The Intriguing Lore of Elden Ring’s Demigods

The Intriguing Lore of Elden Ring’s Demigods

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00:00 Introduction
00:31 Godwyn the Golden
02:47 Morgott and Mohg
08:31 Scarscourge Radahn
12:27 Lunar Princess Ranni
15:53 Praetor Rykard
17:54 Malenia, Blade of Miquella
22:12 Miquella the Unalloyed
25:36 Melina, the Kindling Maiden
27:29 New Merchandise!

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48 Responses

  1. A Glimpse Inside says:

    I look forward to these videos like I look forward to a new release of my favorite TV series. Well done Vaat!

  2. 옹발이 ONGBAL says:

    Butterfly theory is really interesting.
    Great content as always ! 👍👍

  3. unintentional_smile says:

    I think Melina has to be the sibling of Malenia and Miquella. All the other siblings come in threes. Her name starts with an M. All of them are afflicted (including Melina, if she’s afflicted with fire). In addition, her hair is pink, a combination of Radagon/Malenia’s red and Marika/Miquella’s white.

    • Alex says:

      @Strawberry Gemz Those Who Live in Death sprout from Deathroot which comes from Godwyn’s corpse, which would have happened after Melina’s killing and sealing. She would also be the inverse of Godwyn, as he had his spirit killed but his body remained, she had her body destroyed but her spirit lived. This is why I think Marika is the living husk instead of the other way around – which is why she can still serve as vassal of the Elden Ring when you restore her head.

      As to the flame – that is up in the air for me, but still think it’s possible. The differences in affects could come down to that man can’t gaze upon that god without being driven mad, but giants could, which you see in Fire Giant phase 2. Regardless of if it is the same flame, or different outer gods – still comes down the the idea that Melina was a daughter of Marika cursed with an affliction that could end the order which is why her lineage isn’t a commonly known aspect.

      I think this lines up with Melina for one, only having autonomy near the erdtree and her trying to understand the purpose Marika tried to give her. In time she realized that the Golden Order and it’s attempts to gain immortality through the erdtree and what the land needed was indiscriminate death – which she directly states – and leads her to helping you burn the tree.

      In the extremely specific case of burning the tree and undoing the seal without Melina sacrificing herself leads that ending seeing her with different hair and unsealed eye just has to go somewhere. That with the heavy use of the term Destined Death in her dialog, The Gloam-Eyed Queen being the original holder of Destined Death/Rune of Death and the fact that burning the tree will unseal destined death just has to many ties for me to ignore. Also GEQ was an empyrean appointed by the Two Fingers – all empyreans we know of are Marika/Radagon and their offspring – it would be odd to me if they turned out to be different people.

    • Calmy Guy says:

      my theory is ranni and melina like radagon and marika same body, seperate personalities.

    • Strawberry Gemz says:

      @Alex that would imply that Melina is one of Those Who Live in Death. Which, being a demigod directly from Marika, just as Godwyn, she would also have turned into a giant death fish creature. You’re implying that Marika sacrificed her body to kill Melina’s spirit. If that were true, then Melina should and would be a living husk, like her brother.
      Also, on a separate note, I highly doubt that the flame of frenzy and the flame of the giants are the same God. They’re fundamentally different and came about in different ways with different tactics and have different effects on their victims. I’m pretty sure that more likely Melina might be under the influence of the “fell” god of flame, the giants’ flame. She is strictly and specifically against the flame of frenzy. So much so that she straight up leaves you if you go forward with accepting the flame of frenzy. She even explains her reasoning, saying how it purely seeks to turn everything to ash, no more life, no more death, no more birth.
      Furthermore, nothing in the game downright states, or at least proves, that Marika or somebody else actually defeated the god of flame. They just defeated the giants. The flame in the giant kiln remained smoldering the whole time, Godfrey simply sealed it and the land of the giants as a whole away and deemed it forsaken.

    • Mori says:

      @Matt B Yeah wasn’t she called like the Gloam Eye Queen?

    • CopelandIam says:

      @Nope . In the games files Melina is listed as “MaricaOfDaughter”. A daughter of Marika solely would be an empyrean; if that doesn’t settle it for you idk what will

  4. Ridire Oíche says:

    According to a veterinary student friend of ours, Malenia and Miquella’s cursed illnesses are similar to exaggerations of deformities produced by inbreeding. A kind of Impism, in which the person remains physically juvenile for the rest of their lives but continues to grow mentally, and excessive tumors or scarlet rot from gaps and overlapping dna sequences/alleles. Could the curses be a punishment from the greater will for marika mating with herself?

