The King – Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 30

The King – Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 30

The origin story and season finale.







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27 Responses

  1. Alan Becker says:

    Director’s Commentary!

    • ᵢzᵤₖᵤ says:


    • طارق محمد says:


    • Crimson Gaming X says:

      It’s an honour to watch all ur series in order

    • DualScreenGamers says:

      This was a great episode and it was well worth the wait, so well done!

    • Daniela Bottino says:

      Hola sinceramente eres mi animador favorito siempre me encanto tus videos e visto la gran mayoría si no es que todos tus animaciones son las mejores siempre me encanta verlas espero que esta serie no termine así aunque este arco si es que las aventuras de estos simpáticos personajes son increíbles espero que nunca dejes este canal tan hermoso pero bueno eres increíble gracias por estas aventura tan divertidas

  2. Miguel Morales Media says:

    Honestly, I’ll never forget how far this series has come from its original roots, and how much time, effort, and skill was poured into each and every single creation, but also the series as a whole. Hope that 2023 has more success and happiness for you, and for everyone also reading this.

  3. Djman Gamer says:

    Afters years of watching this series from the start to finish, waiting for episodes to come every month, and now It’s incredible long journey has ended, it was an amazing one nonetheless, but it’s sad that it has to end. Thanks for making something so incredible and heartwarming, thanks for putting a lot of work to this series to all the people that was involved with this masterpiece, and… thanks… again…

  4. DaGateKeeper says:

    The idea that this entire series started with a lone stick figure and a dream would baffle my past self. The work you put in truly shows through the creation of a rich story and well written characters. I always tear up when watching things with well written characters and despite either being a long time fan or a new viewer, it shows how much effort one has put forward to create a work of art.

  5. Shake Well says:

    So much to say about this. Purple’s theme coming in whilst trying to reach out to orange, ending with the same scene that the season started with… I think the most emotional part for me was, for some reason, when SC gave red the other icon block to return. Something about that gesture completely contrasting how the entire series started is so heartwarming. Incredible job to the entire team, your funny Minecraft stick dudes made me shed a tear 🙂

    • pixelator says:

      the implications of SC finally trusting red with a game icon never occurred to me! i just thought SC gave it to red because he was the only other one who knew where to take it

  6. Garchomp says:

    I love how they slowly went from shorts, to 30m mini movies. 😢 This plot is better than half the movies in existence, and I can only hope Alan continues to give us these gifts.

  7. Ganesh Ravinath says:

    All of this started with a single stick figure which was but a victim in Alan’s eyes. To take such a simple idea and do something so grand with it is truly remarkable. It is a testament to your creativity and dedication that today, millions of people are witnessing this masterpiece unfold on their screens. Thank you to you and your team for giving us an epic tale to experience.

  8. stets uninu says:

    Can we just appreciate the 30 minute animation? So much dedication and hard work put into this masterpiece. Alan’s videos never fail to impress. Awesome finale.

  9. Mecha Spirit says:

    I can’t put into words how magnificent this masterpiece is. I’m talking about the whole series.

    Thanks Alan for offering us the possibility to watch such a beautiful series.

  10. Prime says:

    Absolutely insane the amount of creativity and effort put into this story. All time favorite animators🔥🔥🔥

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