The key moments from George HW Bush’s funeral

The key moments from George HW Bush’s funeral

From the emotional speech of George W Bush to the painful tensions between Clinton and Trump – here are the key moments from the funeral of US former president George HW Bush
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78 Responses

  1. Some Guy says:

    It’s funny how Trump and Ivanka sit on the left and the left-wingers sit on the right.

  2. Steven b says:


  3. Rocky B says:

    All I see are war criminals but not Jeb, good ol’ Jeb is alright.

    • BRYAN BELSHAW says:

      Fake babies and fake incubators in Kuwait. A Fake teenage actress, the daughter of the ambassador to Kuwait, coached by a pr firm to lie in front of congress. Fake 1st gulf war on Iraq. The use of banned depleted uranium shell on Iraqi civillians.. The Iran/Contra affair and the subsequent pardoning of his conspirators when Bush snr became president. All accredited to Bush snr the race baiter and ex head of the CIA. I could go on but the facts are just too much for a sycophant to handle.

    • 19Lion8 says:

      +BRYAN BELSHAW Totally agree. The number of babies killed by Bush snr & those on the front bench must be over 1m. And I haven’t even included the innocent men & women. Absolute monsters!

    • vox rox says:

      Still haven’t seen a “war crime” definition.

    • BRYAN BELSHAW says:

      +vox rox Lieing before Congress/world to send troops into Iraq. Sanctioning the use of depleted uranium shells on civilians. Indiscriminately targeting civilian instillations. All war crimes. Iran/Contra affair. Not hard to see where his son got the ideas from. There are plenty more I could choose from but your it would only shake your narrow world view.

    • vox rox says:

      +Chorus Frog People like you make me wish eugenics were still a thing.

  4. Lisa cdn says:

    I am not a conservative- Bush Family was pure class and represented what good politicians and citizens are. They did not want to politicize a funeral like John McCain and is nauseating it’s all about me daughter.

  5. Crutpie says:

    LMAO the Bush troll handshake to Obama at 1:19

  6. O. Locke says:


    I really enjoy how hillary is not POTUS.

  7. CYP0 says:

    0:33 love the way Hillary avoids eye contact with Donald. If given the chance, I am sure that she would want to get into a palm fight with him.

  8. Devin Fletcher says:

    All the political debate, but humanity is united by our own fragility and the inevitable unknown that we all will face. Enemies sit alongside as peers, and pay respect to the peer most senior to them.

  9. Ian Combs says:

    This is no time for differences. Now is a time for us to come together as one People.

  10. J.Goodie says:

    At 01:20 I noticed Bush pass Michelle Obama something as they shook hands, with abit of a giggle between the two. Did you all notice that?

  11. A one legged man says:

    1:31 biden the perv got owned

    • RnaGenetics says:


    • King Geo says:

      I was looking at that, I think very quickly right before Bush acknowledged someone behind the line of Presidents and then Biden stood up.

      Either way, Biden was standing up as a greeting and the only reason why that happened was because Bush was already basically walking back.

  12. Amanda Hughes says:

    The reptile house

  13. jillhbaudhaan says:

    Anyone see 43 pass a note to Michelle??

  14. drew1212 says:

    So great for W. Bush to lighten the mood at the beginning of the speech, and so heartbreaking to see him get sad at the end

    • Maye McDonald says:

      drew1212 Their Father was a real Dad…he will be missed.

    • Dingus Khan says:

      Yeah he showed a lot of self control there trying to get the crowd in a good mood even though he was dying on the inside. God bless the guy and his family.

    • J.Goodie says:

      The Bush’s were MURDERERS!! Surely you all know of this?! Just look at what happened on 9/11 to see. That’s just ONE instance. Look up ‘WTC Building 7” which was also called ‘The Solomon Brothers Building’, look up either 2 names and you’ll see a well organised controlled demolition took place, something that would have taken MONTHS of planning to achieve, not an hour or two.

      Harvard students have just recently revealed that the 9/11 collapse of Building 7 could have only been down to an organised controlled demolition and it is now (at long last) being looked into. Hopefully, those that helped plan that demolition of that building will some time soon pay for their crime whilst they’re still alive. Now,, if it’s found out to be true what I’ve just said then that would obviously means that the main twin towers ( WTC1 and WTC2) we’re also part of their plan, which killed 3000+ people. Why would building 7 (Solomon Brothers Building) have been set up with explosives on 9/11?!! All THREE buildings could/must have been planted with explosives I believe.
      We find out who planted explosives in that building and we will then know who was behind EVERYTHING that went on on September 11th 2001 in America.
      It wasn’t Osama bin Laden, and U.S. officials now actually say that!! They have no proof O.B.L had anything to do with 9/11 and neither did the Taliban, did you know?!
      9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB 100%


  15. Russell Bell says:

    Rest in peace.

  16. John Smith says:

    RIP George H. W. Bush….. He served in World War II….. He did alot of stuff for our country….Your memorial will never be forgotten…. Neither will you. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  17. Nathan D'Eon says:

    It’s nice to see both parties being tolerant to each other for the death of a great president

  18. Dave Hanson says:

    My Grandpa was a Navy Corpsman 2nd. class that was stationed aboard the USS Finback that rescued Lt ( jg ) George Bush when he was in his liferaft. My Grandpa gave Mr. Bush a brief medical exam, and looked after him until they returned to Pearl Harbor. Many years later, my Grandpa remembered how personable and grateful that Lt. ( j.g. ) Bush was towards him. Sadly, another member of the “Greatest Generation” has gone on before us. Rest peacefully, Mr. President. Your admirable service to this country both in the military, and in government will not be forgotten soon. God bless.

    • Dingus Khan says:

      Outstanding. I just heard about this story today. George Bush came very close to being captured if your granddad’s ship didn’t rescue him. The other two pilots were captured and tortured to death, I heard. Wow. What an important role your Grandpa played in American history. I hope more people take note of this comment.

    • obsolete professor says:

      I read about the rescue in the book “Fly Boys”. My thanks to your Grandpa and the crew of the Finback. Brave Soldiers, Sailors and Airman, Salute to you all.

    • 5 Years Ago says:


  19. john Tan says:

    Wasting too much of my tax money.

  20. BRYAN BELSHAW says:

    War criminals bury their own.

    • 19Lion8 says:

      +vox rox You’re asking even though they’ve bombed many countries killing millions!!?? Have you forgotten 911 too!?…. Maybe someone will kill a family member of yours one day & argue “what crime did i commit?”

    • TitaNetwork says:

      +19Lion8 You know it’s possible they were genuinely asking because they don’t know. I didn’t know what people were talking about when they were referring to “war crimes” either because I don’t follow politics closely enough.

    • GOATZ556 says:

      +19Lion8 dude shut up

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