The Last Human – A Glimpse Into The Far Future

The Last Human – A Glimpse Into The Far Future

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The future of humanity seems insecure. Rapid climate change, political division, our greed and failings make it hard to look at our species with a lot of optimism and so many people think our end is in sight. But humans always thought they lived in the end times. Every generation assumes they’re important enough to witness the apocalypse and then life just goes on.
This is a problem because it leads to short term thinking and prevents us from creating the best world for ourselves and our descendants. What makes this worse is that we actually may live at an extremely critical moment in human history. To understand why, let us look at the temporal window of humanity and ask:
When will the last human be born and how many people will there ever be?


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34 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

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    This is where we need YOUR help. It takes us a lot of time, effort and yes, money to translate our videos properly and run so many channels – so to make this sustainable, please help us spread the word! If you are a native in one of these languages, share our videos on social media and tell your friends and family – make people in your native language aware that it exists. Thanks so much for your support!

  2. After Skool says:

    Many of us have been conditioned to think that more humans = more problems. I appreciate the optimistic perspective presented in this video. More humans also means more progress. The first step to a brighter future is envisioning it.

    • TheyCalledMeT says:

      @Rohit K not necessarily .. aswell as more opportunity, more brain power, more …

    • e grytznr says:

      If most of those “more humans” are living below the poverty line how is more progress achieved? I’m no antinatalist just wondering

    • Fronic Cruxis says:

      @Blood Bath and Beyond – Pop Goes Metal Covers more evangelicals could be good as plenty of smart people in the sciences and engineering have pushed humanity further and are evangelical. They also have an ethic important for pushing progress and charity

    • ecogreen 123 says:

      @Ismael how would one reasonably bring the population back down… slowly… also are you sure doing it slowly is the best option?

  3. Katherine says:

    Seeing a positive outcome to today’s social problems is so refreshing! People love to complain and to predict a scary future for us all, but they don’t understand that our future is what we make today.
    Thank you Kurzgesagt for showing us a positive prospective!

    • Love is Love says:

      That’s because people prefer to watch Dystopian movie than Utopian movie. We like to scare ourselves.

    • Holy says:

      @Mister K Eh, that depends. There are quite a few things that we have control over that could potentially wipe out the human race. As the video says, future humans depend on us. What we do now can and will affect them in the future.

    • thewildcard person says:

      @aaa aaa so.can thr good future there’s a reason why the US started failing when the it stopped believing itself

    • Mister K says:

      @aaa aaa yes and they might as well not. There is no point worrying about things that might happen in the future that you have no contol over

    • aaa aaa says:

      @Dusk the thing is, the doom posts could be really happening in real life in the future

  4. Nikki H says:

    Thinking of ourselves as a species at the beginning of the journey instead of at the end really puts it all in perspective, the potential that’s ahead of us and the importance of our actions going forward. I definitely prefer this way of looking at our future, all the generations yet to come are depending on us now to survive and thrive. Makes me feel like I’m living towards something worthwhile.

    Thank you Kurzgesagt, for this positive spin on a possible future outlook. I think many of us could use more positive news right now instead of all the dread being thrown around, just makes people feel hopeless.

    • Surur says:

      @Arvind Sagar Given that the birth rate is below replacement in most of the world, this again seems unlikely.

    • Jesus Saves! says:

      Hey! Did you know God is three in one!? The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! Bless him!
      Jesus died for our sins, rose from the dead, and gives salvation to everyone who has faith in him! True faith in Jesus will have you bear good fruit and *drastically* change for the better!

    • Artic SquidStorm says:

      @Surur Maybe, but who is to judge our future when we can still change it, and besides there’s no better feeling than proving something or someone wrong 🙂

    • Arvind Sagar says:

      Another way to look at it is, well your own life projects to probably billions and billions times quadrillions of lives in the future. You alone are the father of all of them.

    • Surur says:

      We would be very special if we were at the start of human history, so the mediocrity principle suggests we are at the point where humans are most numerous, and that humanity will die out in the next few hundred to thousand years.

  5. The AJ says:

    “The last human born” is such an intriguing concept. I wonder with technology, biological and/or digital enhancements throughout the centuries if our very distant grand children would even be considered “human” by our limited perspective.
    Would humans even be “born” by then?

  6. Lorenzo Manini says:

    I’m extremely happy for you guys ❤ I being following you for i guess 6 years and i simply love to see your hard work paying back every time, you deserve it. And this thing with open philantrophy seams BIG, man! 😃 Finally the drastic expansion this channel needed. I would have financed it like nuts with european founds if i was who decide 👌👌

  7. PhantomStrider says:

    Imagining being at the beginning of human history rather than the end.. It’s funny how that one perspective seems to foreign to me and probably many other people. But I like it.

    • James Smith says:

      Honestly, to your point, the beginning seems even more foreign to me then the end. I don’t know why exactly, but it’s easier for me to extrapolate into the future and imagine wild and wonderful inventions.

      Imagining humanity without all of the hustle n’ bustle of the modern world, in a visceral way, is almost impossible for me. Maybe it’s because all I’ve ever known is innovation.

    • My Brain Glows says:

      and after this video everyone goes on to kill humanity

    • The Ephemeral Thought says:

      @Jessica Wyatt Right. We may splinter off into an uncountable amount of distinctly different intelligent species and subspecies.

      One solution would be to no longer see ourselves as one uniform species, but rather to see ourselves as an interplanetary or interstellar community of many civilisations united under the same aegis.

  8. Oskar Lang says:

    this has been one of the most inspirational videos that i’ve ever seen on this platform! it’s amazing to see you guys put such effort into these very important topics <3

  9. Amanf__ says:

    Sendo de família brasileira, vou poder recomendar esses vídeos até para as escolas! Vídeos como esse e um canal como esse merece ser descoberto por mais pessoas, o amor e o tempo que eles colocam aqui é indescritível 🙂

    • Someone Random says:

      Sendo alguém que ta aprendendo portugues, vou poder falar com mais pessoas sobre as temas nos videos 😀

  10. Sora Rivers says:

    Thanks for making this video Kurzgesagt. It’s really nice to have someone who’s not pessimistic about the future. In my eyes and in my heart, I always see tomorrow. I see everything that’s not yet to come, and what can be. In my life, I always see infinite sunsets, a horizon with extreme orders of magnitude in potential.

    All around me, everyone just refuses or cannot see past the dark. But I always know that past the nightfall, we reach the dawn at our backs. A new rising light on a new world we all have created.

    The adversity and issues in our world, they feel quite big. And I don’t ever want to trivialize or infantilize the issues that appear in our world. The very real struggles and pains all living things around the globe live and feel.
    I’m always looking at the big picture. The curve of progress. The belief in a humanity that wants to make a better world, a better solar system, a better universe.
    Over years, decades, centuries. Issues of today that can span a decade, in a zoomed out view of just five hundred years, can seem like they were swatted as fast as swatting an annoying fly.

    These things, they feel BIG to us, but they’re SMALL comparatively. Humans have made a magnificent amount of progress in such a short amount of time, to the point it’s almost enough to make my heart swell with emotion and cry.

    When I see videos like this, my heart yearns and cries out for all of those unborn children of the future. Human or not. I want them all to live their tale and to live a beautiful life to them full of meaningful memories.

    So I behoove people who read this. Keep your heart and faith in life. Be yourself, and find what matters to you, add your color to the worlds tapestry. And if you so want to push for a better tomorrow, become educated on the issue. And fight for your front on the preservation of a future where innocent eyes open to beautiful surroundings thanks to your part in its creation.

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