The Legend of Vox Machina – Trailer (Red Band Trailer) | Prime Video

The Legend of Vox Machina – Trailer (Red Band Trailer) | Prime Video

They’re Vox Machina, and they’re here to f*ck sh*t up. The Legend of Vox Machina is coming January 28!

About The Legend of Vox Machina:
They’re rowdy, they’re ragtag, they’re misfits turned mercenaries for hire. Vox Machina is more interested in easy money and cheap ale than actually protecting the realm. But when the kingdom is threatened by evil, this boisterous crew realizes that they are the only ones capable of restoring justice. What began as a simple payday is now the origin story behind Exandria’s newest heroes.

The Legend of Vox Machina on Prime Video:

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The Legend of Vox Machina – Trailer (Red Band Trailer) | Prime Video

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36 Responses

  1. BigfryTV says:

    This looks incredible!

  2. Slime Duck says:

    Just the fact that Percival’s story is going to fully fledged is enough for me.

    • John Skaggs says:

      Looks like Delilah and Pike are gonna have a classic DBZ power beam battle.

    • Primal Fox says:

      @Roberto Alejandro Orozco depends if there are more seasons, they did birwoods arc because that was one of the most popular story arcs in the campaign.

    • QtPieMarth says:

      @Jess Niblick they’ll absolutely have to pay a licensing fee, that’s how use of trademarks works.

    • Non Ya' says:

      @QtPieMarth Personally, I think paying WOTC for using Vecna’s name and anything else from the game is a fair deal; all within reason of course. WOTC (or DnD Beyond) sponsored CR for a time and they have worked closely together for a long while. I don’t think it is out of the question that they could manage a deal to make both WOTC and CR a good deal of money equally. Hell, I’d even get a good laugh out of it if somehow Scanlan ended up making a joke about some “Wizard/s of the Coast” sponsoring Vox Machina if only to add additional promotion material as part of the deal. Or, through Sam’s skill of off the wall promotions, manage to get a NordVPN skit in the thing lol.

    • Jess Niblick says:

      @QtPieMarth As I said, yes. I expect SOMETHING will need to be paid out. I am also very aware of how that works.

      But it does not benefit WotC to squeeze CR on this, rather to work with them for a mutually beneficial agreement, because this group ABSOLUTELY posesses enough creative talent to figure out a way around the issue if they need to. So rather than WotC holding out a hand and demanding cash and potentially driving off a VERY lucrative deal from a franchise that has played no small part in a pretty big resurgence of D&D, working with them is the better long-term solution for both parties.

  3. Lord Varmiok says:

    “If killing for gold isn’t getting us anywhere, maybe we try doing some good this time?”


  4. Liam Carey says:

    The chills I experienced when Grog did his rage scream…

    • Lacey Alexandria says:

      @Count Black I have not commented that before but go ahead, keep reaching. Lmfao. You’re just upset that we’re all telling you to stop and yet you just… can’t… get the hint? Probably because you yourself are a copycat loser who spends too much time online and you’re acting like an immature little kid.

    • SmiteySmite says:

      Right! I will play that on repeat

    • Count Black says:

      @Lacey Alexandriaultimate conclusion: I’m immature.

      My argument is now decimated. I have fallen before your superior debate skills.

    • Lacey Alexandria says:

      @Count Black Lmfaooooo, aight Richard. Go cry about it.

    • Super Kami Guru says:

      @Count Black someone hurt you as a child, didn’t they?

  5. monkeychicken27 says:

    I’m liking where they’re taking this. Goosebumps.

  6. Adam N says:

    It’s finally happening! Can’t wait to watch this series. The fact that the cast of CR gets to voice their own characters in an animated show is just incredible and amazing.

  7. next Game says:

    I was already hyped but this trailer is WAAAY better than I thought it would be

    • Steve Freeman says:

      With all the scenes with Bigby’s Hand, it gives me hope that we’ll hear Scanlan singing or reciting limericks.

    • Iga K says:

      @Steve Freeman oh we definitely will, we already got a taste of that in the toothpick scene

    • Tenebri Denuit says:

      @Steve Freeman You should watch The Legend of the Music of The Legend of Vox Machina video. They talk about Scanlan’s songs a bit over halfway through and it seems so promising!

    • The Toybox says:

      I was NOT hyped from the previous trailers but this trailer has made me hyped.

  8. Cara says:

    This as an intro to each character: keyleth being nervous and unsure about her skills, grog fighting and being a little loveably dumb, Percy being OVER THE TOP and traumatized, Pike trying to direct the party to something a little more good aligned, Vax being concerned about people starving, vex just winking at the camera, and scanlan singing while flipping off the camera- perfect characterization and introductions already!

    • Thanos TOAO says:

      @Stewart Brock Thank you! He had 1 great moment i remember, drunkenly introducing himself over and over, but otherwise he’s just a guest star for a while. Wish people wouldnt bring him up like it’s relevant.

    • SGTsparty says:

      @Anathem *rim shot* We all see what you did there. Nicely done — you get a point.

    • Melvin Linderoth says:

      @HighmageDerin Well honestly excluding everything else it is also just better for the story because otherwise, he would just disappear after a certain point and never show up again which is just bad story telling for a TV show

    • Andymaniac - says:

      @Anathem GOTEM haha

    • Caden Adam says:

      @HighmageDerin also this story starts at the briarwood arc. So tiberius was already gone at that point.

  9. opalemeraldcat says:

    I can’t wait to see all the characters’ relationships and interactions and growth!! It’s hard to fit that natural-ness into shorter episodes, but I’m hopeful.

  10. MnMs 171 says:

    They were giving each other the bird from across the table gives such a DND feel.

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