The Largest Black Hole in the Universe – Size Comparison

The Largest Black Hole in the Universe – Size Comparison

The Black Hole story continues with our Black Hole merch, spanning the whole range from somewhat bonkers to more serious. Check it out here:

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The largest things in the universe are black holes. In contrast to things like planets or stars they have no physical size limit, and can literally grow endlessly. Although in reality specific things need to happen to create different kinds of black holes, from really tiny ones to the largest single things in the universe. So how do black holes grow and how large is the largest of them all?

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41 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    The Black Hole story continues with our Black Hole merch, spanning the whole range from somewhat bonkers to more serious.
    Check it out here:

  2. WaTeR LeMoN says:

    The weirdest thing i’ve heard today is that a tiny blackhole named “unicorn” is bullying a star many times the mass of our sun

    • The Bitch says:

      Heil the Unicorn gods

    • erty wert says:

      The name is so ironically perfect too, like a 2 year old child named daisy bullying a dark lord named seth the 4th.

    • Aman Giri says:

      But the unicorn was revolving around something too.. is there another tiny black hole at centre?!

    • Paul Marano says:

      I initially misread the name as Unicron (from Transformers lore), and thought “That’s appropriate”.

    • Goblin says:

      I did a paper on Unicorn long ago for my Earth and Space class. The visual that I used was a galactic evil unicorn magically devouring the star. Seeing it in this video made me smile.

  3. IntroSpecktive says:

    Hearing that dark matter could be microscopic black holes that are nearly as old as the universe itself was a mind blow that I wasn’t prepared for.

    • Benjamin Perez says:

      zard gang

    • vitaly goji says:

      @EmptyMag just keep on chasing that virus with your bandana. Soon “science” will tell you to chase it with butterfly net, for efficiency. Break it’s horns when you catch it and take extra vax after you do that. You will be fine. Just follow your “science”

    • Jason Tan says:

      @vitaly goji get off the comment section and go cry on 4chan.

    • Explosive Cobalt18 says:

      My question is at what point would a black hole noticeably affect us? If that proton-sized blackhole was entering our earth, would it devour things? If we ran through it, would it start sucking us in?

    • Najiib says:

      So if you have really dumb luck and your on a space ship an go through one of the really old black holes your basically fucked

  4. Max Box says:

    Goosebumps at the end. Well, goosebumps throughout. Edit: What the HECK was that Spinning Black Hole diagram at the end? Parallel universe, new parallel universe, parallel ANTIverse?

    • Call_Me_Mad ƠƓ says:

      Actual black holes that spin are called ”Kerr blackholes” which are more accurate, i think

    • test_johndoge says:

      @Sir Richard the Easily Startled While possible there is no observational evidence for this statement, even if they were they would be impossible to travel

    • Sir Richard the Easily Startled says:

      @test_johndoge Oh I know it’s purely hypothetical. But it’s the answer to his question. That diagram shows other universes.

    • The Truth of the Matter says:

      @Call_Me_Mad ƠƓ yes. They fit into our understanding of the laws of physics better than non rotating bodies

    • The Truth of the Matter says:

      @Sir Richard the Easily Startled that’s a pretty big leap you’re taking on that last statement friend

  5. Arnob Ghosh says:

    The background music really made the whole video feel like an epic journey… Especially when TON 618 was introduced… It basically felt like a final level boss entrance…
    Thank you all at the Kurzgesagt team, thank you for your valiant efforts…

  6. ChildofAthena says:

    The music for this episode was so fitting and ominous.

  7. Steel YT! says:

    The one clip before “Behind The Lies” was actually really scary to see.

  8. helli says:

    The combination of music and visual is stunning. This video is really interesting and freaking epic!

  9. David Guyton says:

    That final animation……is wild

  10. Chris S. says:

    This makes me kind of realize not only is our Universe incredibly large in scale, but our science is most likely just in its infancy in fully understanding it.

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