The Koenigsegg CCX Was the Ultimate Supercar From 2008

The Koenigsegg CCX Was the Ultimate Supercar From 2008



The 2008 Koenigsegg CCX was the ultimate supercar — from a decade ago. Today I’m reviewing the Koenigsegg CCX and I’m going to take you on a tour of the CCX, and show you what the Koenigsegg CCX is like to drive.

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57 Responses

  1. BallisticHippo Vids says:

    Doug would they maybe let you look at that Saleen S7 in the corner??

  2. AMERICAN CREW says:

    Went to CNC yesterday Doug I was hoping to see this car but it was gone the day before love it vids!

  3. White Black says:

    Doug, the type of guy to smell his hand after a handshake, in front of you.

  4. JuanVR says:

    Doug the type of guy to make a video showing thieves how to steal a Koenigsegg CCX lol

  5. Micah Potts says:

    The little storage pocket at 8:31 is clearly for the key itself

  6. MitchBitch says:

    Doug is the type of guy to discover android in 2019.

  7. SuperAndy403 says:

    Your “quirk” about the logo between the seats is where you put the key when you are driving ?‍♂️

    • Nicholas Dobos says:

      Yeah, funny how he didn’t realize that. He’s pointed similar key holders out in other vehicles.

  8. Golden Potato says:

    Doug the type of guy to explain how an anti theft device works in a 1.5 million dollar car

  9. Dino says:

    Hold on, wait… DDE is looking for a hyper car, this is 1.5M and is a 6-Speed one. Yeap, they’re getting this bargain.

  10. Peter Nicholls says:

    Doug the type of guy to ask a girl what quirks and features are on a first date

  11. A Glimpse Inside says:

    I hear him say “front trunk” a lot… can we just call it the “FRUNK”

  12. Mike Llerena says:

    I can afford the car’s tablet….’s sticker.

  13. 1Mobban says:

    The new owner better change those tires before doing any 200mph rides. The tires where made in 2007

    • aussiebloke609 says:

      @Svein Hanssen I’ll reserve judgement until I see the date stamp then – it’s not that uncommon for cars like this to have the tyres changed when they age, long before they wear out. And I’m sure the owner can afford it.

      Even if they are original, UV light is one of the main causes of the rubber going off, so if it’s garaged all that time – they’ll be somewhat harder, but likely not that bad still (too old for my tastes, but not exactly excessive enough to necessarily be a safety hazard.)

    • Svein Hanssen says:

      Yes the front tires were made in week 9 of 2007.

    • Svein Hanssen says:

      +aussiebloke609 Why don’t you see the date stamp? I can see it clearly on my 24″ high resolution monitor.

    • venom5809 says:

      1,016 miles in 11 or so years, that’s so fucking depressing.

    • aussiebloke609 says:

      @Svein Hanssen Maybe because not everyone has a 24″ monitor? Doh.

  14. x Sentinel says:

    Why am i watching this.. i can barley afford to gas up my corolla

  15. Nebras says:

    Thanks Doug now i know
    How to steal a 2008 koenigsegg CCX

  16. Junky DIY guy says:

    Ooh those good old days when a supercar came with a manual transmission

  17. Jack Man says:

    Doug’s the type to review a Koenigsegg and forgets where the key goes

  18. Vok250 says:

    Doug the type of guy to comment on the tightness of your pedal box, say you’re better with your top off, and give you a 69/100.

  19. Oliver Taylor says:

    the infotainment system runs on android that’s why there is that calculator 🙂

  20. Lee says:

    *Honks horn.*

    *Sound removed due to copyright issues.*

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