The Legacy of Technoblade

The Legacy of Technoblade

I will never forget what his story has done for me and this community.
Technoblade never dies.

Intro: (00:00)
Why I Made This Video: (00:29)
Dream SMP: (01:23)
Bad News: (03:58)
Preparing For War: (05:39)
The War on Cancer: (07:12)
Close Call: (8:43)
10 Million Subscribers: (09:22)
so long nerds: (10:46)
One Last Goodbye: (12:07)
His Legacy: (13:46)

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36 Responses

  1. EvanMCGaming says:

    One last time, thank you Technoblade.


      Rip technoblade . I said a prayer for his family and friends 🙏 💔

    • Krystina Star says:

      Thank you, #EvanMCGaming for creating something this creative and beautiful for #Technoblade It pulled at my heart every time he was rising too Heaven. I’ve been subscribed to you ever since I watched your video that Techno inspired you to make as well as Dream’s. Technoblade is the one and only YouTuber ever that I’d call myself a true fan of. I say this all the time and it may sound creepy. I’ve never wrote it until now anywhere. I said “I need too laugh, I’m sad, I can’t miss, I need too feel better, just because so don’t bother me, so I’m going to watch my Piggy.” I ask my family all the time in my own words “why my Piggy? Why the one YouTuber that made me laugh so hard?” His big pig nose in armor. Alex you are amazing! You’ll live in my heart forever through your video’s especially the ones with Tommy. Tommy living under your house as a Raccoon. Everyone knows the one after Techno was assassinated he comes home to find Tommy and his first words were “you are ugly”
      R.I.P Alex 🌹

    • Yesmin Khan says:

      the fundraiser is for those with cancer right? @EvanMCGaming

    • snakyYT says:

      Not gonna lie I wish the vid was longer. But it’s still amazing. 07 techno

    • SomeThingsNeverDie says:

      Thank you

  2. JeffVix says:

    Technoblade helped a lot of channel not by giving “us” something but only because of his existence. Because of his existence we created contents that helps us grow our channel. (He’s one of my inspiration for my “Dream vs Technoblade: The Movie “. which really blew up my channel) He became our inspiration. Thank you for everything Techno! We will always have you in our hearts! “Technoblade Never Dies!”

  3. SirCodesABit says:

    “Technoblade never dies”, a factually correct statement.
    Even now, Techno isn’t dead, only in spectator mode, watching us all from heaven.
    Thank you so much Evan for respecting his legacy while also showing the world how much he has done for us. I really appreciate YouTubers like you.

  4. Goldenapple710 says:

    This man had the courage to look death in the eyes and laugh, he has achieved things that many may never achieve. As long as his legacy stands Alex never truly dies. His personal battle with this wicked disease wasn’t a loss, but a draw.

  5. Joshua T. Stuard says:

    The worst part about his cancer diagnosis is also consequently the best part: Techno’s positivity.

    He spent four videos and a few livestreams being positive about how things were going with his unique style of humor and wit. It wasn’t until the end of the final video that I learned it was Stage 4 Sarcoma. He never once stated how truly horrible it was. True, he mentioned almost amputating his right arm below the elbow, but the way he had said it, the way he had reacted to it, made it seem like he was doing so much better.

    The worst part about cancer is how it takes people. Once you think you’re out of the woods, it suddenly decides that mutually assured distruction is the way to go.

    Everyone thinks you’re fine, then suddenly, you’re gone and everyone is shocked. Its unexpected. Its heinous. Its the worst.

    I think if people knew exactly how serious it was from the start, people would have been much more forthcoming with how they handled the situation.

    Stage 4 Cancer? That’s the worst kind. Damn near unbeatable. Yet he tried to fight it and nearly succeeded.

    Techno, thank you for trying to protect your community from the info. The anxiety and stress involved with knowing something so serious definitely would have carried a much worse impact on the internet. However, you used your humor and wit to lessen the damage and instead of breaking the hearts of many, you rallied the population of a small country to donate more worth than Grerce’s GDP to helping millions of others with surviving their own ordeals.

    Thank you Technoblade. You will be missed.

  6. Scuba says:

    “When pigs fly”
    Fly high Technoblade, you’ve shown pigs, indeed, can fly.
    RIP Techno
    Lord while living, Legend after passing
    edit: rewording

    • Chescurdz says:

      @Mumboli Jumboli dude an awesome content creator had died, and what do you do? You put some stupid mortal combat link, do you know how disrespectful that is?

  7. dean says:

    “There’s a difference between a hero and a legend, a hero is inspirational, and a legend lives in our hearts even past death”

  8. LilDevyl says:

    One last time for Technoblade!
    “TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES!” in our hears!
    Technoblade, you will be missed. Thank You!

  9. Tie Fights E says:

    This brought tears to my eyes

    and one final note, incase it was not clear enough-
    *Techno NEVER DIES*

  10. Mellon says:

    It’s been 12 days since his death and i thought my grieving was over but at the end of this video i cried again. He was a legend who inspired all and may he never be forgotten.
    Rest in peace Technoblade.

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