The LeBron-AD Trade Deadline Madness ? | Game Of Zones S6E5

The LeBron-AD Trade Deadline Madness ? | Game Of Zones S6E5

Game of Zones Season 6, Episode 5: Loyalty: Lonzo, Ingram and the young Lakers get caught up in the trade deadline madness. Dirk knights Kristaps and Luka in Dallas.

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57 Responses

  1. Mikey LaFave says:

    I knew exactly what was going to happen to lonzo soon as he started climbing lol oh man

  2. Kyle Garcia says:

    “I’m really good except at free throws, 3 pointers, and layups” ????

  3. ronny lopez says:

    “My Kevin Durant-like frame” – Brandon Ingram


  4. blax52vet says:

    “My small Kevin Durant like frame” cold blood clotted.

  5. Marcus B. says:

    “I’ve played for House Mavericks for 56 years.”


  6. Christian Glemaud says:

    “Oh, you shaved your beard, Tyson.” Gotta love these references! ??

  7. Jacob Isenberg says:

    Game of Zones carrying B/R like Stephen A carries ESPN ?

  8. told yall says:

    Bro the way Mark Cuban snapped when Dirk said 6 seasons I just died ????????

  9. NickMortuus says:

    I hereby Declare You The Next Dirk,
    Wait hold I thought I was the next Dirk. lmao

    • E says:

      Lol for real, there’s a new player almost every year who’s declared as the next Dirk.

    • Y'all know who i am Im Kevin Durant says:

      Yeah they draft a European and they say its the next Dirk,Manu,Tony etc…

    • J.R. Z says:

      +Y’all know who i am Im Kevin Durant fr as a Mavs fan this gets me so mad there is only One Dirk and ect

  10. jlee7351 says:

    This show has unlimited content. Game of zones can go on for literally forever even after GOT ends

  11. Densetsu no chikara says:

    Kyle kuzma: who pays 200 gold for…
    Lonzo has the big baller brand logo on the arrow case

  12. ballhawk23 says:

    Bro on his deathbed and says “maybe 6 seasons left” ???

  13. Peach Tube says:

    You used gold on….Chandler Parsons
    Ok ok..
    He’s…not good.

  14. Anubiz says:

    “He saw us. He saw us tampering!” ??

    “The things I do for Rings.”

  15. Jethro Climacosa says:

    That drape hanging with the Mavs motto “we never tank” ??


    KP: Well I was on house Knicks –
    Dirk: Say no more. Never mind.

  17. Evgenij Pavlenko says:

    “Lakers Trade Offer
    Everyone not named lebron”
    B/R with all the Details. Love it

  18. Dae’Shaun Israel says:

    Was I the only 1 who laughed at magic Johnson at the end ????

  19. Kool Keith Productions says:

    Dirk: why did you abandon your house?

    Kp: well I was on house Knicks and-

    Dirk: House Knicks??? Say no more, say no more…..


  20. Tomy Chan says:

    AD: Would you let me play power forward?
    Even though im clearly a center? LOLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!

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