The Last Duel | Official Trailer | 20th Century Studios

The Last Duel | Official Trailer | 20th Century Studios

Watch the new trailer for “The Last Duel” a tale of betrayal & vengeance set against the brutality of 14th century France directed by Ridley Scott and starring Jodie Comer, Adam Driver, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. In theaters October 15.

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46 Responses

  1. rod axel says:

    Anything with Villanelle I will watch.

  2. Casey Ryland says:

    Not gonna lie, I kinda miss seeing movies like this. Historical movie is one of my favourite movie genre. Looking forward to this……

  3. Blending With Jackson says:

    The one who edited this trailer knows exactly what he is doing

  4. Rahul Gandhi says:

    From the writers of Good Will Hunting comes a historical epic. I’m intrigued

  5. Ashish Horo says:

    Love to see that Ridley Scott is back in basics ofcurse that is period drama’s.

  6. BE C says:

    So glad Adam Driver is continuing the Medieval Times skit from SNL on the Big Screen. LOL.
    “My family was murdered and you cheer?! He charges you $110 for chicken and potato, and he doesn’t give you the dignity of a fork!”

    • AngstaBoy Productions says:

      So, this is why Cameron Bistle (SAG/AFTRA eligible) has been method acting all this time. Interesting.

  7. M&TV YT says:

    I swear we are gonna see Jodie Comer lift an Academy award with this role!!

  8. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Been a while since I’ve seen Matt Damon on the big screen, it looks like a genuinely interesting film, to be honest,

    • CulinVlau says:

      @Gavin Henderson Ha, Cannes represents the elite of the elites. If they loved it, it’s not about elitism.

    • Gavin Henderson says:

      @CulinVlau I’m talking about metacritic, not Cannes. As pointed out by the low score from metacritic regarding the film in question.

      Did you just guess at what my comment was?

    • CulinVlau says:

      @Gavin Henderson no, sir, merely pointing out that your comment about elitism is misplaced.

    • Gavin Henderson says:

      @CulinVlau it would be if Cannes were elite. Contrary to your surface level view, it’s the people that go that are sometimes elitist. Not the entire thing. Whereas metacritic’s entire thing is based off of a selection of critics, and in their case they only choose who they see fit. And that’s metacritic’s entire thing.

    • vicky sib says:

      I just rewatched the Departed couple of days ago

  9. PurplePixieEater says:

    Jodie Comer knows how to use her face better than any actor I’ve seen. Just look at the final shot before the title card for proper citation.


      Marlon Brando, Sylvester Stallone, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Daniel Day Lewis, Meryl Streep, Dustin Hoffman all want a word with you.

    • Emmanuel Salazar says:

      @AJD OLD CHANNEL ARCHIVE Stallone? That’s a stretch.


      @Emmanuel Salazar Never watched “Rocky” (1976), or Cop Land? He’s world-class when the role demands it.

    • Emmanuel Salazar says:

      @AJD OLD CHANNEL ARCHIVE I’ve seen most of his work, and there’s no denying he’s a fine dramatic actor, when it’s called for, but, in my opinion, he is nowhere near the other performers mentioned.


      @Emmanuel Salazar No disputing with opinion! Glad you at least understand he can do more than just the 80s invincible stoic macho hero. Cheers!

  10. Max Justh says:

    Love the cast to be honest.

    • Max Justh says:

      @wiinterflowers Haha, the only one I didn’t know.

    • Maria alice tavares moreira Alice says:

      @wiinterflowers yueque vai acontecer isso é bom dia pra você e a minha mãe e não tem nada 😔💢😕😱🤯 bom dia pra você também 😘😁 pra vc chegar eu tenho uma coisa ou algo bom pra e não tem nada de mim e eu continuo u pra ver se consigo fazer um dia pra você 😘😁☺️

    • Bennjii says:

      @wiinterflowers What? If anything she is the one I am most excited to see in the movie!


      As opposed to being facetious?

    • gogo 2022 says:

      @wiinterflowers why is she the worst?

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