The Last of Us, Succession, The Idol, The White Lotus & More Coming To HBO Max

The Last of Us, Succession, The Idol, The White Lotus & More Coming To HBO Max

The Last of Us, The Idol, Love and Death, Succession, The White Lotus, And Just Like That, Hacks, The White House Plumbers, Our Flag Means Death, and so much more are coming soon to HBO Max.

Now this is my kind of dream.

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36 Responses

  1. WrenRen SSB says:

    I didn’t know if Pedro Pascal would be good as Joel, but after hearing his voice I have pretty much no doubts about the casting

  2. sanda386 says:

    If they nail that scene, they nail the relationship between Ellie and Joel. It’s spot on they chose that for the teaser, maybe the most important scene in the game from an emotional perspective, and one that changed the perception of what AAA video game dialogues can be.

    • Jonathan Inga says:

      Pedro pascals voice and tone in that short clip is perfect. Sounds like Joel’s voice and u can feel pain and some anger behind it. But the girls voice (forgot the actors name) for Ellie, is straight up bad. Just sounds like she’s reading off a script. Play that short clip alongside the game and you’ll see it too. In the game she is in tue verge of tears, but also angry at joel. It just doesn’t match up

    • Kevin London says:

      @von ryan that’s my biggest worry tbh, I just don’t see her fitting as ellie

    • Veachie says:

      @von ryan Trailers will often use alternative takes, a lot of times save the way more emotional line delivery in the show. I guarantee you that when that scene finally shows up, it will be just as emotional as it was in the game.

    • Snoozi Blu says:

      It didn’t change the perception of anything shush 🤫

    • Admiral John says:

      @von ryan I think it’s kinda hard to make a judgement based on the few seconds we see her in this clip… but I guess time will tell. 🙂

  3. Denashi says:

    That particular scene in The Last of Us is **very** hard to live up to (Troy and Ashley did it so damn perfect), but I look forward to see what they do with it!

  4. Jade More says:

    Honestly seeing TLOU has made me tear up a little. It is my favorite story of all time and favorite video game. The love I have for it is unreal. It looks so good and it seems like a lot of love has been put into it. To say I’m excited is an understatement.

  5. Мистер Огонёчек says:

    everyone is talking about The Last of Us but i’m out here excited to see Elizabeth Olsen own another villain role.

  6. Lucky ASMR says:

    Nick Offerman as Bill is the most perfect casting I’ve seen in ages! So pumped for this series!

  7. Mauricio Andrés Oblitas Peñaranda says:

    Tío HBO si haces que The Last Of Us sea tan grande como el juego. Mes suscribo por todos los años que hagas una temporada con ella :’)

  8. Naturally Curious Brady says:

    If we could also get an Uncharted series on HBO Max, that would be great! Especially one lead by Nathan Fillion! They don’t even have to stop making Uncharted movies, just have them exist in different universes, with two completely separate interpretations of the Uncharted story and the character of Nathan Drake being released congruently on different platforms.

  9. Cynthia Valencia says:

    The amount of excitement i just experienced for this 20 second clip, has me even more excited for this series! TLOU and TLOU2 are my favorite video games, both because of storyline and gameplay. I think pascal and ramsey are perfect for the roles!!!

    Does anyone know if the episodes will be release all at once or on a weekly release?

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