriors Game 2 Thriller | NBA on TNT


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54 Responses

  1. FC_96 says:

    Crazy to think that this is the first time in his career that Steph has been down 0-2 in a series.
    PD: What a year, Sacramento!

    • AHMAD2423 says:

      @LSA chronicles I hear ya, I just disagree, the Warriors have never givin me a dynasty-vibe. However, it could be some truth to what you’re saying I just don’t get the feeling like what the 90’s Bulls we’re doing…Neither did San Antonio give me that vibe but they are an Amazing organization and they’re run will go down in history as one of the Greatest in NBA history. So I’m not pooping their run I just don’t see a dynasty 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • Farhan Javed Fateh says:

      In 2015 finals he was down 2-0 against cleveland if i am not mistaken

    • Judy Clarkson says:

      @Psyched Panda it was 1-1 then okc won their next 2 gms

    • Psyched Panda says:

      they weren’t down 0-2 in the okc series they came back down 1-3?

    • Parker Lake says:

      @Steven Parker grabbing his leg was a flagrant 1 for unnecessary contact. Stomping on him was a flagrant 2. The two actions were different in magnitude, and that’s why Draymond got ejected.

  2. Jovan Brown says:

    What I like about the Kings? They’re an easy team to root for

  3. S B17 says:

    Fox has been one of the best closers the entire season. He has been so smooth and composed especially at high pressure situations. This is the pinnacle, high stake game with so much pressure and Steph/Klay breathing down your neck… he proceeds to hit all the shots he needs to hit.

    • Jeff Tatus says:

      @Judy Clarkson I agree totally about Davion Mitchell. He won an NCAA Championship on Baylor’s team about 2 years ago. He’s a dog (on Curry) and he’s not afraid to shoot the ball when he’s open. As far as “pushing in the back,” the Warriors had pushed Sabonis at least 3 times (drawing fouls as well) before Draymond tried to bully him. It didn’t work out too well for the Warriors… as the Kings weren’t intimidated. That’s what Draymond needs to feel and they weren’t letting him play “bully-ball.”

    • Maple_Jordan says:

      let me correct you on that,
      fox has been “THE BEST closer entire season

    • Don Farrel says:

      Facts he’s been like that since college

    • Rasheem Foster says:

      They can’t stop fox

  4. JayCee says:

    This one’s going to be hard for the Warriors. Mike Brown knows their every move, their every play. Along with the talent of Monk and Fox

    • Connor O'Neill says:

      They’ve been playing for years. There are countless hours of film on the warriors. Mike Brown doesn’t need to have been a coach there to know their moves and plays.

    • Brennan B says:

      @Truuu you’re absolutely delusional warroirs in only 7 if they get lucky, sac in 5 or 6 tho if they win

    • Brennan B says:

      @LexLex hmm you must have been one of those warriors in 4 or 5 I see😭😭😭😭 warriors are old glory bud sorry about back to the basements you go

    • Richard werkNprog Hall says:

      That’s exactly what I’ve been telling folks outchea; Mike Brown used to be a key member of the #Dubs coaching staff. IMHO some of the blame also rests on Kerr & the Dubs vets for having become predictable offensively, even to the point of being careless & reckless. This ain’t 2016 when the Splash Bros basically caught the entire NBA off-guard, raining down relentless 3-point storms. Not to mention the GSW no longer has the depth or defensive presence that allowed them to hold on to leads and rest their starters. But we g’on see. On to Game 3…

    • Philip Mois says:

      Thing is, Steve Ker has an idea of their plays as well….

  5. Sports311 says:

    The Kings in the first 2 games of this series have done a great job of withstanding the charge of the Warriors. They’re deep and they keep coming at you. And on makes or misses, they’re able to keep the tempo at a fast pace

    • Gavin Kister says:

      The thing I’ve noticed, is they have an answer every time. Whenever curry sinks a three, it doesn’t start a run, bc every time they always get to their spots and respond

    • Brian Plascencia says:

      I just want the refs to call some fouls bothh ways. Sabonis simply hugging looney and shoving people under the basket.
      That being said. Warriors are sloppy with the ball…to many turnovers

    • Brian Plascencia says:

      ​@emailitz Sam geriatric champs you mean.

    • YourSonTimmy says:

      @Carlos Bautista kings are even better away 😂😂😂

    • Cal Watch says:

      Warriors have ZERO defense and Kings are at the tops in scoring in the NBA…even though they are terrible defensively too

  6. Vladimir Aficiuc says:

    Great series… Haven’t cared for the kings since Bobby Jackson Mike Bibby n em… Wish mainstream channels would have showed more of their games… fun team

  7. Caleb Sull says:

    Draymond stomping to his podcast as we speak

  8. Joseph Van Horn says:

    I never thought I’d hear Shaq praise the Sacramento Kings during the playoffs.

  9. Xxxz says:

    In my perspective, Coach Brown is Steve Kerr’s kryptonite. Coach Brown knows what GSW’s going to do, he knows how to play against GSW. The way they’re defending Steph is phenomenal. Somebody needs to step up in GSW, someone should do their best in helping Steph, even Klay couldn’t help him. They should seal the paint, every time DFox goes to the basket they should get guys there to contain him.

    • Juan Rodriguez says:

      I mean didn’t the commentators say coach brown was his assist coach a few years ago? He’s reading his mind and probably knows most of his plays from working with him in the past

  10. Kevin Shell says:

    Draymond got that selective toughness

    • YourSonTimmy says:

      @React King that broke his rib…. Maybe you should have watched the game and seen how dirty the warriors were playing

    • Latrelle says:

      I agree. Let’s see what would happen if he did that to someone like jimmy butler

    • React King says:

      ​@Christian Medina Let’s not act like Sabonis got shot or knocked out. It was a kick to the chest. Calm down

    • React King says:

      Not a draymond fan but what is selective toughness? Do you know Draymond to make those claims? If someone tries to grab your leg you gonna sit there and do nothing. Because of someone saying you got “selective toughness” 😂

    • JustBoomin says:

      ​@Christian Medina putting someone in a ankle lock is just as dangerous. The whole situation wouldn’t have happen if dude didnt grab dray ankle.

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