The Last of Us | Official Trailer | HBO Max

The Last of Us | Official Trailer | HBO Max

The official #TheLastOfUs trailer is here. From the Emmy award-winning creator of Chernobyl and the creator of the acclaimed video game, the new HBO Original series premieres Jan 15 on @hbomax.

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49 Responses

  1. literallysatan says:

    I love how they perfectly show how the world within The Last of Us can still be funny, cathartic, and worth living despite how horrifically heartbreaking it can be. I can’t wait.

  2. Adapter • BAP says:

    The part with Henry and Sam is going to be the hardest part to watch while watching this. It still gets to me when I replay Part 1 over and over.

  3. Alec V. says:

    I absolutely love the use of Take On Me here. It’s subtle, but it’s a beautiful nod to one of my favorite scenes in the second game. Such high hopes for this show.

    • J D says:

      Yeah I got INSTANT chills dude. The fact that they used that song the way they did, shows how good of a job they are gonna do brecreating the universe of TLOU, for not only new eyeballs, but for all of us gamers as well. Soo hyped

    • Spaced Out says:

      @Shady me too, she was rlly interesting and kinda hot ngl

    • Shady says:

      @Spaced Out I really liked Abby as a character.

    • LAZURI says:

      @Spaced Out Please understand, their favorite character died like that, the main character has a complicated problem, the story is very good it’s undeniable, it’s just very sad

    • Spaced Out says:

      The second game was incredibly underrated. People got mad that it changed after 7 years and ignored the great story.

  4. kupotenshi says:

    Ellie pretending to twitch like an infected is totally in-character for her 😂 I was skeptical at first how well they’d adapt this story to tv, but this trailer got me excited!

  5. Jackdaws says:

    If they get Joel and Ellie’s relationship right, the show will be a huge success

  6. Fantastic Beck says:

    I like how Ellie and Sam seem younger here than they do in the games. It emphasizes the fact that these are kids. Kids who have to live in this apocalyptic world, kids who experience so much pain and suffering. Freaking kids. I’m very excited for this show.

  7. TC4 says:

    I hope this will make people realize what an experience and how generation defining the game was. I hope this game makes people respect videogames as art and recognize that some games have better stories than movies. This is one of them.

    Thank you everyone at Naughty Dog .

    • TC4 says:

      @Bold Beam you morons are not gonna get any replies other than this one to your negative comments. I enjoyed Part 1 and 2. Have a great life .

    • Bold Beam says:

      Some? All RPG games and games like this are better scripted than almost all modern film

    • Pawelec Widelec says:

      Games shouldn’t have to mimic cinema to be art. I wish people stopped pretending like that’s the case

    • Andrew O'Reilly says:

      The Last of Us Part II is one of the greatest narrative driven games ever made. I’ve never been so sucked into a game storyline as when I was playing the whole third act

    • Ethan Stites says:

      @Vash Reinman, I thought I was cynical. The second game was great, in my opinion. A story about the destructive path of revenge that could only be shown through showing both sides. You are mostly right about the Capitalism part and if you really feel that way, vote with your dollar, don’t watch it.

  8. The Big Biscuit says:

    “You may not be her father, but you were someone’s.” Damn Henry never said that in the game and that’s a great line. I can’t wait to see some original writing for this new show that mixes with the game writing and the fact that they have Neil Druckman helping is how you know it won’t disappoint.

  9. Lucas Bender says:

    When Elie said ” so we meet again but this time for the first time” I got chills so, so inspiring

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