The Last of the Game of Thrones Hot Takes

The Last of the Game of Thrones Hot Takes

Power doesn’t corrupt; power reveals.

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66 Responses

  1. RedMageUltra says:

    Ok, I can not tell you how much “Super Hitler, the Hitler that *fliieeeess*!” made me laugh
    I’m dying right now ?

  2. joseph davisson says:

    In the end, the real throne was the games we played along the way.

  3. Sigrid Art says:

    I swear to god there will never be enough of GoT s8 hating videos ♥️ I love every one of them.

  4. Torren Ptz says:

    Lindsay, stop making alcoholism cool, if I become an alcoholic it’s your fault.

  5. JacktheRah says:

    I honestly loved the Monty Python part. It fitted so well.
    And my thought: the melting of the Iron Throne was great but then they just went on like that replacing one monarch with absolute power over another.

    • John Mann says:

      JacktheRah I have to disagree. The melting of the iron throne was the most arbitrary bullshit to ever happen on the show.

    • Yuri Nabesima says:

      The dragons are supposed to have some kind of intelligence, but deciding to destroy the symbol of power who led to his mommy’s death instead of the guy who actually murdered her makes Drogon look like a fucking philosophy teacher. Couldn’t he just, like, burn Jon and the throne at the same time?

  6. Artemis Wolf says:

    The final message the show leaves you with is that the most important thing in the world is genetics.
    The Starks were our undisputed noble heroes despite of their actions, the Lannister were all traitors who were only loyal to their own family and the Targaryen have either good genes or crazy genes, and Daenerys was just unlucky and got the crazy gene.
    Truly a message that would transcend history….

    • Artemis Wolf says:

      Samuel Azzaro Cersei isn’t born out of incest but she’s still an evil bitch.
      Plus John is also the product of a long line of incest and then practice incest with his aunt but he’s still our heroe

    • Ивайло П. says:

      @gRinchY 230490 Don’t make me write a comment essay that will prove you soooo fucking wrong that you’ll regret writing your shitty comment. The Targaryens ruled for 300 years. THREE HUNDRED YEARS. There is a total of 114 known Targaryens and only 6 can be considered mad (and only 3 of these can be considered absolutely evil, crazy and assholes with the other 3 being depressed, anxious and again “mad” because of events that made them go that way). We know a lot less about Lannisters but I don’t doubt that there were 6 or more instances of “mad” Lannisters and any other house for that matter. Anyway try to prove me wrong. You can’t. Your points that all targaryens are crazy is wrong and utterly idiotic.

    • Tim F says:

      Fair enough, It just seems to me that one of Martin’s core themes for the work, which carries through to some extent in the show is that history doesn’t really have heroes in the over idealized sense that we’re used to from fictional sagas.

    • Matthew Housham says:

      I think the more egregious message is that humans are so utterly incapable of controlling their own impulses and desires that they need a f*cking TREE! to look after them.

    • Xerxies yascolt says:

      I love how badly the show wanted to sell us on the concept that from the moment we are conceived our destinies are written and are so unavoidable that no amount of suffering, goodness, or triumph will rid us of the consequences of our birth. Definitely not eugenics but with dragons, no…

  7. mody1710 says:

    “Really makes you think. We live in a society.”
    LMAO, love you Lindsay

  8. Blair Johnson says:

    The actors on the show shit talking the show is my favorite thing ever

  9. hollandscottthomas says:

    *GoT s08:* brought to you by the people that though “subverting expectations” meant sewing Deadpool’s mouth shut and giving him laser vision for the climax of X-MEN: ORIGINS: WOLVERINE

    • Murcia doxial says:

      To be fair, that was a mandate by the CEO of fox at the time because of how much he HATED deadpool, fox did dirty to deadpool in that movie out of absolute hate, which is… Kind of unique

    • MrImastinker says:


      Subversion of expectations has become the go-to lazy storytelling tool.

      Game of Thrones, Star Wars, comic books, we’re seeing writers get lazy and do the unexpected just because it’s unexpected.

    • hollandscottthomas says:

      MrImastinker I think it’s more that they tend to lean on it as a retroactive excuse when their “clever spin” turns out to be bullshit hackery and people call them out on it.

  10. Shadushio says:

    It seems oddly ironic that a show that killed off so many characters killed itself off at the end.

  11. Riff Chick says:

    Are they called “D and D” cuz it seems like they just rolled a bunch of dice to randomly determine the character arcs and plot points of the show?

    • Kevin Stephenson says:

      Riff Chick I’m mad that the community calls the show runners D&D, that insults Dungeons and Dragons.

    • EyeoftheU says:

      @Kevin Stephenson I go for Dumb and Dumber myself.

