The Last of Us | Official Teaser | HBO Max

The Last of Us | Official Teaser | HBO Max

Save who you can save. The HBO Original series #TheLastOfUs is coming in 2023 to HBOMax.

 And it’s just getting started. #HBO50 

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43 Responses

  1. Dammit Jeff says:

    I haven’t been this excited for a TV series in a VERY long time

  2. Lo Key says:

    THIS is what it means to have quality over quantity. HBO’s killing it so far.

  3. M0rtrace says:

    Chernobyl was such an incredible series. I have no doubt Craig is going to pull off an amazing series for this franchise

  4. JFY GT26 says:

    Shivers went down on my spine the moment they showed a glimpse of that clicker. They definitely nailed the look.

  5. Cody L says:

    The scene into the city with those 2 buildings collapsing into one another. Exactly like the game! Haven’t played it in years and I instantly recognized it.

  6. Charlie Malick says:

    I love the look of the clickers, it looks so horrifying yet so accurate to the game, can’t wait to see how the other infected look like!

    • iron threads3 says:

      @Ale Gea It’ll end up like the Halo TV series – departs from the lore and in the end completely forgettable.

    • nintendogamer FR says:

      @Broly There’s some– four in the first one and five in the second one if I recall correctly. The one near the end of the trailer is a famous one, a clicker. Dangerous bastards that cannot see but hear so well. I’ll let you discover the rest in the series or in the games 🙂

    • Lizard Man says:

      Nice maybe I can just watch this since I still haven’t beat the game yet

    • Maxim says:

      @Alex admin Yeah I think you meant “A generic actor you see in every alienating Hollywood movie made to milk out the good old dumb consumer” 
      Have you ever watched anything outside american productions ? Why everything should be smooth and perfect ?

    • Not Cthulhu says:

      I’ll be checking my watch waiting for Part 2 with (fingers crossed) a big budget fight scene for the Rat King. Hopefully they really sell the intensity of it — and somehow shoehorn in the horror of what hospitals were like at the outset of the pandemic from the letters/notes in that section of the game.

  7. WhiteRaven43 says:

    I love the story and the characters of The Last Of Us. I’m always a little nervous when something I love this much gets a sequel, or an adaptation, etc… But I think this trailer shows promise.

  8. Art by Chel says:

    I am so proud of the work that Pedro has been doing over the years. I’ve been a fan for a while for a long time now and to see how his career has blossomed in leaps and bounds I can’t wait to see what else this man will accomplish with his career. I wish him all of the success he so richly deserves.

    This so looks incredible. It mirrors the video game. Hearing the clicker sounds brought back that same hair’s standing up on the back of my neck like the video game did, 2023 can not get here fast enough!!! #TheLastOfUs #HBOMax #PedroPascal

  9. Ron Michael says:

    Hardcore fans would have broke down in tears from watching the trailer from start to finish like myself. Pinpointing the game, like Joel carrying his daughter, running, oh sh## 😭. Hoping it to be a masterpiece like the game itself 🤞

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