The Kid LAROI & Lil Tjay – Fade Away (Lyric Video)

The Kid LAROI & Lil Tjay – Fade Away (Lyric Video)

Official lyric video for “Fade Away” by The Kid LAROI & Lil Tjay.

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93 Responses

  1. The Kid LAROI. says:


  2. kig name says:

    why is everyone dropping: tecca dropped, 21 savage dropped, dababy dropped, now the kid laroi?

  3. DNA says:

    I feel like juice is very proud

  4. Logan Pauler says:

    Favorite song. Who here before TikTok ruins it?

  5. Synoledge says:

    I bet Juice Wrld is just looking down at LAROI him happy

  6. MudiePudl says:

    the sample of Ayala completes this song

  7. Salman Osama says:

    Fam the kid laroi is honestly the most underrated rapper right now like his voice and flow is crazy good and I haven’t felt this way about an artist since juice (RIP JUICE) anyways please keep up what your doing laroi you are an upcoming legend <3

  8. 50 Consent says:

    Why do I only see lil tjay comments? He killed it, but Laroi’s verse hit different

  9. Baylin Rios says:

    1:18 we catch those 😂 btw if he is talking about Addison Rae 👀

  10. lil Bleach says:

    A random person who like this will be rich. 👇🏼

  11. loza261 says:

    Damn laroi hasn’t dropped a weak song yet, he neeeda collab wit capalot 💯

  12. Joseph Yehdego says:

    I swear lil tjay be collating with all my favourite artists

  13. Jay Sauce says:

    Lil tjay doesn’t have one bad song 🤷🏽‍♂️

  14. Ganggangpapi says:

    I remember Laroi when he was back in my home town Adelaide and was in this duo with another rapper. They had some issues and Laroi went solo and he is here now. Rappers from Australia struggle to get recognition but this shows anything is possible

  15. I don’t know says:

    Who’s here before a million views

  16. DAWG GVNG says:

    2:29 Anyone noticed the sample of Ayala by X ?

  17. Lt. Flood says:

    Please please please don’t let Tiktok ruin this 😭😭

  18. ridz says:

    Tjay never forgets to mention smelly in all his songs. That’s real

  19. Sxred Official says:

    “I can never do a wack verse”-lil tjay

  20. Shxd says:

    The Kid LAROI is just too good. He’s going to be a legend…

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