The iPhone USB-C Law: Explained!

The iPhone USB-C Law: Explained!

All opinions in the video are my own. Armchair analyst mode activated.
The port-less iPhone:
That shirt!

The actual law:
Joanna’s WSJ Interview:

Tech I’m using right now:

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42 Responses

  1. MrUnknown says:

    It gives real satisfaction to see Nations saying “no” to these mega-corporations. I want more of it.

    • CaliVsAk says:

      As someone who works for a major cell network selling phones, I will have so many people raging out that their new iPhone doesn’t share a cable with her iPhone 8 and she has to buy all new stuff. People are dumb.

    • Zaydan Naufal says:

      @Kieran Cherry And road signs are mainly defined by the Vienna Convention and the UN Commission of Europe, not even fully EU

    • Zaydan Naufal says:

      @Kieran Cherry 28 actually as Northern Ireland is still a part of the EEA

    • Zaydan Naufal says:

      @Max Kick Representing who? I’m not feeling to be representated at all. Same as Indonesian DPR I guess

    • Zaydan Naufal says:

      @ErraticThought Yeah, so much rights that the EU is willing to sold Montenegro to China to be debt trapped

  2. itsJustJayBee says:

    I agree. But two things are on my mind:

    1.) A wired connection will always be faster and less prone to interference (thing about fiber connections etc)
    So if you film your maybe 8k HDR 120 fps with your iPhone 17, do you really want to transfer the data wirelessly ?

    Also I think when it comes to charging, a wired connection is always better in efficiency. I like wireless charging but a cable will always be better in this regards

    2.) I just like the idea of having one cable that can serve a lot. I’m at a friends house. Forget my charger. I can charge there with my friends usb-c.
    This wireless charging tech from apple might be cool but… don’t we all use the same plug at our outlets for every electronical device?
    Isn’t that great?

    • DK_couch_potato says:

      People don’t run fastest inside metal – electrons do run inside metal – but rule out co2

    • Catherine Ma says:

      IMO the only reasonable application of wireless charging is public charging stations because we all have experience of running out of power but have no cables around. Others are just hype.

    • Kevin says:

      @wilcox tam That only applied to Mac users and not Windows users which are the vast majority of iPhone users

    • Jeremiah Bostwick says:

      1.) One thing not talked about or addressed here is potentially data transfer through the magsafe wireless charging puck. One end of the cable is USB-C already. Whether that makes it to consumers hands, I’m not as sure about. But certainly their techs will need better, more reliable way to work on the hardware. That seems like an obvious, necessary step.

      2.) I guess? There is already a “war” now, inferred by this video and also explicitly talked about by MKBHD in other videos: USB-C vs Lightning. I’ve been on tech forums where people have made outrageously absurd statements like: they will not be friends with people that own an iPhone which is an inferior device and people that own them are stupid – and therefore will intentionally not have Lightning charging cables in their car. Paraphrasing, but literally that severe (and that absurd). USB-C vs Qi Wireless charging (which btw is another wireless standard that pre-existed before Apple placed it in iPhones) I don’t see as nearly as large an issue. Especially considering that more users on either side of the iPhone vs Android debate have a wireless charger. Even if this about conflicting charging standards, Apple has no problem with that conflict. They don’t feel any need to end it.

    • Joseph Christoffel says:

      @jeffbrownme2 so the only solution to all of this = stop buying iphone until it got type c

  3. Maciej Kaniowski says:

    imagine all those MagSafe cables that need much more resources to be made instead of usual cables, really great for the environment

    • P-Can says:

      Has nothing to do with MagSafe

    • KJL says:

      Less efficent way of charging wasting both time and electricity to charge and heat up devices giving them lower lifespans as well.

      But don’t worry apple isn’t selling the brick in the box so the store you bought an brick from is actually the one affecting the environment negatively!

    • Skyler Gulling says:

      Profit first, environment last… Mega corporations suck

  4. Tom Carpentier says:

    great video, small comment:
    First time the EU voted on charging cable standards they did leave it up to the engineers. Look where that got us, all other phone manufacturers agreed on a standard, micro USB. That later became USB-C. Apple? Not so much.
    So yes, in principle I agree government shouldn’t be that strict, but Apple themselves forced their hand here.

