The Journey of a Beef Cow

The Journey of a Beef Cow

Alternate title: “Sam animates his disgusting fantasies for hundreds of thousands of people”

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Intro and outro song:

“Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G, Movement I (Allegro), BWV 1049” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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20 Responses

  1. I'm Ded inside says:

    This makes me want to become a vegan.

  2. Eli Villanueva says:

    Damn I want a burger now. Any suggestions?

  3. Zuver says:

    Good food comes with a price. Screw you, vegans!

  4. Anti Freez says:

    Ya know I would stop eating meat but… I won’t, it’s really good meat.

  5. Trent Edmondson says:

    This Channel is about to blow up fast…. I can tell

  6. YoloMcSwagton says:

    god i sure love beef.

  7. Sivite says:

    “Keep as humane as possible”
    *Proceeds to crush cows skull into it’s own brain*

  8. Tummywubs says:

    Do remember kids that animal live stock is treated differently around the world and also in many places, stress means the cow will produce a hormone in the body what makes the meat of poorer quality. It can cost the famer £200 a cow so yeah…

  9. BigMushroom Top says:

    Well…. at least they use all of the animal?

  10. Synth Curie says:

    Just realized that Sam O’Nella is…. salmonella

  11. edithisdead says:

    I sure do like being a vegetarian right now

  12. OneShot Gamer735 says:

    Anyone else feel hungry now??

  13. Chenkai Zhou says:

    That’s just fucked up. I’m sticking to dog meat.

  14. Julia Thorstensson says:

    This is why I’m a vegetarian (going vegan)? I can’t eat meat without thinking about the poor animal.

  15. Kopathefurry says:

    I have nothing against meat eaters, but I have a problem against modern meat production.
    The animals don’t have enough space and are stressed all the time. They also get pumped with antibiotics, which lead to anitbiotic restistance. More and more people are dying in hospitals because of secondary infections! Cows also produce a lot of gas that’s bad for the environment. And many more things like cutting down forests to make space and a declining biodiversity.
    We need meat, but we definitely don’t need as much as we’re consuming.

  16. Bummer Drummer says:

    I just threw up fuck

  17. FrostBloodGames says:

    Wow. There’s a lot of stupid meat eater hypocrites in these comments. Humans can survive by not eating meat. In fact, meat has been proven to cause chronic diseases. Also, if you say it’s for taste pleasure, then why can’t I rape a random woman for sexual pleasure? Also, why can’t I kill a human and eat it for taste pleasure? Lol this comment will trigger a lot of flesh eaters.

  18. Juan Frias-Diaz says:

    That’s why I’m vegan

  19. MC Gold says:

    I’ll just stick to boneless pizza

  20. Waddle Derp says:

    R.I.P Craig
    Press F to pay respects

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