    • Bryn Jackson says:

      Lmao. That would also explain the wildly varying speed, cunning, and power levels characters have all over the place. Sometimes travel takes months, other times the same route takes a couple of days; sometimes dragon fire is literally explosive, other times you can just hide behind a wall and it’s fine; sometimes you can nail a dragon twice in a row with total precision with a scorpion, other times you can’t make a shot if the damn thing is flying right towards you in a a straight line; sometimes being stabbed once in the stomach kills a character almost immediately, other times the same wound or even worse ones just need a bit of gauze and you’re good to run through a city and jump into a filthy river and still live, etcetcetc – Just had a shitty roll haha.

    • Pierre Liardet says:

      it’s because they’re litteray that DM that’s about to move away and needs to wrap up that long running campaign in one or two sessions.

    • NobodyC13 says:

      That kind of scenario makes me think of the manatee tank from South Park describing the Family Guy writers writing process.

  12. Aspyn Smith says:

    “Who has a better story than Bran the Broken”…. who was missing for all of season 5 because he had no story ?‍♀️

    • Krankar Volund says:

      @Sky Dome What book? Bran has no story in book 4, but it’s because book 4 and 5 are the same boo cut in half, half of the characters are in book 4, the rest in book 5 ^^

    • Sky Dome says:

      @Krankar Volund idk maybe he was joking but he did say he forgot about him.

    • Ttoby89 says:

      @Sky Dome understandable. he was definitely joking, but it means he understands what was working and what wasn’t. which now seems like a fucking miracle in light of the adaptation.

    • Mika Ranta says:

      Mr Martin was referring to early Jon-chapter in the first book. He forgot to write Bran in the scene when there was a feast for the king in the Winterfell.

    • Johnny Vee says:

      Literally anyone. Tyrion’s bright idea of copying the HRE system of governance brought forth the hundred years war, bloodiest conflict until ww1.

  13. Ana Gjini says:

    “But my grace what about the Geneva convention?”

  14. Devil Deer says:

    I like how D&D ruined Daenerys’s character based on how we accepted her growing bloodlust and self righteousness but they turned Arya into a Jedi for that same reason.

    • Murcia doxial says:

      @Tim F First of all, no, that particular world borrows H E A V I L Y from ours, both the books and the show as written borrow a lot from british history, the war of the roses, medieval europe in general, second, the character don’t act different to the humans of our world and their societies function pretty much like the ones of the medieval europe, these are not weirdos divorced from the world of the writer, they are the writer’s (GRRM) interpretation of the historical setting he is borrowing from, fourth that is not a valid excuse for bad writing, at all

    • Tim F says:

      Unless it was always a bit of intentional misdirection. I know many are loathe to give D&D that amount of credit (and not without logical reason), but it’s at least possible that was the intent.

    • Tim F says:

      You’re contending that medieval Europe shared the same values and philosophical outlook as our modern society?

    • DeathToTheDictators says:

      @Chief Purrfect “and then they went hah! You’ve been condoning this character’s violence all this time, do some soul-searching!” – dude, you give them WAY too much credit…they weren’t caring a monkey’s ass about the morality of the characters or fans…it was just ‘let’s just mail this in as quick as possible, with a barely coherent and sensible plot, so we can move on to our shitty take on Star Wars’.

      It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the script for both season 7 and 8 were entirely written strictly while they were on the shitter….that’s about as much thought and care they put into those 2 seasons.

    • Tamaki742 says:

      @Tim F They didn’t say that. Read their comment again, dude.

  15. TheNiamhish says:

    “Who has a better story than Bran the Broken?” literally anyone else on the show.

    • Diana says:

      Although I hated that he became king, I always thought the reasoning behind “he has the best story” came from the fact that he knows literally everybody else’s story. Because he knows everything. Not because Bran’s own personal story was any good.

  16. Ruth Folorunso says:

    58:30- I wasn’t actively mad before, but something about D&D misusing Martin Niemoller’s poem like that, considering the fact that Niemoller was a strong advocate for justice and peace, and Dany was probably one of the few actively humanitarian, justice-driven characters in the show, just pisses me off. Nevermind that the shout-out really had no place in the fantasy setting, but also shows a certain level of conceit that the writers seem to equate their bullshit writing with a beautiful, poignant piece of poetry. Idk, not sure if I’m wording it right, but that whole part just rubbed me the wrong way ?

    • L Lin says:

      Yeah they appeared to be so smug about it too. In Germany we learn about that poetry and of course all the Nazi stuff. Their understanding of Niemoller is pure BS. It’s so humiliating to watch what they made out of Daenerys. I guess those people died trying to assassinate Hitler or end slavery were actually mad huh.

  17. Charlie Burns says:

    Marvel Studios: this is the most ambitious crossover event in history
    Hbomberguy: hold my soy

  18. Hex Beyzuss says:

    I feel like “lefttube” were all in a group chat and voted to sacrifice Lindsay to make the GoT videos cause none of them trusted hbomberguy to do it

  19. TheAutisticGuitarist says:

    My theory is that they ended the show because Peter Dinklage ran out of accent.

  20. Lee GaryB says:

    The sound I made at “Super Hitler, the Hitler that flies” isn’t human!

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