    • Jonathan Eriksson says:

      @Tom Carpentier well put my dude.

    • Tom Carpentier says:

      @Dude Trust Me Irrelevant. My point is simple: MKBHD says government should go easier. They did. It didn’t work, they step up their game.

    • Dude Trust Me says:

      Forced their hand? If Apple does that and there are still droves buying Apple, then why are people of yours or their likes representing these people?

    • BadOpinions says:

      This. Apple themselves are to blame for the law

    • jacobitosuperstar says:

      Also, the research shows that at the moment USB-C is just a form factor. With that same form factor and different controller configurations we can have almost endless results. Not saying that USB-C form factor is perfect and that it doesn’t need changing, but performance creep is not a fear anymore. Look at thunderbolt, USB-4 and all the other USB-C standards…

  5. ybbolb says:

    The port is not just used for charging though. The phone still needs to be able to connect to a computer for troubleshooting or recovery.

  6. coolaccountname says:

    I bet $5 that if Apple switches to wireless charging only, they won’t include a MagSafe charger in the box. You’ll have to buy it separately.

  7. Owen Abel says:

    Performance creep aside, I’m fine with this being the end all be all connector in terms of form; only other improvement would maybe be magnets like with the MacBook charger.

    The issue I find with going entirely wireless is they have spent the past years since COVID pushing how well the iPhone can replace a professional camera, from cinema modes to increased storage sizes to the lenses, however one of the necessities of a camera is the ability to transfer your content easily and quickly. For the file sizes 4K video fill, wireless and iCloud transmission just isn’t robust and seamless enough; especially if and when they allow native RAW recording. Cable is just king in terms of reliability unless someone has some huge innovation to break this wireless bottleneck.

    It isn’t even just video; their other larger selling point for Apple Music right now is lossless audio – which you can only truly experience wired due to the limitations of Bluetooth.

    • Kevin says:

      @Blackberry So is there Airdrop for Windows ?

    • Alberto Peixoto says:

      I imagine Apple removing the lightning port and adding a Smart Connector to do data transfers. And Bluetooth really needs to be replaced with something secure and fast.

    • ChrisJ Fox says:

      You most definitely don’t want a government dictating what the final connector is. New better technology will come along but the law won’t change anytime soon afterwards to accommodate for it.

    • yyyyyeeeee says:

      Perfect reason why the “Pro” should have USB-C.
      Another option would be for iPhones to support Wi-Fi Direct or a proprietary 5Ghz wireless protocol (so they can still squeeze out those sweet, sweet MFI dollars) that would be fast enough for speedy raw transfer, its about as fast as USB 3.1.

    • scorpion199227 says:

      @Blackberry too slow

  8. Barry Piper says:

    The only problem I see with this “Apple will leapfrog right over USB-C to a portless form factor” is that they didn’t seem to have a problem with putting USB-C ports in their latest iPads. If I have to wait for a wireless trickle-charge to bring me back up to a decent battery level, I may not be able to get through a whole day of teaching.

    • Yeolmu says:

      Simple solution. They’ll just come up with a new MagSafe power bank that charges faster & carries a bigger capacity 😂 they’ll be able to stick to portless AND make more money

    • 09 Arunan Aravaanan.A says:

      iPad is being pushed as a desktop alternative. And one of the basic necessities of any computer are ports. No way will iPad he portless.

  9. Sinshine says:

    I really hate Lightning cables. It’s always such a hassle to just find an USB port that it works with without going “the device you jus connected is broken. go fix” until you find that one magical USB port and Lightning cable combination that it works with for some reason. All just to transfer some pictures and music. If they somehow implement data transfer via the magsafe pug, that’s fine with me. If they add a new kind of wired port that just can’t recharge the phone that seems to comply with that law text as well (at least the section read here) but if there’s absolutely no way of transferring files other than emailing them to myself or some other bullshit workaround like that, I’m back to Android in an instant.

  10. Luis Rebolledo S. says:

    Man, I think you’re totally right on this, Apple always makes things to keep you in their enviroment, that’s something that I don’t like on this company, great products, but it feels like the people that uses those devices have the Stockholm syndrome

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