The Internet Changed Me

The Internet Changed Me

The Internet is so le epic (me gusta)
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24 Responses

  1. clo says:

    Honestly we don’t give enough credit to how the internet changes people

    • living masquerade says:

      can be for the better and worse like with most things but thats inevitable in my honest opinion. i dont think its force for only evil as a lot of people say, bad things have existed before the internet and even on it. i can name so many good things ive been introduced to in the internet…. and the bads. i just think and hope the internet continues to improve for the better.

    • AuraMaster says:

      I’d argue it changed a lot of people for the worse. It’s a good thing to have, but there’s plenty of assholes that are the way they are because they think being anonymous online protects them. That said a world without the internet sounds extremely boring. My mom made the right call only letting me on social media after I turned thirteen.

    • Entity_Bilboy says:

      Imagine you’ve never come in contact with the internet. Those people would be so confused about what the big deal is/was.

    • Entity_Bilboy says:

      And oh god, does the internet change people. *Looks at the ignorant masses and the horror’s of the internet*

    • Jimmy Lance says:

      It doesn’t change people in a good way. There was a planet before the internet and it was perfectly fine and happy. Now suicides and drama is everywhere. We shouldn’t give credit to the internet

  2. Roveish says:

    It’s fascinating that James can talk about the old internet and fascinate me.

  3. charbbigonee says:

    i love how you’re able to express that the internet has done so much for society but it can also be one of the worst places to be

  4. GemSurge95 says:

    I was born in December ’95 so I’m also on the fine line between millenials and Gen Z. I think those that are a mix of both generations had it the best. We didn’t have to deal with dialup and internet didn’t consume our entire lives. Smart phones started taking over around when we were in high school. I love the references in this video! I loved Space Cadet Pinball and MS Paint!

  5. Jolly Cartoons!! says:

    This smacked me with a ton of NOSTALGIA!
    Glad I’m not the only person bordering on a Millennial and Gen Z

  6. Psycho Chicken says:

    Being born in 2001, a lot of this still resonates with me. Space Cadet pinball and Mindsweeper were the best things ever.

  7. kuroakikitsune says:

    I recognised almost everything in this video. The nostalgia hits hard.

  8. Jacob Artly says:

    As a millennial myself, it is nice to see how far we’ve come from the 90s to now. Many good things have happened with the internets growth. Connection with people all over the world, upload videos to share and not have to be part of big movie corporations to do so, and so much more.
    There are bad things that have happened with the internets increase of use too. However we need to remember where there are pros there will be cons.
    Thanks James for a fun walk done memory lane.

  9. FlyntofRWBY says:

    As a fellow ‘96 baby, I 100% relate to all of this! Space cadet pinball especially! Just like how I waste most of my life nowadays by playing video games and not making friends, I used to waste most of my life playing pinball 😂

  10. King Dub Dub says:

    I was born in 2003 and remember when my history teacher in middleschool told my class about generation letters. She found some article that said that most early Gen Z kids seemed to share personalities and views with the jaded gen-X millenials. I can’t find that article, but it’s always made me think that the idea of catagorizing generations is dumb, especially now that everything is archived and stuff from 20+ years ago still has an effect on people.

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