The Latest Top 10 Is…Sh*t

The Latest Top 10 Is…Sh*t

In this episode I count down the Top 10 songs on the Spotify Global Top 50 Chart.

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38 Responses

  1. KenjiKun13 says:

    I love how the best compliment you can get from Rick is “This is a song”😂

    • DogSlobber Gardens says:

      @Fatsuperfly I don’t even remember them seconds later. Not one hook from the whole list stuck in my head. I’m not inspired to go get any of the songs. I’m not inspired to play.
      I’m just vaguely sad about the whole state of affairs.

    • john-Paul Hunt says:

      No songs for supper I don’t force ya to work.

    • Rolando Herrera Aragon says:

      Its just hell for me, I am a Phychodelic Rock Musician from Panama the Country. Here people have heard that regueton rubish since the 90s, and now my worst nightmere happend, the entire world accuired the Panamanian music taste. 😢

    • adam imberti says:

      I think he should be honest and say this is all terrible generic music with no redeeming qualities.

    • Dean Lee says:

      Sad today’s music garbage mostly

  2. Rolf Madison says:

    Pretty amazing how Rick can strum out the chords to songs that don’t even sound like they have pitch.

  3. Sonia’s Way says:

    Rick deserves a medal for taking one for the team.

  4. Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    It says so much about today’s music that even when the compliments bubble up, it feels like the kind of compliment you give as a supportive parent to a child that’s not been doing so well in school but has recently decided to turn things around but only with baby steps.

    • Jon McDaniel says:

      ​@ODMUSICMAN When I read your comment I felt a pang of remorse over a culture that is inhuman. It’s dumbed down and numbed down. It’s omphalo- skepsis on the part of the mentally and spiritually challenged.

    • ODMUSICMAN says:

      Well said sir, it is exactly like he is “being nice” to people who don’t realize how utterly awful they are and doesn’t want to hurt their feelings. However, based on what I hear these days I’m not sure they have feelings to hurt. There’s no humanity in any of this.

    • G. O. says:

      @Frank TuesdayWhat do you think it says about Rick?

    • titmusspaultpaul5 says:

      Spot on. I think you hit the nail on the head.

    • Frank Tuesday says:

      No, it says a lot about Rick.

  5. Mushfique Fahim says:

    I really, really, really want Rick to find a song he gets into so much that he busts out a solo. God that would be a dream come true.

  6. Kurt Bader says:

    Love that one chord change. What happened is that the music industry found it was way cheaper to market electronic “music” to the masses as opposed to supporting musicians who had pursued their musical vision and created something personal and unique. Listening to machines is like listening to the dryer when it’s unbalanced. Feel bad for the kids, but don’t give up, explore, there’s a lot of stuff that’s worth finding and appreciating.

    • DogSlobber Gardens says:

      @JimijaymesGuitarist it’s really more like jingles than songs. I joke about it all the time, as a drinking game – turn on the radio at random for three seconds and guess if it’s a hit song or a car commercial. Drink whether you’re right or wrong, because you’re gonna need a buzz on to put up with it.

    • JimijaymesGuitarist says:

      Electronic music can be interesting and melodic, most of this pop music regardless of instrumentation is fairly basic and repetitive in a not so good way.

  7. Pete Durbin says:

    What I love about Rick is that he’s not just some dismissive old curmudgeon – he is very open-minded and willing to find the good in anything, as is evidenced by picking out parts of the SZA song he liked. So when he says something is boring and uncreative, you know it really is.

    • Stephen Rasmussen says:

      @Finnian Gilbride Good song writing goes back well before the 70’s, as you would know if you paid attention to music history.

    • Rob Andrea says:

      @talanky these songs are eminently forgettable…. maybe popular now but will be lost in the dust bin of tomorrow

    • Aaron Hazouri says:

      @Finnian Gilbride you should become familiar with the guy you’re criticizing… Rick celebrated Miles Davis as “The Picasso Of Sound” in a video by the same name. You seem to have a weirdly contrarian opinion just to be contrarian!

    • M M says:

      @Finnian Gilbride Um… there’s a lot to criticize Beato for, but this is nonsense. Watch his videos on…. Miles and… on Coltrane!

    • Spartan Squid says:

      ​@talanky The only strengths these songs have are general audiences weaknesses

  8. David García says:

    I think the reasons these “backround tracks” are in the top 10 ,on SPOTIFY of all places, is because most people are too busy to dedicate time to listen to music now that everything is much more competitive and fast paced than before, so their best songs are mind numbing 3 chord clones to play in the backround while they do their mandatory daily activities. Thinking about it i couldnt do my grad proyect while listening to 70-90s music, its too good to concentrate

    • Here Comes Forego says:

      Yep remarkable — goes to show there’s something more deeply important than mere “talent” … Freud himself said he couldn’t enjoy music because he couldn’t analyze its effects on him… even Nietzsche’s ultimate judgment on Wagner’s music comes down to this

    • Tyler F says:

      Many Bob Dylan, Beatles, etc. songs use 3 chords or less, poor criticism.

    • Jerry Jazzbo says:

      If we go by “taste” alone, the general public can’t cut it.

  9. Chris Still says:

    Rick Beato, the martyr of modern music

  10. Robert Bailey says:

    …Thank you for listening to this drek. You have done everyone a great service. Grew up with the brilliance of Queen…

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