The Lead with Jake Tapper Cold Open – SNL

The Lead with Jake Tapper Cold Open – SNL

Jake Tapper (Beck Bennett) speaks with Kellyanne Conway (Kate McKinnon) and future head of the DEA, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), about President-elect Donald Trump’s controversial cabinet appointments.

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20 Responses

  1. robert munger says:

    never seen breaking bad but heard good things i might have to watch the
    show now lol :)

  2. Vailskibum94 says:

    MatPat’s theory is canon – Heisenberg is still alive

  3. megacultureman says:

    they are funny:)

  4. Kyle Beals says:

    a non trump opener? :D…..noooope

  5. Ben Wasserman says:

    Can we just have Bryan Cranston as our President instead?

  6. ThatOtherKid says:

    Well we can kiss our planet goodbye. It takes a mere 3-4 degree temperature
    change in Earth’s climate for the artic ice to melt and certain major
    population centers to become uninhabitable. But, not only is this president
    going to nominate the CEO of an oil company to be secretary of state, but
    he will be appointing A CLIMATE CHANGE DENIER to the EPA. I sincerely hope
    someone agrees with me.

  7. Queen_K says:

    dead on Kelly Ann Conway ??

  8. troy mclure says:

    Walter White would actually be better than some of the people Trump has
    chosen to fill positions.

  9. OldskolFan says:

    This SO hilarious!
    Ironic…but Trumptards still don’t get they are being punked!

  10. Revive Just says:

    Kate’s eyes are amazing

  11. Ozymandias King of Kings says:

    Heisenberg for president

  12. Mike Bronx says:

    HEISENBERG!!! But we all know he wouldn’t work under Trump for long. He
    would eventually want Trump’s job.

  13. Papa Dragon says:

    Damn right you’re the one who knocks!!!!!!!

  14. FUmarc says:

    You’re goddamn alt-right.

  15. 1ranjeeves21 says:

    Walter Fucking White

  16. danial tahir says:

    The only funny skit in this episode, has nothin to do with John Cena.

  17. Aaes Astra says:

    Shoutout from the 505, Walter!

  18. Peter Brown says:

    If Walter White is the head of the FDA does that mean we’re getting Rick
    Grimes for the department of justice

  19. Dasha Jean says:

    this sketch is spot on.. the people Trump appointed so far have been down
    right ridiculous. Ben Carson running hud?

  20. Lana del Taco says:

    ” M A K E AM E R I C A
    C O O KA G A I N.”