The Kissing Booth Is Netflix’s Worst Romance Movie

The Kissing Booth Is Netflix’s Worst Romance Movie

edited by Jake Mayer


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39 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    It’s horrible too how Noah’s anger is treated as completely normal and romantic. The fact that Lee saw a cut on her face, IMMEDIATELY assumed Noah had done it, and that was a COMPLETELY BELIEVABLE assumption from what we’d seen of Noah implies that maybe he wanted to keep her away from Noah because he genuinely believed Noah could/would be physically violent towards his partner. I know these movies don’t go deep, but it just feels so irresponsible to release this to teens as a romance when it reads more like a slow burn horror movie with Elle as a future victim.

    • Octo Inkorporated says:

      I was literally saying this the entire movie and my friends were like omg abs and I’m like your not listening to me

    • A D says:

      @david gallagher after is passion Flix

    • megan W says:

      Noah reminds me a lot of Ryle from It Ends With Us

    • DIIMIDOSE Mineral says:

      @Christine C. I will use whatever word I want to describe someone’s relationship. If I want to use partner because I think it suits the definition and describes it how I want it to be understood then I will.
      You can be upset and threw a temper tantrum‘s because somebody’s using a word you don’t like, but that’s not going to change the English language. If you want to correct my grammar then I would appreciate it so I can edit my comment, but I’m not gonna put up with people trying to police the words I use. Get over yourself

  2. Dyna Go To My ChanneI LiVE NOW says:

    this is a horror movie. its a story about girl dating a possessive and violent guy despite obvious warning signs. the scene where noah yelled at her to get back in the car was TERRIFYING.

  3. Red Magnolia says:

    This genuinely actually scares me because when the movie came out all the girls in my class absolutely loved it (I never watched it because I don’t really like teen romance movies) and we were all quite young at the time 11 or so and it just scares me so much that they could have internalised all these horrible ideals because that’d be absolutely detrimental for any of their future relationships

    • Red Magnolia says:

      Ok I looked the release date up and we were 10 aparently so oops close enough

    • Avarith says:

      Omg i was like 18 when this was released

    • the ultimate homie says:

      I have a friend who loves those kind of toxic-ish movies… I’m worried about her but she at least recognizes toxic relationships when she sees one… I just hope she doesn’t get into one herself

    • Ariel Monet says:

      I’m actually concerned about the girls who liked this movie when it came out or even the boys who identify with noah

  4. UnknownedLeaf says:

    Noah: manipulative, bully, asshole, restricting, anger issues, easily violent

    Elle: yeah i’ll choose him

  5. Beau Maysey says:


    – How is Noah romanticized as respecting women in one breath and then YELLING at Elle in the next?
    – Noah appears RIGHT as that flash of lightning appears on his motorcycle to make sure she gets home before the rain? Is he the devil? Is he Zeus? It would explain things if he was Zeus…
    – Did Lee ever accept them dating?? Was he still at the party when they took his car?? WHAT
    – WHA T
    – W H A T

  6. Banjo Peppers says:

    This movie would’ve been better if it had turned out that Lee explicitly wanted to keep El from his brother because his brother is an abusive maniac and he was just worried about her, and maybe they could tie in her mom dying to her being reckless and impulsive so at first she’s into how *wild* Noah is, and after she’s convinced he’s bad for her, she throws herself at Lee, but Lee doesn’t like her that way and only sees her as a friend, and the movie ends with El going to therapy and Noah, I don’t know, dying or going to jail.

  7. Clementine Aileen says:

    it’s funny how while all this teenage drama is happening Elle’s dad is the protagonist of a separate movie with guns, drugs, explosions, and corrupt rich men. Like when Noah went to him for advice, dude looked like he just got back from a meet up near a lake that went wrong and resulted in (at least) two men dead.

  8. yoongiverse says:

    I know we’re talking about all the toxic messages, but how did Noah even get into Harvard? He gets in trouble literally all the time for physical fights and they’re just like “mhm seems like a great guy”
    (also elle is an awful friend, several times throughout the series she doesn’t tell lee about very important things and then gets mad when lee is angry, and we’re supposed to believe that she’s not the bad guy)

  9. Jimini says:

    Okay, as bad as this movie is, I still think the worst Netflix “romance” is Sierra Burgess Is A Loser, just because of how bad of a message it sends.
    With that being said, if you thought the main characters were unlikable in this movie, just watch the second movie. It somehow gets so much worse.

  10. Fallenemiko says:

    Here to rec kenniejd , she does a “bad movies and a beat” where she goes in depth about the movie and it’s societal implications for girls while being so funny and putting on her makeup.

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