the kid who brought McDonalds to school

the kid who brought McDonalds to school

lets be McFrickin real, this was the biggest flex on ANY school campus.

McTour dates:
LA: May 8th
San Antonio: May 25-27
Omaha, NE: June 17-19
Des Moines, IA: July 1-3
Liberty Township, OH: August 5-7
Oklahoma City, OK: August 12-14
Spokane, WA: August 19-22

Tickets at:​​

@Ryan The Leader
@gabe carnuccio

if ur still reading this, go comment “mcfrickin flex”

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54 Responses

  1. Trif0rce H3r0 says:

    No comparison to the kid that brought Chick-Fil-A to school

  2. ttullie says:

    The day I brought McDonald’s to school was the best day of my life. I peaked then. Nothing will ever be better.

  3. Trever Farted says:

    It should be illegal to torment a room full of people with that delicious deep fried air

  4. Livid Jupiter says:

    I remember this was the flex in elementary, especially in field trips and you got subway.

  5. Zachary Hilliker says:

    I like how this video implies that private schools just have coat hangers everywhere 😂😂

  6. Cory Leaver says:

    You forgot the large Sweet Tea’s ice cubes being heard through the whole classroom

  7. OwO says:

    Good thing it wasn’t gum. Otherwise the whole class would be a wildfest

  8. Grima Wormtongue says:

    Can’t believe this boy grew up and became an entrepreneur who has a BMW

    • jozo šaravanja says:

      @nick Johnson jaguars are nice. But I would want reliable daily driver. And Japanese cars are that. Toyota being at top. Buying BMW’s and jaguars isn’t as expensive as maintaing them. And I know lot of people who do that. I ain’t about all that. Now if you want some prestige with reliability get Porsche. They are most reliable premium brand out there. (Lexus is no1 but Lexus is premium Toyota hence why). British cars are notorious for bad quality. Love them. Would lease them. But never would own one.

    • nick Johnson says:

      @jozo šaravanja as long as you buy the warranty with it you’ll be fine but I know what you mean. I like porsches to that would be probably after my luxury phase once I upgrade to exotic.

    • jozo šaravanja says:

      @nick Johnson Porsche has both. Caymans are great for entry luxury car. Then you can move to 911 afterwards. And one thing that I love with Porsche is that they tend to look amazing even after lot of years. So if you want to keep your car like I want mine that’s huge plus. If you want more space then go for SUV range.

    • Mason Birch says:

      THATS FUNNY. Yesterday was SUNDAY. -Ryan

    • Pelipear says:

      And the guy who helped make a music video

      Also, I make skits

  9. Kristopher Bailey says:

    The fact that some kids actually acted like this and were surprised when people stopped talking/playing with them is sad…

  10. IndianJesus says:

    “what are we learning today? The history of poor people – I’M GLAD YOU DRESSED UP” damn that line hits hard

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