The Legend of Zelda : Link’s Awakening (dunkview)

The Legend of Zelda : Link’s Awakening (dunkview)

And that’s the bottom line because that’s what Stone Cold said.

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33 Responses

  1. Liam Triforce says:

    “Somtimes in life, the thing you have to do is the last thing you want to do – like waking up and getting out of bed” Beautiful video, beautiful game, love Link’s Awakening to death. You are seriously one of the best writers on this platform, and I love how unique this video felt in comparison to the rest of your content. Much like the game in question.

    • Colleen Swanson says:

      Wind Waker had a similarly deep as fuck message. Hyrule is dead, Ganon is trying to bring it back, without realizing he needs to move the eff on. A great meta-commentary for people obsessed with Nintendo recapturing Ocarina of Time. Also called out our nostalgia-driven media industries decades before it became a problem.

    • Saben .C [Spoon] says:

      Link’s Awakening is a quant little game with a lot of meat to its bones. I like how small yet grand it feels. I can’t blame him for liking it as much as he does. it’s really unique and cute, the themes the game deals with are much harsher than most Zelda games despite the cuteness (kinda like Wind Waker in that regard), and the soundtrack is secretely top tier

    • Nine S says:

      I was wondering why I feel like crying now

  2. Monster Maze says:

    Dunkey talking about Link’s Awakening is the thing I didn’t know I needed

  3. PeanutButterGamer says:

    New Dunkey on LA?? Hell yeah.
    Always loved this game as a kid and really enjoyed the remake. The art style is great. It almost looks like you’re playing with little chibi zelda toys.

    • Darth Snarf says:

      It’s a fun game I hope they make a new Zelda game in this style

    • PeanutButterGamer says:

      @2K Kid Well, I was late for Donkey Kong December so it’s fair.

    • 2K Kid says:

      I just don’t get why he posted this. Don’t get me wrong: great review, also love LA it’s a great game…

      But it’s nowhere *_near_* November right now

    • Yael Martínez says:

      Great experience back in the 90’s, even better for us oldies who just want more Zelda.

      Also, they went wild with the references of other nintendo IPs on this game, dayum.

  4. Basics Explained, H3Vtux says:

    Good stuff, I have great memories of playing the gameboy version of this on family vacations in the airplane/car and having no clue where to go. Would love to see you do one of these for Majora’s Mask.

    • Feminist Vlogs - No boys allowed! says:

      I am being humble when I am telling you that I am the most powerful strongest coolest smartest most famous greatest funniest Y*uTub3r of all time! That’s the reason I have multiple girlfriends and I show them off all the time! Bye bye bas

    • HaloFikus says:

      @Z3K3 how so?

    • Z3K3 says:

      Oh uh…he has some interesting opinions on majoras mask…

  5. masterlasheron says:

    You know things got real when Dunkey actually refers to himself as “Dunkey” in the ending card

  6. Razbuten says:

    I really like when dunkey adores a game.

    • Enragedlime says:

      as much as i love watching dunkey rip something to shreds, i’ve gotta say, it’s even better watching the guy enthuse about something he’s passionate about

    • 2K Kid says:

      I agree. The more humourous reviews are great, but they’re also a little more cynical. Sometimes it’s comforting to see Dunky more heartfelt and genuine about his enjoyment for a game. Also yeah the existentialist elements of LA kinda threw me for a loop the first time I played but now, much like Major’s Mask for other Zelda fans, those darker elements make it more layered and part of why I love it.

    • Andy Holstein says:

      This game gave me my first existential crisis back in the 90’s.

    • Bariq99 says:

      @Oscar Garza well.. Nintendo games are pretty good so I don’t blame him
      Wish the company was half as good tho..

    • Oscar Garza says:

      Its mostly nintendo games lol

  7. Goat-on-a-Stick says:

    You can tell how much he loves it by how serious he gets.

  8. Jonathan Auburn says:

    Dude, the fade in of more dunkey at the end just tied the whole thing up perfectly. Great game and great review.

    • Lumirai Razbyte says:

      And the “more dunkey”. When this shows up, is because all that he said in this video is true of his heart, without any sense of irony or parody. Only a pair of his videos show that words.

  9. Virusfree says:

    You can really tell he poured his heart out for this game, this video conveys that passion so perfectly

  10. Mysticat says:

    oh! I just played this again yesterday! lol. One of my favorites of all time!

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