The Karate Kid: Daniel is the REAL Bully

The Karate Kid: Daniel is the REAL Bully

Daniel LaRusso is a violent sociopath who picks every fight in The Karate Kid.

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20 Responses

  1. mertallix says:

    Terrible, you can say this about almost any movie, Im just surprised you
    put so much into trying to prove a terrible point

  2. derpdaderp1234 says:

    A lot of mental gymnastics, but a funny take.

  3. Eric Hernandez says:

    The video is cool, but the original movie ALREADY EXPLORED this. Daniel
    becomes a bully, and he starts using his new karate prowess and confidence
    very aggressively and becomes a bully. He realizes this and pushes away his
    girlfriend. Miyagi reminds him that Karate is only to protect. His turn
    around was a central subplot in the movie.

  4. Go Bogies Go says:

    Do Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure.

  5. lilmojett says:

    You’re reaching, bruh…

  6. MicroscopicTruth says:

    J. Turner:
    I can’t decide if you actually believe your analysis or if you’re just
    trying to exaggerate to stir the pot and generate a bunch of activity here.
    It’s true that Daniel is trying to impress the girl, and that there is a
    common perception that he is an innocent protagonist.
    But when you say that Johnny must use force against Daniel for the safety
    of the others present on the beach, you are totally off base.
    Johnny kicked him to show off and to cool him down, but the safety of the
    others had nothing to do with it.
    In trying to present a different perspective about the two characters, you
    clearly went too far to Johnny’s defense, and too far against Daniel.

  7. Shane Cockfield says:

    okay I agree with everything you said except you accidentally left out the
    part where the coach told the cobra Kai student to break/injure Daniel’s
    leg all in all though this whole thing could have been avoided if Mr.
    Miyagi was more of mediator between the two boys.

  8. Chief Mace says:

    I always wondered why I really never cared for this movie.. mine eyes are
    now open. Thank you.

  9. George Rowe says:

    Maybe take on Alvin York next?

  10. Nerdvana64 says:

    It’s also more damning since one of the clearly stated rules in the
    tournament was no face kicks. How does Daniel win? By kicking Johnny in the

  11. bayernnow says:

    “Sportball” What the hell is sportball?!?!?!?! 1:42

  12. Daniel “Elijah” Maximoff says:

    The Karate Kid remake Jaden Smith is a REAL pussy!

  13. Aqua Cat says:

    You try to hard

  14. Riley Tucker says:

    I mean, not really. It’s honestly just a standard rivalry between two high
    school kids. I think it was made pretty clear by the movie that they were
    both irrational at times.

  15. Julius Laurentius Julius says:

    Hi guys I’m Eunice and I like this movie what about u

  16. steven k says:

    My eyes have been opened

  17. Chris Garcia says:


  18. Rhys Jones says:

    If you are at all serious, it is no wonder our world is in such a mess with
    revisionist horse apples like that!

  19. you ahoe says:

    1 M views congrats maaan !!

  20. William Thao says:

    Barney Stinson approves this video!!