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20 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    I’m pretty pumped to be a hero! I hope they send me a cape and whistle.

  2. Barbossa says:

    It’s like in Harry Potter when professor Umbridge became headmaster and
    shit drastically changed. I feel as though these ‘YouTube Heroes’ are just
    Malfoy and his gang of assholes.

  3. Apemzi says:

    There was a french youtuber that got his video de-monetized because it had
    the word explosion… It was balloon explosions

  4. caleb smith says:

    Youtube is dead. Freedom of Speech is dead.

  5. cloudstrife4534 says:

    I have honestly never flagged a video once since getting my account in ’06.
    It always felt like the last resort, if a video was too despicable to
    ignore. And I have never watched a video like that. Sure, I’ve seen
    countless videos that I’ve hated, and even videos that offended me. But
    none of them reached that last resort to me, because it was always just my
    opinion. And I feel really uncomfortable being put in the position of
    actually passing judgment on other people. It’s why I hate jury duty. So in
    essence, fuck you YouTube for giving points to people for hurting videos,
    and the people that make them! I always though I was doing right by you by
    not abusing the flag system. But now I know that you’re actually going to
    reward people for it, and I think that’s pretty awful!

  6. poetssoul 28 says:

    I think that youtube could have created new jobs for people to do that

  7. iDubbbzTV says:

    i aint even part of the video. philip defuckass

  8. Keir Buchanan says:

    Just voted for you 100 times. I want you to know, my hand is cramping,
    you’ve ruined tonight’s jerk session.

  9. and then i said says:

    It’s exactly how SJWs see themselves… ‘heroes’… You can tell someone in
    that mindset came up with that name. CAN YOU BE MAH HEERO BAAABEH

  10. Will Jackson says:

    Remember when YouTube cared about us? Trick question. They never did.

  11. fountain of youth says:

    who else wasn’t able to vote?

  12. AnxietyMisfit says:

    So does Youtube want us to snitch on people?

  13. Plastic Planet Productions says:

    I did it! Voted 100 times today, planning to do it again tomorrow. As a
    defender of YouTube content creators, big and small, I really hope you win
    this one.

  14. Aenon Proxi says:

    Saying Youtube hero sounds alot like a new way of saying Social Justice
    Warrior .

  15. Captain Rizza says:

    I never, ever, ever vote on this shit. But then he said “going against
    buzzfeed”… fuck buzzfeed, voting 100 times everyday

  16. Dennis Feijns says:

    An army of ‘heroes.’ George Orwell anyone?

  17. TrueAmericanReject says:

    Year 3000: the DeFranco genes are in 98.9999% of Japanese citizens, we’re
    all underwater, and his great, great, great grandaughters are doing fine.

  18. Darius Green (Ultim) says:

    Keyboard warrior -> Left mouse button hero?

  19. Cierra Nicole says:

    Strikes me as strange that in the age of trolls, were trusting masses to
    moderate.. :l

  20. bassl0va says:

    So, how much will Youtube pay you to spend all day doing their job?