    • Autumn Rose says:

      @Glockenspiel I agree; their positions as inbred siblings likely halted their bodies physically and left Malenia vulnerable to being infested by the Scarlet Rot. Also, Malenia’s unwillingness to bloom outside of dire circumstance shows that she isn’t mentally warped… yet?

    • M says:

      Elden ring is the Alabama of fromsoft games

    • Hoop says:

      Sweet home Alabama

    • Reaper_V says:

      @Cpt. semi useful Or her going mad/mentally unstable was the reveal that Randagon was Marika & Marika just married her because of political purposes & after the reveal she just left.
      Which in turn could explain her mad obsession with the rebirth egg as to “rebirth” into something in Marika/Radagoons likeness aka whatever they like more.
      Honestly M&R being one being who can just shapeshift/switch would make much more sense in retrospects of other peoples/gods/demi-gods reactions.
      It would explain why the First Elden Lord just gave up Marika withouth a fight & just leave. Because they literally married themselves for again political reasons(Aka Marika being her own consort played a huge part in the whole powerstruggle/makeing allies in the lore)
      On top of their children motivations/intentions as to why they like specific parents more. Radans favor of Radagon & the First Elden Lord. Because also the father is his mother & the First Elden Lord could be also seen as a father image etc.
      Plus it literally fits into the whole G.G.R Martins fuckery in terms of his storytelling style.

    • Mortal Exo says:

      I thought the same thing!

  5. Caleb Hackler says:

    In support of the “Fire Butterfly theory/Melina is a sibling.” One of the first things I noticed during my initial playthrough was the scarring on Melina’s body. Her hands in particular are covered in burn scars, as if she was set aflame from an early age. Maybe she became the kindling, because that’s what she always was. Love the lore Vaati! Stellar as always.

    • Caleb Hackler says:

      @DrTrollaux I agree, one of the things I had also considered was the “missing” eye that both Melina and Ranni have. We know that both Radigon and Marina have “sore seals that burn with the effects of the Elden Ring. It would make sense then that Melina and Ranni would “remove” their respective eyes, basically stripping themselves of their Empyrean birthright. No concrete evidence, but just a hunch. Melina would’ve removed hers to become the Kindling to burn the Erdtree, and Ranni would’ve removed hers when she destroyed herself to spite the Greater Will. Would love some discourse on this!

    • DrTrollaux says:

      It makes sense, then, why she hates the Frenzied Flame so much. It’s yet another outer god meddling with stuff, and assuming she was born afflicted like her siblings maybe she was vulnerable to its influence, but hates it like Malenia hates the Scarlet Rot.

    • Sinhalite Soul says:

      She mentions she is formless and her body is burnt too

    • Giovanni Ferraro says:

      Glad someone mentioned this

  6. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    When he mentioned “Malenia – Blade of Miquela” many times in a row, we all felt that.

  7. C says:

    This game’s history makes me want to go back in time during the Golden Order’s prime, mainly just to see everyone’s lives before everything fell apart

    • Yourlilsniper says:

      @Liamdrw the last sentence’s structure and wording creates a tone of “boo hoo, get over it” due to the phrase too bad and they were complaining about those that want to see more about a world. Maybe angry wasn’t the right term but it certainly was negative and condescending

    • Liamdrw says:

      @Yourlilsniper how was that an angry comment

    • Matt J says:

      Ask George for that. He wrote about everything that happened before the Shattering.

    • Yourlilsniper says:

      ​@Jason Cunningham no need to get angry

    • My name Jef says:

      Me watching melania wind up for that attack as radahn comes flying down at her: 😮😲😱

  8. Nobody says:

    I like the idea of Melina being Radagon and Marika’s child. It makes sense given her reddish hair, her name similarity to Melanie and Miquella, plus the fact that the previous Demi God children were all born in sets of 3. Godwyn, Morgott, and Mohg. Then Ranni, Radahn, and Rykard. And now Melanie, Miquella, and Melina. It all just weirdly fits.

  9. DoubleFalcon says:

    Near the Minor Erdtree Church just outside of Leyndell, you can find a single grave that seems to be tended by one of the erdtree guardians with an item, which turns out to be a smoldering butterfly. This really confused me when I found it but in light of the smoldering butterfly/Melina connection, could this be her grave, or somehow linked to her? Haven’t heard this gravesite discussed anywhere else.

    • David Hong says:

      Alternatively, there was originally a cool sword there, but aome other Tarnished looted the grave before you could. That one guard is really embarrassed, so he keeps watch and hopes nobody will notice the empty grave.

  10. Loic Reviews says:

    That 9:34 Radahn shot is incredible !!!

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