The iPhone XR is a Failure.

The iPhone XR is a Failure.

After using the Apple iPhone XR for 3 months, I have some thoughts…
I switched to the iPhone XR:
The Best of CES 2019:

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79 Responses

  1. Jack LaBue says:

    *Can’t hear you without that headphone jack*


      +Archivic no they dont. I actually have to go out of my way to find them. Also why would i wanna buy 2 pairs? I would rather just buy 1 pair and a phone that can actually use them. Especially since the NORMAL headphones work in videogame controllers and apple headphones dont. Apple makes things that only work for thier crap because they want as much cash from thier customers as possible and android has had the same charger for like 10 years up until they updated it one time a few years ago. Thier products are almost universal and thats why theyre better. Much more convenient

    • Archivic says:

      +CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYCLES !!! if you don’t like the way the apple eco system works that don’t buy an iPhone. Pretty simple

    • Gg F says:

      Jack LaBue your broke kid I have AirPods


      Money has nothing to do with why android is obviously better. Android has everything work on all of thier stuff besides apples crap they remodel every year just to make you buy new shit. Having a headphone jack means you have the option to use normal headphones that actually work on more than one device. Apple not having that just means one less option. I dont wanna have to work around the fact i cant use my normal headphones. I wanna use the goddamn headphones or at least have the goddamn option

    • Optite says:

      What about speakers?

  2. Hyperspeed1313 says:

    Apple needs to make an iPhone XSE. These devices are way too big for some people and we’re being ignored by everyone

  3. SquaGaming says:

    As a iphone fan i agree that the XR is a failure, dont get my wrong its a great phone, but its the same thing over and over again and im getting sick of it. Apple needs to make a change to there phone like making the iphone se2 and decreasing the price of the iphones

    • Skylake81 says:

      SquaGaming what exactly is the same on it ?
      Its the second generation notch style phone.
      It would have been okay if you said the 8 is the same phone again.

      If the 10r was originally released as the 10, with the same price and same hardware, it would have been universally praised as the best phone and a good priced one.
      Its not bad, its just that apple made it as an afterthought, because they knew they couldn’t sell the 10s like how they sold the 10.

  4. TalkShowHost says:

    Click bait. Title should be:

    The iPhone XR is a failure,

  5. aditya narayan says:

    Missed the fortnite event? hit the like button oh yeah yeah!

  6. jaafar kassim says:

    Austin with respect, you’re either blind or Apple paid you to give this phone a good rep. The price that was given is ridiculous.

  7. Sythe says:

    max army shall take over you have no choice but to obey

  8. Sythe says:

    oh yeah yeah

  9. Joseph Infinite Guy123 says:

    He forgot to say “This video is Sponsored by Apple”

    • General Cartman Lee says:

      Typical moron thinking Apple actually sponsors people lmao…

    • Farjan Ahmed says:

      +General Cartman Lee I mean they do pay people to use there phones sometimes

      As in celebrity and rappers

    • Kyle Smith says:

      So they paid him to talk about their product that would make them the least amount of money?

    • Mark Sheldon says:

      +Mr Chicken bullshit

    • General Cartman Lee says:

      Farjan Ahmed No, they really don’t. Only thing they pay people to use their products in is in movies/tv shows, when you see a character in a movie or tv show blatantly using an Apple product in a close up shot then you know they paid these companies to do that.

  10. René Kulik says:

    The only reason it is not doing well is because iOS 12 made all older iPhones feel amazing, as well as plenty of people doing the battery replacement which makes an old iPhone feel brand new.

    Having long lasting products is not always good for company numbers, yet creates much higher customer satisfaction.

    • MountKeverest says:

      René Kulik nailed it. Just got my 6s battery replaced. Looks like I’ll be using my current phone for 2-3 more years.

    • Lia K says:

      René Kulik yeah, my 6s is *just* starting to have issues and I will have had it for 3 years this Christmas

    • Angultra says:

      Yup, shot themselves in the foot by throttling performance. Now people actually like their older phones.

    • Pat John says:

      René Kulik people don’t want to spend 750-1100 dollars on a new phone that doesn’t have any groundbreaking features. That’s all it is

  11. Carl Johnson says:

    *This Video Is Sponsored by Apple*

  12. MrAffe :D says:

    U recognize that NOW?

    Oh boy….

  13. Henriko Magnifico says:

    Should have been priced the same as iPhone 5C was

    • DrunkListerine says:

      It’s $200 at launch but also the 5c was something that would break instantly with or without a case

    • Pyryte says:

      +zzzz it doesn’t necessarily cost much to make an iphone they just are master jews for upscaling prices

    • Misanthropist}— says:

      Lol….All these Apple sheeps here talking about how the prizes are fair are so pathetic that it’s not even funny – it’s just sad.
      There is no use in telling you to get out of their ass anymore. You’re in too deep and you like the smell.
      Lol ! Do enjoy !

    • Misanthropist}— says:

      Ah sure ??…..Enjoy !

    • rileybbyrne Gaming says:

      Its 1000 in canada its a phone it’s not worth that I’d rather buy another 5c when mine finally gives out no sense buying which isn’t broken

  14. lolzman122 says:

    Did Apple pay you to make this? Jesus man, there are so many phones that are much better and cheaper than XR, maybe cover them and not give Apple more promotion.

    • John Midwest says:

      lolzman122 must have owned some stock.

    • Udah Vektorin Aja says:

      hahahaha. Apple never give anyone free phone or sponsoring Youtube Channel.. TLD and iJustine love Apple so much, but they never get paid by Apple, they also buy every phone that they review… hahaha. Only android brand do that :v

    • Darrander Bavis says:

      But what phone though? ?‍♂️

    • Young Savage says:

      Nah only better price and screens not better camera or performance.

    • Keith Marsh says:

      +Its A Riddle 1. Aesthetics shouldn’t mean a thing in functionality. You’re going to have to put a case on it anyways. 2. You sound extremely lazy. Android is not hard to figure out. Especially with an I.Q over 9

  15. kzx kzx says:

    This channel is a failure.

  16. coolgaming345 says:

    You went from hate to love. How does that add up

  17. Kowalski Analysis says:

    I think he’s forgetting the fact that I can buy a used phone for 15 times cheaper that has a higher quality display

    • zzzz says:

      naw man dont skimp like that just for a display lol

    • Conrad Sayer says:

      If you think you can get a $50 phone that’s better than an iPhone XR (the fastest processor and 2nd best camera on the market) then you’re a fool.

    • Young Savage says:

      Lol display?? DISPLAY?? Is that all umm yea i think so no other phone has a better camera PROCESSOR or battery life than the XR no one that buys phones even knows that screens can be LCD or OLED ?

    • Kowalski Analysis says:

      Conrad Sayer I’m saying that the xr only has a 850p display and phones from 5 years ago had a 1080p display. I’m not saying that it was a better phone overall.

  18. Juaquin Brent Alputanu says:

    I’m watching this on a Note 8

  19. DJS says:

    “The iPhone XR is a failure”

    So am I

  20. Entity 437 says:

    Woah, battery life is a feature?
    I can’t wait for the next iPhone where they remove the battery

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